Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletespeople just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!

Fathers from all over the world use The Movement Athlete Academy to get strong, lean and mobile every day.

Juggling work, family and personal life is difficult and if you add the mental energy that needs to go into working out, it can be unmanageable.

So today especially we want to share the stories of Dad’s HEROS, those that kick us despite long work weeks and daily obligations.

🏅 Karim, 35, Account Manager & a Dad

His Story: Being a dad could be exhausting – Not for Karim thanks to calisthenics.

Karim is a loving husband and an endearing father but in the midst of work and taking care of his family, he neglected his health.

In the past, Karim struggled to keep up with his kids and their never-ending energy.

Only a few months into training with The Movement Athlete, and he is not only stronger and more mobile – but all the more he has even more of energy to take care of his family and himself

“I was trying to get back in shape and I was looking for something that I can use to work out at home.

I was looking for something to do at home with minimum equipment requirements and then I bumped into the calisthenics and The Movement Athlete Academy, which was a concept completely new to me.

I committed to daily training with an app.

Workouts were challenging but did not leave me exhausted.

Only after 4 weeks saw huge changes in my strength mobility but all the more energy levels”.

🏅 Neil, 37, Manager

Neil’s Story: How this busy, single dad transformed his body and mind with calisthenics

“It’s a fun way to learn new moves while getting stronger and leaner at the same time. You will be amazed at what your body is capable of doing, plus you’ll look cool doing it!” says Neil.

“Most people will use the excuse that they have no time, but if you prioritize your workout, you’ll find the time. Be realistic because if you’re tired after work, most likely you won’t workout then because all you’ll want to do is go home and rest. The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Neil, Calisthenics Academy Athlete

Neil didn’t always successfully hit his fitness goals.

Find out how he transformed his mindset about exercise here:

🏅 Peter, 40, Military chaplain in Australian Airforce & a Dad

Peter’s Story: How 40 year old dad stays string and lean with calisthenics

Here is what he says:
“The best thing is being able to workout at home. This saves time and allows me to be around my family, rather than driving to the gym…”

Peter got fit in his 40s and is developing the body he wants while keeping time with his family thanks to The Movement Athlete. He feels like a 21-year old again!

Today, Peter enjoys massive benefits from training with structured, progressive bodyweight training.

No more injuries, improved strength and endurance, better mobility, and better mental state.

Getting older takes a toll on your body, but it’s inevitable. Everybody ages, but what calisthenics does is help you slow down that aging process. You’ll never notice you’re getting older because you’re still getting stronger and healthier.

Here is what he says:

I can control my body much better than before, and am more confident about lifting things (like my kids in play) without a risk.” -Timo,TMA Academy Athlete

Timo went from being an active youth to a sedentary, overweight adult. He realized that he needed to make a change and stop letting life take over. He took action, and lost weight.

🏅 Tim, 35, Managing Director and a Dad

Tim’s Story:  How this dad turn his body form 0 to 100 real quick

At the age of 35, Tim has been known as a hardworking husband to his lovely wife and a doting father to his 5-year old son but he always struggled to find time to work out and keep his body in a good shape…

Here is what he says:
“I joined The Movement Athlete Academy because it is a structured system to build up all those amazing moves…
I like the scientific approach behind it.
I hope eventually to be able to do all the crazy moves like human flags, straight handstand, levers,….”

🏅 Anthony, 37, Airline Pilot and a Dad

 Anthony’s Story:  How Anthony stayed fit while travelling the world as pilot

Anthony is a 37-year old airline pilot that ditched weight lifting for calisthenics and never looked back. Aches and pains combined with his on the road lifestyle  forced him to find an alternative to his weight lifting regime.  Now he trains with The Movement Athlete.

Here is what he says:

“Honestly, I was just tired of aching all the time and feeling like I was losing mobility.

I’ve always been interested in calisthenics but I never knew how to get started with it.”

I come across the app, did a lot of research and was sold. I loved how the app helps you progress and move from one thing to the next.

It’s definitely a fun challenge that the progressions that you make and ways that you can unlock new exercises kind of makes it fun.

It’s giving you a goal to shoot for.

I have already seen a lot of improvements just after a few weeks of training.”

🏅 Sean, 47, Teacher & a Dad

Sean’s Story: How this dad got stronger with fewer injuries

You would think that a 47 years old dad of two loving, young boys a teacher with a 60-hour workweek and a loving husband will no longer have the time to stay in great shape.

But even with a heap of responsibilities, he always has time for a daily workout.

Here is what he says:
“Only after a few weeks with TMA training, my physique changed hugely. I now have a six-pack, my core is very strong, even my shoulders and upper body has grown quite a bit.”

