How to workout duirng the corona virus

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Liam has spent year weight training. He began his calisthenics journey as a way to supplement and change his training up. He hasn’t looked back since.

Failure to complete the exercise is still a success, as long as you learn more about yourself in the process.”

Liam spent years training with weights, but he’d gotten to the point of hitting a plateau. “I’d been using weights for a long period of time, but seen my results plateau and go absolutely nowhere.”

He started training with calisthenics to add some more variety to his workout routine. “It appeared to me to be much more skill-based than just throwing iron around.” More than that, Liam realized that calisthenics is a means to train the whole body. “You need to develop balance, flexibility, and strength, which leads to a much more rounded level of fitness.”




Finding The Movement Athlete Academy

Liam joined The Movement Athlete Academy for several reasons, the main one being that it’s one of the best price/quality ratios for online training programs. “I joined The Movement Athlete Academy because it appeared to be a good program, easily scaled to my current strength and fitness level, and very affordable.”

The Movement Athlete Academy helps athletes get the most out of the program by giving the same quality assessment as an expensive personal trainer could. “It’s simple and scales well to your difficulty, and you can always try and up the ante by retaking the assessment.”

Liam found the perfect complement to his usual workout routine.  


The 3 Main Benefits Liam has gained

since starting Calisthenics

He understands the importance of form and is aware of his weaknesses

Calisthenics has given Liam a greater understanding of his body’s weaknesses and adjusts his training accordingly. Thanks to the assessment and the detailed descriptions part of The Movement Athlete Academy program, Liam has learned where his weaknesses hide and train them out of his body.

“I have been able to diagnose areas which were extremely weak brachioradialis (both sides) and my rotator cuffs on my left side. Without calisthenics, I would probably have never noticed. As such, I am now working on these areas using resistance bands to help strengthen them.”

Improved Strength and Endurance

Plateaus were one of the main reasons why Liam even turned to calisthenics in the first place. Using The Movement Athlete Academy, he’s been making regular progress, learned new skills and hasn’t experienced a single plateau.

“My biggest fear was getting into another long plateau, which is something I’m happy to say hasn’t happened.”

He understands the value of failure

If you make a lifelong commitment to regular training geared towards good mental and physical health, you will have to deal with days of frustration.

Liam has experienced this firsthand. He’s come to accept that frustration and failure as a part of his training.

“If you’re struggling with an exercise, look at the areas it goes through and see if there might be a problem there. Failure to complete the exercise is still a success, so long as you learn more about yourself in the process.”

    Liam’s Advice to anyone curious about Calisthenics 

Have a go.

You’ll never never know if you never have a go.”

Listen to your body.

You have to pick when to keep pushing, and when to let up.

Don’t be soft, but don’t destroy yourself either.

Make your training regular, and if need be, make it daily.

You don’t need to train for an hour.

Do half an hour, and then stretch throughout the day.



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