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Did you know that we used to specialize in one-on-one personal training for calisthenics?

Back in the day, we recognized the incredible power of progressive calisthenics when done right.

 For each client, we conducted a thorough assessment to understand their specific level of strength, mobility, and flexibility. We then created a personalized training plan and tailored the reps, sets, and exercises based on real-time feedback, ensuring each session was effective and challenging.

Our goal was to strike the perfect balance – creating workouts that were challenging yet not exhausting while consistently introducing more resistance. This approach allowed our clients to reap the full benefits of progressive training, including enhanced strength, improved mobility, and optimal joint health.

But for us, it was exhausting.

Additionally, only a few people could afford that level of personal training. Personal training is expensive. Even the cheapest trainers will charge $40-$50 per session.

The more experienced ones (that are actually good) will often charge double that. If you wanted to get training 3x a week for 3 months at $50 per session, you could easily spend $1800 on even the cheapest trainers who may not even be good at their jobs. So many people who couldn’t afford the training turned to YouTube videos or “cookie-cutter” one-size-fits-all calisthenics programs. But then they get injured. This is why we started looking at creating a platform where technology could replicate this personalized approach for all our clients and make it affordable too.

And that’s how The Movement Athlete Training Platform was created. We partnered up with another founder who used calisthencis to recover from her shoulder injuries, then we brought on board a team of experts from different disciplines and eventually partnered with Lead Sports Accelerator. 

This is why when we say that TMA is the result of collaboration among top coaches, physiotherapists, and sports scientists w emean it. Our team is dedicated to continuous research and improvement, ensuring you receive the most effective and innovative training program.

Backed by the world’s best sports tech accelerator, you can trust that TMA is committed to your long-term fitness success. Its been heck of a journey but… it all has been worth it. Mostly because of our users.

Over the years, we have seen similar stories over and over again. Like Philipp Batarilo, a 30-year-old electrical engineer from Austria. He was tired of driving to crowded gyms and wanted to train alone at home with calisthenics. 

He said: “I wanted to learn the planche and the front lever, but I was only a beginner, and I kept hurting myself. I hadn’t made any progress in training. I realized that I needed professional help. With every new sport, you need a coach to make your life easier. But a personal coach costs €40 to €50 per hour. Most people are not ready to pay so much. That’s when I discovered The Movement Athlete. I was amazed at how beginner-friendly and well-structured it was. Thanks to its help, I managed, slowly but safely, to get closer to my goals. And the price is more than fair. It’s even cheaper than the gym.” 

Pretty amazing story, huh? We have so many stories just like this.

With The Movement Athlete platform, you get access to a lifelong, personalized, adaptive training system that will guide you step by step from zero to bodyweight mastery in a safe, structured, and effective way.

All that while mastering over 100 amazing calisthenics and gymnastics skills like handstands, planches, levers, muscle-ups, and more. And it offers you the most incredible value out there. If we broke down each skill into a course as all our competitors do and charged you $100 per skill, we would have to charge you $12,000 USD. If you were to pay for a year of training 3x per week at $50 per session, it would cost you $7,800 USD. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get access to years of world-class programming at a fraction of the cost.

This is your chance to become insanely strong, with bulletproof joints and plenty of flexibility.

Yours in Strength, – The Movement Athlete Team


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