How to workout duirng the corona virus

Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletespeople just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!


🏋️ Working out can be a life changing routine. 

You can make the most out of your training if you take the best approach. This, of course, depends on your goal.

Have you given the thought of training with calisthenics?🤸‍♀️

Maybe you’re having doubts training with this approach because of many common myths you’ve heard about it. Or maybe you’re already comfortable with the very traditional good old iron-pumping weightlifting at the gym.

✅If your goal is to be healthy, strong, and mobile for years. Free from the aches and pains while having the freedom to move around without limitation even as you age, then you should consider choosing calisthenics to help you in your fitness journey.

You’ll get massive changes in the physical aspect of your life, but it’s not limited to that. You’ll also experience mental, emotional and psychological shift in your life. Not in a bad way, of course!😏

🤔But training can sometimes be intimidating or boring for some. You might feel unmotivated or you might feel that the changes exercise could bring you is not worth the effort.

We’ve asked our athletes from The Movement Athlete Academy to report back after just 30 days of training calisthenics with us.

Here are their answers and we’re telling you that working out with calisthenics is worth all of the effort.

🤩 Enjoy a strong, healthy, mobile and free body for years to come by training with calisthenics.

Read below to know the changes you can experience ,too, when you start training! 






“I am very skinnyand I just feel so much healthier and more energetic after startingg the program.


Michael, 25, Former Infantry Soldier


🏆Michael experienced a surge of strength even though he was skinny at that time when he first trained with calisthenics.

You shouldn’t be surprised once you get started since this is one of the main focus of calisthenics: getting you stronger.

Calisthenics is a type of resistance training, but with your bodyweight instead of plates and dumbbells. 

🏆Calisthenics can provide enough stress to stimulate your muscle for building strength and muscle. Just remember that you’re getting stronger not during the exercise, but during your rest period.

Your body will adapt to the stress that it’ll be experiencing during your training. Especially if you’re a beginner, you’ll get stronger faster compared to those whose body’s been familiar to a certain level of physical activity.

Of course, your training should be challenging enough to get stimulation. 

What you need to do is follow a proper progressive and adaptive calisthenics program, such as the one that The Movement Athlete app can provide you, and train hard then you’ll get stronger over time

 “My functional strength is up.” – Mark, 31, Personal Trainer

🏆 And getting stronger with calisthenics isn’t only about getting stronger in the sport. The strength is very transferable outside the fitness realm. 

🏆 Strength you’ll be gaining once you start training is very applicable to everyday movements.

You’re tired of carrying your kids’ stuff when going to the park? Training calisthenics makes it easy for you.👊

Do you feel weak after pushing that heavy cart you’ve filled with your groceries for your family? It’ll be easier once you get stronger with calisthenics.👊

Calisthenics offers multi-joint and compound exercises. There will be major muscle groups that will be working during your exercises but your whole body will be engaged every time you do a calisthenics exercise.🔥




“My mobility has improved which was unexpected but very welcomed  outcome.” –  Matt, 32, Auto-Technician

🏆 Matt was training with The Movement Athlete for strength. He was surprised to become mobile too with his training.

Thanks to The Movement Athlete app that provides an overall workout program, Matt also improved his range of motion. He was able to free his body from any movement restrictions.🔥🔥

👊Having better mobility isn’t only for your training. It’s for everyday life!

Moving around, doing chores, picking stuff up from the floor, scratching your back when nobody’s around to help you would never be difficult for you.

“…the mobility factor. As I said earlier on,

everyone gets older and I’m at the point

where I have two shoulder impingements

and sort of a knee problem later but I want

to spare the body and get things mobile

and functional and moving in the way that

they should move.”



Jacques, 35, Physicist

”IT WILL GET YOU STRONG, but most important, MOBILE”

“I’ve been working out for years. I ended up getting strong and maybe not so mobile, with some impingement in my shoulder and that’s when I thought, “Okay, something needs to change.”


I’m really happy that I bought this program and I’m really happy that I actually did the step to try something different. It’s very rewarding.


I have seen a really good improvement in my wrist flexibility. So, my wrists are much stronger, much more flexible. This increased my grip strength a lot. 


Also, my shoulders feel really good. They feel strong. My knees are more flexible. I can squat deeper. I can just about split.


It’s really satisfying because I can feel my body is getting stronger and more mobile as I’m doing them, which it wasn’t when I was lifting weights.”


Jacques O’Connell, 35, Physicist

Mobility training becomes more essential as years pass by. Take Jacques’ situation as an example. He has already some mobility issues and pains due to his 9 years of experience with weight lifting.

In order to improve and keep moving as if he has never aged or gotten any injuries, he made the switch. Jacques trained with The Movement Athlete Academy. Never underestimate mobility. Even if you’re still young, take it as an investment and starting training and building the habit.

Take it from William. Keep training your mobility so you can stay healthy throughout the years. You’ll feel good and young whatever your age is.


“Firstly, [calisthenics] encourages the idea that age is just a number. And secondly, even the fact that you’re fit, you’re there, and it feels good. And seeing other people,even peers my age, and they’re all withering in time. There aren’t  interested in keeping up with their own shape, or they reach a certain age and they just stop investing in themselves, which is a pity.”

