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Taha’s Calisthenics Story


“The primary reason I joined The Movement Athlete Academy was to build the strength necessary to practice parkour moves.”


Taha discovered calisthenics while researching on the Internet about parkour. He had never heard about bodyweight training or calisthenics before. It was all new to him, and he was intrigued to learn more. He learned about the benefits of building strength with bodyweight that would help with his parkour practice. He wanted to get back into shape after experiencing a few injuries doing martial arts. Yet, what appealed to him most about The Movement Athlete Academy was that he would learn the exercises and techniques properly thanks to how the program is set up and from there master them. 

“I like to learn things properly. You could rely on

someone to pick a few exercises for you to do and

call it a day, but I want to go further.”


Taha, now in his early thirties, lives in Tunisia working in the tech industry. He practiced tournament oriented martial arts until he suffered several injuries. Looking to avoid more injuries and improve his flexibility, he started practicing calisthenics. 

For Taha, The Movement Athlete Academy is the most authoritative online resource available on calisthenics. Since joining, he’s gained extensive information on correct exercise formation and guidance on how to progress. He praises the assessment system because it aligns with goals and skills to guide progress at the right pace. 

In addition, you don’t have to spend time thinking about programming reps, counts or exercises. It sets it for you based on your assessments.

One thing Taha has taken away from joining The Movement Athlete Academy is that he’s learned to focus on building skills and not just working out for aesthetics reasons.

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3 Main Benefits Taha gained since joining

The Movement Athlete

Improved His Posture

“My posture has improved. I feel myself becoming taller.”

The first thing Taha noticed was an improvement in his posture. He’s more aware of maintaining good posture throughout trainings and daily activities. He feels taller and carries it proudly.

Gained Strength

“I feel that my legs are stronger.”

Despite the fact that he’s still below 10% in the majority of the skills, he’s already noticed his body changed physically. He’s made incredible strength gains already and he’s not even halfway through his progression.

Focused On Skill Building

“Now I have movement skills as my main objective.”

Since starting calisthenics, Taha’s focus has shifted to skill based goals. He’s learned to focus on building his skills instead of working out for the sake of looking good. He wants to progress daily with the moves and prefers spending his time becoming able to do a one arm push-up instead of watching videos on the Internet.


Final Advice

“Calisthenics training gives you flexible muscles, strong

joints, and brings lots of fun and challenges to the sport

that you’re into.”

Taha’s biggest struggle used to be injury prevention. Now, he no longer has to worry about getting injured. He’s learned so much about himself and his capabilities since starting calisthenics. He’s so thankful because now he has a better posture, he’s gained strength and is focused on what is really important – building skills. 

He recommends to anyone starting off with The Movement Athlete Academy to “focus on becoming better and remember to take rest days.”  He also advocates to “give up on activities that are less beneficial and you’ll find the time to train.”

Now go on, shift your mindset like Taha and we guarantee you’ll PROGRESS with The Movement Athlete Academy.


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