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Phil is a devoted husband and a father of two young boys. He is a very busy man as he works an average of 54 hours a week and taking care of his sons, making sure they are dropped off at the nursery before work and picking them up after work. Yet, he still makes time to workout very early in the morning before everyone wakes up or at night.


Don’t be afraid of dying, only of standing still.

As a devoted husband and transport manager, Phil struggled to manage adding workouts to  his busy schedule. He used to do powerlifting but he had to refocus his priorities on his family and career. Hence, often times, he needed to skip the  gym. 

But after he joined The Movement Athlete Academy, he says: “My life has gotten simpler in terms of training, when rather than stressing out about not making it to the gym or workouts, I can still train with my bodyweight. Training is in my DNA but now I have more flexibility.”

Cool? Yes, But Can You Do It Right?

The main reason why Phil joined The Movement Athlete Academy is to do “cool stuff with some strategic help.” He has always been fascinated with all sort of cool movements such as freestanding handstands that he used to wonder if he can also do those sort of things. 

Since he started doing Calisthenics with the Academy, he is now equipped to perform the cool stuff with the progression that suits him perfectly.

The More Workouts Done, The Merrier

Active Daddy On The Go

Phil has always been a very active person . He is a licensed Personal Trainer, not currently practicing, and . used to train Muay Thai boxing once to twice a week. But because of his busy schedule, he wasn’t able to be as active as he once was.

Dedication is the KEY

For that sole reason, Phil has shown interest for Calisthenics to be able to TRAIN ANYTIME and ANYWHERE with only his bodyweight.  He had already signed up to  The Movement Athlete Academy even before the website was live. 

Varying the Training for Maximum Results

Aside from training with The Movement Athlete Academy, he alternates his calisthenics workout sessions with parallette and rings program. he maximizes the benefits he can get from continuously training variedly every day.

the movement athlete calisthenics app

Tool for Mental Resiliency

One of Phil’s biggest weakness is his mental toughness

“My biggest struggle was mentally. Before I’d be trying to get straight into a front lever, now I know the progressive route is less daunting. I’m still unable to get into lever but at least I have a clear vision of progress.”

Instilling in his mind the reason why he is doing calisthenics enables him to understand the importance of progress. 

Being successful in performing calisthenics movements takes time. 

Phil believes  that you just have to “Stay focused, consistent and enjoy the process. And be patient.”

It is easier now for him to trust the program.

“I enjoy it more knowing I’m on the road to do cool stuff. I love training , too much sometimes.”



The 3 Main Benefits Phil has gained

since starting Calisthenics

Easy Access

Working out doesn’t always have to be at the gym. Being a family man, this determined Aussie was able to find a way to spend time with his family, without compromising his body goals. He was able to workout at his own home, on his own time. 

Tighter Shirts

“You don’t need to keep piling more weight on the bar!” If you want to be fitter, you don’t need to overcomplicate your training by adding more weights or doing all sorts of training programs. Once Phil found out that Calisthenics works best for him, he stuck with it. Now, he’s seeing visible results from  his hard work.

Bonding Activity With the Fam

Since the training program provided by The Movement Athlete Academy is very accessible anywhere at anytime, Phil doesn’t have to drag his wife to workout with him at the gym. Phil and his wife are doing Calisthenics together. They get to do the cool stuff side by side. How AWESOME is that?!

Phil’s advice to anyone curious about calisthenics

“It’s the best decision you could possibly make to invest in your health.” 

As per say, if you know that this particular training program can benefit you enormously, don’t hesitate to do it. Phil didn’t hesitate. He knew right from the start that this is the training program he is looking for to be able to have that active lifestyle again. 

See, where he is now?

If you want to connect with Phil and know more about his experiences with Calisthenics, you can visit his website below. You never know. He might be your next Calisthenics workout partner.


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