Not only he is in the best shape of his life – but also since transitioning from lifting weights to calisthenics he is stronger, more mobile got rid of pain in his joints and has more energy than ever.

He believes that “To be functionally strong is much better than being bodybuilder-strong.”

🏅 Mark, 51, IT Programmer

 Mark’s Story: How Mark got his whole family to train calisthenics

Today we want to share with you an inspiring story of Mark –
51 years old IT programmer who flipped his life leaving the gym behind and embarking on the journey of bodyweight mastery and…

He took his whole family with him!

Why he completely changed his approach and, after lots of research, chose The Movement Athlete Academy?
You can read his story here.

What we love about this story is that not only Mark himself got hooked, but he inspired his whole family to train together:

Here is what he says:
“My wife and son are now using the TMA Beginner workout with my 7-year old working on rings. We plan to build an outdoor calisthenics playground for the family.”
But it wasn’t always like that for Mark…

Only a few months ago he was injured, feeling lethargic and 20 lbs overweight.

Things needed to change.

But this time he decided to do things differently.

He realized that as he was getting older his priorities changed.

He stopped caring about how much he can lift or how big his muscles will be.

As a team, we’ve had emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages asking hundreds of questions about The Movement Athlete platform.

One thing I want to assure you of is that we are not a random app and a training program.

Over the last few years, we worked with a team of coaches and physios to bring to you the training program that takes on on a journey of bodyweight mastery.

We partnered up with investors from Addidas family and ex-Redbull executives and we have been featured in many media outlets including Forbes and AMC.

We truly believe that calisthenics, if done right, is one of the most powerful fitness systems in the world.

But don’t take our word for it.

Over 30,000 people already signed up for The Movement Athlete Academy and you can hear just some of the stories here.

tories of healing from pain, losing fat, building muscle and being strongest they’ve ever been.

Naturally, with no or minimal equipment needed.

We know you won’t regret it.

If you still have questions or are unsure about the program
– keep on reading.

But if there is anything specific we can answer for you, simply HIT reply and chat with us. We read every single email we get.

Here is everything you need to know:

1. What is The Movement Athlete Academy?

With the Movement Athlete platform, you get access to a LIFELONG, PERSONALISED, ADAPTIVE CALISTHENICS TRAINING SYSTEM.

It’s designed to, step by step, guide you from ZERO to bodyweight mastery in a safe, structured and most effective way.

All that while mastering over 100 amazing calisthenics & gymnastics skills like handstands, planches, levers, muscle-ups and more.

It’s a uniquely gamified system – just see the image below for the Handstand Journey.

and yes we have a mobile and web app to guide you on this journey.

2. What results can I expect?

Here are just some benefits that some of our 31,678 users experienced just after a few weeks of training with TMA Academy.

🏆Build lean muscles and lose fat naturally
“My physique changed hugely, now have a six-pack my core is very strong, shoulders and upper body has grown quite a bit.” Sean

🏆No more joint pains and muscle aches
“Some knee pain that I have from time to time is also dissipating.” – Taha

🏆Improved mobility & flexibility
My mobility has improved significantly. I finally can touch my toes, my hamstrings are not tight any more and finally can lift my kids without painMatt

🏆Functional strength
“I have developed a surprising amount of strength and I just feel so much healthier and more energetic after starting the program.”  – Michael

🏆Confidence & feeling my best self
“I feel more confident, my disposition is bigger, I feel more calm and relaxed. My humour is better. Now, I have better physical conditioning and my muscles grew. I have much more strength.”Wagner

🏆Better posture
“The first change that I noticed was the fact that my posture improved. I felt like I became taller, which in turn made me more confident.Taha

🏆Mentally stronger
“My pain threshold has dramatically challenged and I believe that is a fundamental shift in my mentality. I can keep going with my workouts a lot more than before.” – Matt

🏆More energy and younger than ever

“I am full of energy, get lots of compliments, and my gym hired me as a personal trainer so I could be a role model for their 60+ [years old] members.”Carol

🏆Stress-free workout

“My life has gotten simpler in terms of training when I can rather than stressing about not making the gym/ scheduled workouts.”Phil

🏆Always motivated & excited to train

“Mentally, I’ve started getting used to working hard, and have really made an effort to take my time during each exercise.” – Liam

🏆I am having so much fun
“It’s like a game, with levels and all that, so that was a bit exciting, it was very interesting to see.” – William

Are you ready to become insanely strong, flexible, and pain-free?💪💪💪

3. Will TMA help me loose weight/ build muscle?

The system is built to help you with holistic development and body mastery. That means that sessions are optimised for losing fat and building muscle at the same time, with the main focus being a balance between strength and mobility. Our program, combined with a great diet, will be optimal for a total body transformation.

4. Will it work for me?

I am a busy dad, is TMA right for me?

