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Meet Michael

Michael, an ex-infantry soldier, from Australia was searching for an intelligent and efficient calisthenics program after reading that it’s a good fitness method. His goal was to develop full body strength and get absolutely ripped. Physically, he is a naturally skinny, thus gaining requires more effort from his part. He wanted to gain incredible strength that he wasn’t getting from lifting weights.

The more you sweat the less you bleed.”


The Movement Athlete Academy is the full body strength fitness program Michael had been searching for. He’d been weight training for a while, but wasn’t satisfied with the strength gained; it wasn’t enough, nor was it functional. The Movement Athlete Academy changed all that for him. Michael is now reaping in the benefits of full body functional strength.

You’ll never lose if you try, but if you never try you might miss an

incredible opportunity. Don’t let fear hold you back!

The Movement Athlete Academy is the best kept secret to inhuman strength.

The Movement Athlete Academy was easy and convenient for him.

“I could complete his workouts anytime during his day. The exercises are thoroughly described with words, pictorials and videos. It includes specific details about the each exercise in order to perform it correctly, tell you how to avoid injury, and the progression is adapted to your level in the program. Most importantly, you don’t have to do the same routine over and over again. I really love it”

Michales big goal was to put on muscle mass.

“Initially I did not think that I can put much muscle mass with bodyweight training, but the way TMA program is structured is optimised for both building muscle mass, losing fat and muscle endurance. Each workout include all of those elements. With the right diet and the program my physique started changing.” 

Depending where you are at towards a specific skill your workout always include warm up, skill work, strength and muscle and endurance work centered around the current step

pull up progression

skill work

Scapula Retraction
and Depression*


Top Position Scapula

Middle Position
Scapula Contractions


strength work

Wide Arm Pulls

Close Arm Pulls

Dead Hang

Jumping Pullups

Legs Assisted Chin Over Bar Hole

Chin Over the Bar Hold

Legs Assisted Pullup Hold

Pullup Hold

Legs Assisted Pullups

One Leg Assisted Pullups

Assisted Negative Chinups

Assisted Negative Pullups

Negative Chinups

Negative Pullups

Negative Chinups 15 Seconds

Negative Pullups 15 Seconds

Bent Arm Hold


Muscle work

Wide Arm Pulls

Legs Assisted Pullups

Assisted Pullups

endurance work

Inverted Hang

Dead Hang

Active Hang

Pullup Hold

Assisted Bent Arm

Bent Arm Hold


Warmup & Mobility

Each warmup has two sections, the systemic heart rate elevating section and the joint-specific mobility section. 

Program chooses the exercises to match the movements you will be working on later.

Skill Work

Technique is key in calisthenics. Skill movements are movements which are designed to either draw focus to specific technique cues, train important movement patterns for the subsequent strength movements or act as warm-ups for the strength movements. Skill movements are done at low intensity and low total volume.

Strength, Endurance & Muscle work

Workouts alternate with strength, muscle building and endurance workouts to give you benefits of muscle building and fat loosing fat the same time and build strong all round athletes.

Cooldown & Flexibility

Our app uses advanced algorithms with tags and buckets of exercises that create varied and organized cooldowns, making sure you stretch out and mobilise muscles you just worked on


Strength movements or main movements are the reason we are here. These are the movements that will chart your progression through the world of calisthenics and bodyweight fitness. There is a large variation in strength movements, from easy to hard, low volume to medium/higher volume, dynamic to static.


A bigger muscle has the potential to become a stronger muscle. Muscle movements are movements which are done at low-to-medium intensities and higher total volumes for the purpose of building muscle. The lower intensities also allow athletes to focus on the muscles involved and to get a good squeeze and pump. Many muscle movements are pulled from appropriate strength movements.


Many calisthenics movements involve static holds. Endurance movements train the athletes capability to hold the body various positions. These are typically programmed to be easier than the equivalent strength movement holds. Instead, more work volume is added for more practice time.

Since joining The Movement Athlete Academy, Michael hadn’t looked back once on bodyweight training. He is focused on the results and each progression.

Prioritise your time or use creativity to make time, where there’s a will there’s a way.

the movement athlete calisthenics app

3 Main Benefits Michael gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

He is stronger physically

His muscle definition has increased

He is mentally in a much better place

I have developed a surprising amount of strength and I just feel so much

healthier and more energetic after starting the program.


Final Advice

“Read and do your research; clearly define your goals and then go for it 110%.”

“Sometimes you just need to jump, but if it’s too much then grab a friend and try it with them.”

“Never miss too many workouts otherwise you’ll fall back a few days.”

“Keep your goals in mind and remember if you’re not a fan of exerting yourself – once you finish you’ll feel awesome!”

Michael is happy he found The Movement Athlete Academy and is reaping in the benefits of getting absolutely ripped, becoming healthier, and overall being in a much better place in his life.

Now is your turn.

Are you ready to join The Movement Athlete Academy and reap in the benefits?


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