William, 33, Therapist



“Some knee pain that I have from time to time is also dissipating.”

Taha, 32, Tech Support

Speaking of getting mobile, this would also result to you saying goodbye to joint pains like what Taha did. 

Calisthenics strengthen the joints and improve their range of motion.

The pain in your joints were caused by inactivity or when you apply too much stress on them.

🏆Training calisthenics provide just enough stimulus to your joints so you’ll get stronger and mobile for better living experience.



“The hardest part is getting injured and I’m still struggling with some lower back pain. But, by doing focused stretching and releasing stress I started feeling trust that this will get solved. And that’s a really, really great value of the program; you don’t push or force your body toward injuries.”

Braden Leonardo, 24, Medical Services Officer, US Army

Even if you’ve already been injured through other activities (or inactivity), calisthenics can still play a role with your recovery.🤸‍♀️

🏆Like in Braden’s case, calisthenics paved way for getting rid of his body aches by slowly and gradually strengthening the involved muscles.

Because training doesn’t always have to have your typical iron pumping superman muscle busting workout. It should also involve the calmer forms which can help alleviate the pain and further improve your strength in the long run.

“It is also stronger thus I’m able to draw more energy from it. I’m no longer troubled by back pain which helps my self confidence a whole lot

(for those who suffered from back pain, they surely know what I mean).” 

Hans, 39, Company Coach



“My physique changed hugely, now have a six pack, my core is very strong, shoulders and upper body has grown quite a bit.”

Sean Clay, 47, Rugby and Swimming Coach

🏆We’ve talked about getting stronger through calisthenics. When you get stronger, your muscles also adapt by getting bigger.

Contrary to a common myth, calisthenics really can build you muscle. 

🏆Calisthenics can build you muscle and the six pack you’ve been always craving for if you have a proper program to supplement it. 

“I got six pack abs I lost 7 kg body weight also due to less calorie intake.” Tim, 35, Managing Director

Alongside an excellent program, like the one The Movement Athlete can provide, proper nutrition is needed to get a better physique so don’t forget that!

“Easy access. Shirt has got tighter. Got my wife doing some as well.”Phil, 40, Transport Manager

Phil’s doing better with app. He was able to build muscle and get his wife to train, too!

🏆 Training together with calisthenics is an excellent way to bond and have fun.


“The lighter I am, the easier the moves will be…I am definitely getting stronger and much leaner.”

Neil, 36, Works at Record Dept


If you need a bit more inspiration to train,🤜check out Neil’s story. Neil showed us how lean you can get with calisthenics in just 12 weeks. You also need to keep in mind that nutrition plays an important role if you want to be lean.

🏆 As you get leaner and stronger, you’ll also get to learn the skills faster. 

Here’s Neil before and after photo so you can get to see his transformation. This isn’t his final form! 



“I have been able to break through strength plateaus with smaller muscle groups like my bi’s and tri’s.” – Matt

Getting stronger also means breaking through the plateaus similar to Matt’s experience.

🧐Training plateaus are when you hit a wall in your training and you seem to no longer gaining any more strength or muscle. Plateaus could also hit you through endurance or even when you’re trying to lose weight.

☝️ There are other factors contributing to plateaus such as improper nutrition or lack of sleep. This could also happen if you don’t have a proper program for your training.

When you’re working out with calisthenics, you need a proper routine that adds up continuously to progress. 👊

Whether the progress be in volume, frequency and intensity. You need the proper progression.

The Movement Athlete app helps in this case by providing progressions for your routines.

“What I like most is that there are tons of progressions for each move and not just 4 or 5 like most Youtube videos. I’m doing exercises that I’ve never heard of and I’m getting stronger every day! Plus the program is easy to follow.” – Neil

🏆Like what Neil has said, you’ll continue getting stronger. Progressions will keep you improving every time you train.

Training with The Movement Athlete will keep you challenged and continue breaking your fitness plateaus.



“In the time I have been training, I’ve noticed a general increase in my strength in my upper body, which I had always struggled to develop. I have also been able to diagnose areas which were extremely weak – my brachioradialis (both sides) and my rotator cuffs on my left side. Without calisthenics, I could probably have never noticed. As such, I am now working on these areas using resistance bands to help strengthen them.”     – Liam

☝️ If you’ve seen some calisthenics videos, you’ll notice some awkward looking exercises. Don’t underestimate these progressions because these exercises will help you stronger with your weak links.

Weak links are certain muscles that hinders you from maximizing your whole body for skills or other activities.

🏆Liam noticed an overall improvement in strength when he trained with calisthenics. His forearm got stronger which resulted in better overall performance in other major muscle group exercises.

Every muscle is important for movement. Neglecting even just a small muscle might hinder you from performing well.

For example in Liam’s situation, his brachioradialis got stronger. This muscle is in your forearm and assists when doing pull-ups. Imagine having weak muscles in your forearm. You might even have trouble just hanging on a bar; let alone pulling your whole bodyweight over the bar.

🏆You’ll get to strengthen the muscles you weren’t aware that their there!