Over 27,986 people already signed up
and are
getting leaner, stronger and more mobile every day.

Read all our user stories, testimonials and transformations here.

Our users are people just like you, from all walks of life.

From 22 to 70 years olds, males, females, engineers, pilots, developers, mums  & dads.

They care about being strong, mobile and pain-free for the next 40 -50 years not just looking good right now.

Because in a few years, no one will care how much you bench or squat and no one will care about those big muscles that now are a liability and restricts your movement.

But you and your family will care about your joints hurting, you not being to go and run around with your kids and grandkids, or even get up because of eg.back aches. You will care about your energy and whether you can go on hikes or not.

Hence they all were searching for a system that can deliver that.

4. How was the program build? Are the trainers legit people?

TMA training system is a result of a collaboration of 10 different coaches including gymnasts, calisthenics & street workouts pros, physiotherapists and sports scientists over the last 3 years (!!!).

We are not just a single trainer imposing his views on you, but a team committed to constant research and improvement of our system, based on empirical results that we get from you guys.

We are also backed by the world’s best Sports Tech Startup Accelerator run by Adidas family and Red-bull executives – so you can be sure that we are playing a long game and are here to innovate and deliver an incredible product.

5. What will you get if you sign up today?


Imagine getting a course on how to achieve a handstand.

It includes everything from months worth of personalised workouts, assessments, mastery system, hundreds of videos and tutorials, interaction with coaches, community and so on.

This on its own is sold by our competitors for $100-$200 and you would normally get 8 weeks worth of training.

Now imagine getting all that but not for one skill,
but for over 100 different skills (!!!)

Yes, you heard it right!

This is what you are getting when you sign up for the Movement Athlete

See all the main skills you will be learning here

You won’t EVER get a better price!

Listen – let’s assume each one of these courses normally costs $97.

That is $9,700 for all of them.

But right now, you can get access for as low as $48 for all of it –
an INSANE discount!

If you invest in The Movement Athlete Academy now…

That’s over $9,652 in savings!

And no, we don’t just give you the skills. They are all well organised into a journey where you unlock harder and harder skills

But that’s not all, on the top of the content you also get a whole tech platform that we spent over 3 years developing:



Within that, you will get:

💪access to years of daily, PERSONALISED workouts that will guide you through mastering over 100 different calisthenics skills

How are workouts personalised?

💪It will not be random as our comprehensive assessment ensures that you are just at the right level to be challenged but not be injured

Are the workouts hard?
💪the workouts are easy to follow and unlike other apps, they are optimized for strength, fat loss, muscle building, skill & endurance by including varied rep schemes every time you workout

💪As this is ADAPTIVE CALISTHENICS our workouts will adjust in real-time based on your feedback

What equipment will I need?
💪you can workout anytime, anywhere by adjusting time and equipment that you have. NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY!

💪as you go along you will unlock harder and harder moves just like in the game keeping you motivated excited to unlock new levels.

You don’t have to think at all – you can just focus on making progress.

NO MORE confusion, the hassle of searching for a trainer, spending hours and hours on Youtube and trying tons of different random calisthenics and bodyweight training programs for 8 weeks…

It doesn’t end there…

How much time do I need?
Your workouts adapt to you as you go.

Even if you have only 15 min 3x a week – you will be seeing results, we promise.

After using the app for a while…

You’ll be well on the road to becoming insanely strong, with bulletproof joints and plenty of flexibility.

You’ll become INVINCIBLE.

But don’t take our word for it…  


We wanted to give you no excuse to experience the power of calisthenics and take a step towards new, invincible you.

Signup before the end of May and…


Remember: NO RISK – you are protected by 🔐60 days guarantee.

If you have been on the edge about calisthenics this is your last chance to get access to the years of world-class programming at the fraction of the cost.

NOW is the time to act.

After using the app for a while…

You’ll be well on the road to becoming insanely strong, with bulletproof joints and plenty of flexibility.

Final thought –

You won’t find any other programs like ours out there.

So, unless you want to pay thousands of dollars for an in-person coach….

This is your best chance to get on a journey of bodyweight mastery, with zero risk on your part.

In fact, if you do the work and decide this program isn’t for you, just email us for a full refund. You don’t risk anything.


But you do have to do one thing: You have to bet on yourself.

If you decide that after seeing several case studies, after reading the Facebook comments, and after seeing video after video I’ve shown you…


…If you decide there’s even a tiny chance it could change the way you move and feel, don’t you owe it to yourself to try?


We’d love to help you. My entire team is standing by, waiting to welcome you inside.

This is it.


Start your life-changing journey with calisthenics and get lean, strong and mobile while unlocking and mastering over 100 new gymnastics & calisthenics skills.

It only takes 5 minutes, and no credit card is required!