How to workout duirng the corona virus

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The phrase, “The longer the workout, the more benefits,” has always been a workout myth that keeps fooling people. The key to achieving your fitness goals lies in the consistency, and not the one-time, all-day workout. 

It is even recommended that you shouldn’t workout for more than two hours in a single session. If you’re looking for a “consistent” way to do your trainings, try Calisthenics. 

You can do it anywhere, and during your available time.



Meet Wagner


Wagner Mendes dos Santos is a 42-year old man who once devoted his time studying about the proper diet, so he can easily lose weight. He is currently happily married, and has 2 children. His old routine was something like this— go to work from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., and study the whole night.



Getting Fit Through Exercise

Like most 40 year old men and women, Wagner is also part of the group who wants to try and build his physique through exercise. By working for his “dream body,” he’d find himself stronger and youthful once more, and it’s something that we can’t really blame him for. 



Time-Efficient Exercise Regime

He always thought that he had a lack of conditioning physics. And of course, he wanted to change that. With no time to hit up any gym, Wagner searched for alternate (but effective) ways to exercise with his little free time.


That was when he discovered Calisthenics:

I didn’t have enough time to go the gym and I felt that I needed to exercise, so Calisthenics was the answer.” 




How Did This Exercise Became The Answer To His


For Wagner, discovering Calisthenics was the real deal. He recalled joining the Calisthenics Academy because “it has all the information [and] steps in a structured way.” Everything he needed to know was there, organizedall in one place. From the foundation training up to the actual exercises.


In fact, Wagner recommends it to all his friends because The Movement Athlete Academy respects the “conditioning and availability of each one [individual].”

“You will achieve your goal!

Calisthenics is fantastic— it’s simple and challenging.”



From “No Time” Excuses to Manageable and


Efficient Training Routines


Wagner’s biggest fear before joining was that it was “impossible to do some exercises.” Apparently, the step-by-step evaluation and personalized program helped him a whole lot. His fitness journey became much more meaningful. Not to mention, he got “stronger with no injuries.” 

He had a simple tip for similar guys like him who don’t have enough time to work out. Wagner suggests to exercise:


 3 days a week, being two days between Monday and Friday and one day or on Saturday or Sunday, depending on availability.” 


He allotted 40 minutes each workout, and these are short but achievable goals. While it seems like the “bare minimum,” doing the “little” always will go a long, long way. 


The 3 Main Benefits Wagner has gained

since starting Calisthenics

Stay Free From Injuries

Calisthenics is something you can do at home, at the park, in a gym or anywhere. The Movement Athlete Academy made it possible for Wagner to train wherever he wants to train. The exercise program will ensure that blood is flowing into your joints, so with this continuous movement, your joints are lubricated and you can avoid injury. Just like Wagner. 

You don’t have to have athletic prowess. If you are strong and free from injuries, it already counts for something, right?

Tolerance to Pain With Strength Training

Wagner personally selects the number of repetitions he had to do per training. He says,

“When I feel a pain in [my] muscle, I would like to decrease [training repetitions].”

But that doesn’t really happen all the time, since he’s a fan of being pushed to the limit. He’s become tolerant to pain that it really helped with his strength training.

Gain and Build Self-Confidence

“Find a time for yourself. You deserve [it].”

Wagner realized that everyone should exercise. With Calisthenics, he’s able to do many cool things and advanced exercises. What’s a difficult handstand, planche, or an inverted iron cross, to a confident man? Not all 40 year olds can do that.

Have regularity, create the habit.”

Even with little time, you should definitely start. Wagner makes it a point to set a few days for training. He’s not working out everyday for the whole week, but his 3 days a week can pay off quite well. You should know it by now.

Wagner is not the only man to achieve such an amazing physique. Don’t let your age stop you!

Calisthenics can MAKE YOU STRONGER, SEXIER, AND HEALTHIER! Start now! It only takes a dream and a simple goal.

Nothing will work unless you do.”


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