“I try more and more not to run through my workouts. Years ago in the gym, I did this, than this. Now I focus much more and try to feel the muscles involved.” – Hardy

 🏆Hardy has improved his body awareness and control through every calisthenics exercise.

When lifting weights, even with compound movements, you’ll be focusing only of certain muscle groups.

📌For example, when doing bench press, you’ll be engaging the core, chest and triceps mainly.⚡️

📌With push-ups, the calisthenics counterpart of weightlifting, you’re forced to be mindful and engage your whole body.

🏆Body awareness and body control are especially trained with skill work. 

📌Think of handstands for example. There is a strength component to the exercise but there’s also coordination and balance. You’re going to control your whole body to stay upside down. This is when body awareness and control is developed.


“I feel more confident , my disposition is bigger, I feel more calm and relaxed. My humor is better. Now, I have a better physical conditioning and my muscles grew. I have much more strength.” – Wagner

🏆Since you’ll get better physique and get stronger, you’ll also have better confidence overall. 

🏆Wagner doesn’t only get physical benefits from working out. He also experienced psychological benefits as well. 

🏆Getting more confident also relieves you from stress and anxiety which places you in a more relaxed and calm state of mind.




“The first change that I noticed was the fact that my posture improved. I felt becoming taller. Correct posture is even a complete subject of interest for me now.” – Taha

🏆When start training with calisthenics, you’ll also improve your posture like Taha’s. 

🏆Getting stronger and more mobile helps you correct your posture. You’ll get to strengthen your back supporting muscles thanks to calisthenics exercises.

Also, training with proper form helps you get the posture that you wanted. 

You don’t have to worry about following proper form if your training with The Movement Athlete. The app provides you a detailed video on how to perform the exercise so you can maximize your gains and avoid any injuries.


“The videos and detailed illustrations of how to do each step in the program.”

Noah, 25, Software Engineer



“My pain threshold has dramatically challenged and I believe that is a fundamental shift in my mentality. I can keep going with my workouts a lot more than before.” – Matt

🏆So you already have physical and psychological gains, you’ll also improve mentally when you start training. 

Even though there are still physiological changes in your body that helps you get a better state of mind, training could also help you see your limitations and capabilities. 

Like Matt, you notice that you can go to distance with your body. 

“[I’m] mentally more positive and energetic.” – Sean

🏆Like Sean, you’re brain will send out hormones that improves your mood: giving you positive and energetic vibes. 

Start training like Sean and feel the difference. 


“I am full of energy, get lots of compliments, and my gym hired me as a personal trainer so I could be a role model for their 60+ [years old] members.” – Carol

⚡️Amazingly, Carol’s feeling so strong and young that she got hired as a personal trainer. She’s a 60 year old calisthenics athlete yet she feels younger than ever. 

🏆Having a strong and mobile body allows you to feel young because you’re not experiencing the supposed effects of aging.

😩We all know the effects of age on your body. Aching joints, losing muscle, slower metabolism so you’ll get fatter and so on.

“I had met a fellow gym member who was using rings. He was 72 but didn’t look a day over 50.” – Carol

But in Carol and her fellow gym member’s case, they have minimized the effects of aging by countering them with proper nutrition, adequate rest and an excellent training program from The Movement Athlete.



“My life has gotten simpler in terms of training when I can rather than stressing about not making the gym/ scheduled workouts.” – Phil

Starting training in the gym🏋️ then you’ll get stressed about going to the gym. Worrying about other people and traffic, and when the equipment will be free next. Those are just some of the issues you’ll encounter training in the gym.

🏆But when you start to train with calisthenics, all those worries will fly away.

Start training like Phil and get a stress-free workout so you can focus on getting your gains. 



“Mentally, I’ve started getting used to working hard, and have really

made an effort to take my time during each exercise.” – Liam

🥱Weight lifting could be tiresome at some point. It’s very repetitive and you’ll lose your motivation overtime. 

🏆When you start training with calisthenics through The Movement Athlete, you’ll get to train even harder because every training is exciting and fun. You’ll know you’re going to progress, too.

Like Liam, he’s motivated to give his 100 percent in each training session because of the motivation he developed through calisthenics training.

What happened when you trained?

There are numerous things that will happen you start training calisthenics. Here again are just some of the things you’ll expect:

  • 😃 Get stronger
  • 😃 Break your gain plateaus
  • 😃 Get stronger in lagging muscles and muscles you’re not familiar with
  • 😃 Improve your body control and body awareness
  • 😃 Increase mobility hence,
  • 😃 No more joint pains
  • 😃 Better physique
  • 😃 Get more confident
  • 😃 Better posture
  • 😃 Mentally stronger
  • 😃 Youthful energy
  • 😃 Stress-free workout
  • 😃 Motivation to continue training

That’s quite a handful of a list. All of these things happen get off your couch, download The Movement Athlete app and train straight away.

Remember that training should come paired with your quality meals and quality sleep to feel the maximum benefits of your workout.

These are just some of the experiences of The Movement Athlete users. 

Have you ever started training or tried the app?

What did you experience after training calisthenics?

Let us know in the comments below.


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