How to workout duirng the corona virus

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Matthew is a very busy man. He was a full-time student by day, a part-time auto technician by night, and also a husband and a father. Despite all of his responsibilities, he was still able to get started with his Calisthenics training and generates maximum benefits from it.

“Everything you do should bring some type of joy and fulfillment to your life. If you are considering training and you are not, then get out of your head and take action. Start now.”

Badass Training Program For Badass Auto


It’s definitely a real struggle to manage finishing a degree while at the same time having a family to support. But Matthew didn’t only finished his degree in automotive diagnosis and repair and fulfill his duties as a husband and a father, he also worked part-time jobs at night as an auto technician

Can you imagine how busy his schedule must be? He’s probably tired after a full day at school and work at night. So how did Matthew manage to fit calisthenics training into his crazy routine?


How Matthew Fit Calisthenics Into His Busy Schedule


“I made the decision to follow The Movement Athlete Academy because I

didn’t have enough time nor energy to get to my traditional

bodybuilding routine.”


Because of his busy schedule, he can’t keep up with his bodybuilding training at the gym. It was very challenging for him to get a workout done with all the studying, working and having to be present to his family. That’s when he stumbled across The Movement Athlete Academy. He signed up right away.

“It was the first program of its kind that showed sound training

programming and progression, so I quickly signed up and began

diving into the training programs.”


Better Endurance, Better Athlete


 Endurance was my biggest struggle, I had a hard time completing the recommended sets and rep ranges for push-ups, and pull-ups. To overcome these challenges, I just kept telling myself to focus one rep at a time and put in the reps, the more I do it the better I will get. So, it was a mental game for me.

Matthew was a total newbie in Calisthenics. He only had the skills for powerlifting before he started training for Calisthenics. Hence, he needed to develop his endurance physically and mentally to be able to perform bodyweight movements. Since his desire to workout fuels his mental prowess to keep going on the movements, he was able to reach the progress that he was aiming for. 

At first, he was wondering whether he can do the calisthenics movements because he is a bigger guy.  But after trusting the process of The Movement Athlete Academy, he was able to build on his endurance, improve his strength and even enhance his mobility.


 You don’t have to train like a bodybuilding to build a great

looking physique. 



The 3 Main Benefits Matthew has gained

since starting Calisthenics

Training Anytime, Anywhere at Your OWN Schedule

For Matthew, time is very precious. He has so many things to do and working out is not a top priority for him. But after starting with The Movement Athlete Academy, his stress levels for having to fit a gym time in his schedule completely disappears

With The Movement Athlete Academy

  • He has instant access to his training programs anywhere at any time.
  • He doesn’t have to use all that fancy equipments to be challenged in each session. 

His bodyweight is sufficient to provide him challenging workouts every time.

Developing a More Balanced Shape

Another added benefit of working on his bodyweight is that Matthew is able to address his weak points that he developed during  his bodybuilding days. 

“My pain threshold has dramatically been challenged and I

believe that there has been a fundamental shift in my mentality. I

can keep going with my workouts a lot more than before.

Physically, I see my body taking a more balanced shape.”

Not only did he improved significantly in his weak points, but he was also able to break through strength plateaus with smaller muscle groups” like his triceps and biceps.

Fun Training Program For A Complete Beginner

Matthew’s training before to maintain an active lifestyle is bodybuilding. But after doing it for an extended period of time, the thrill of it slowly died down. Plus, the hassle of squeezing in a gym time in his busy schedule is not really attractive at the moment for Matthew. 

Through the Movement Athlete Academy training, “I have some fun with the new training program that I am a complete beginner. He is a complete beginner that really had hardships in performing several calisthenics movements. That is why this training program is so effective for Matthew. 

“Calisthenics training breaks through barriers that hold people

back from going to a gym because you can train anywhere and

no one else really sees your weaknesses. It’s just you and your


Matthew’s advice to anyone curious about calisthenics

There’s more to life than fitness… 

Love your body, but don’t let it be the marker

by which you evaluate yourself.”

If you are not happy with how active your lifestyle is right now, consider making a change. Do not over analyze every step of the process. If you want an active lifestyle, start your training NOW. No more hesitations. No more excuses. No more holding backs. Just like Matthew, you just have to make it happen. The fulfillment that you will achieve after putting in the work and effort will surely be priceless. 

Get out of your head and take action, NOW.



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