How to workout duirng the corona virus
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Many people find it intimidating to start working out, especially when they don’t know where to start. Keeping in mind your level and what you find interesting, there’s a large variety of workout options that you can find. Read on to find out how one 40-year old father was able to find the right program for him.

Come and Meet this Family Man

He’s a 40-year old military chaplain from the suburb of Montmorency who serves the Australian Airforce. Happily married with two growing young boys, this family man had suffered from a weightlifting injury. Determined to recover and not be defined by this setback, he took interest in progressive calisthenics as a way of getting back in shape. This amazing father does this all while being able to spend time with his family.   

“If you don’t enjoy it, 

find another way to exercise.”

Finding the Right Routine and Program

This determined military man stresses that if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, there are several other options to consider. Don’t let yourself be stuck in a routine you don’t like.  After suffering from a weightlifting injury, our father of two knew that getting right back into that routine wasn’t the best option for him. He took interest in progressive calisthenics, a way of building your strength level gradually. He eventually considered Calisthenics Academy in order to guide him on his journey to recovery.  

How did he do it?

  Set Realistic Goals

“A 40-year-old should not train like a 21-year old.”

The first step that he considered is setting realistic goals. Take into consideration your physical capabilities and your available resources. Our military man advises to train according to your age and abilities. Don’t push yourself to work out like a young adult if you know that you’re no longer a young adult After suffering from a weightlifting injury, he knew that he had to recover and rebuild strength gradually. He says that you should do your training as if you were at the prime of your game. When you know you’re not, it isn’t the right way to go. Remember that it’s good to have goals and dreams but setting your expectations too high may just leave you frustrated. Have a large goal in mind but also celebrate small achievements. These small goals add up and gradually build your strength and power. This Airforce man says it’s about: 

“progressing slowly through every movement.”

A Disciplined Mind

 “[I] set my alarm for 5am and just do it.”

They say discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. If you want to achieve something, our military dad believes in strong self-discipline. He starts the day early at 5am and commits to his workout routine. A lot of us may lose interest but reminding yourself to “just do it” can push you far. At the same time, he advises to take note of proper technique and form for the best results. He claims that this is something he wish he took better note of when he first started working out. Consider looking at videos online or enrolling in a program such as the Calisthenics Academy to find out more about proper techniques.

Show No Fear

Being part of the Airforce, this military chaplain claims that he had no fears in joining the calisthenics program. There’s great wisdom in this kind of thinking. Try to look at it this way: you have nothing to lose when trying something out.  You gain much insight and knowledge about the program, your abilities, and your mindset. Even if the program doesn’t fit you, at least you got to try it out and learned what you didn’t like. Have faith in yourself and face your workout with full confidence.

Know When To Rest

Something a lot of people forget to do is allowing their body to rest. Our father of two warns us:

 “not to be too rigid with [your] timetable as [your] body might need to rest.” 

Don’t push too far if you’re having a hard time. You may not be able to do it now but you’ll build up to it. Remember not to strain yourself, as this can lead to injuries. Setting aside time for rest is just as important as the workout itself.  If you have trouble putting together a routine that allows your body to rest, consider asking for help. Signing up for a program such as the Calisthenics Academy is a helpful tool, as it gives you access to proper progressions and techniques. Just like our military chaplain, you can grow your strength at your own pace, at your own time, at your own place.  
The 3 Main Benefits our Airforce Military Chaplain has gained since starting Calisthenics

Set Your Own Workout Schedule

“The best thing is being able to workout at home. This saves time and allows me to be around my family, rather than driving to the gym.”

Working out doesn’t always have to be at the gym. Being a family man, this determined Aussie was able to find a way to spend time with his family, without compromising his body goals. He was able to workout at his own home, on his own time. 

Improved Strength and Endurance

Calisthenics will help you build strength and endurance just like how our military chaplain. He was able to start the program as a beginner and build up to advanced levels.  This disciplined father says that he has seen significant improvements since his weightlifting injury. He’s also been able to put on weight the right way – by building muscle mass.  Calisthenics has helped him keep lean because you can’t rely on dieting alone. He claims that eating too much, even the right food, can still hinder your progress.

More than Just Physical Health

“[My] mental health has improved significantly.”

There’s no doubt that exercise gives us much more than just physical benefits. It develops character traits such as self-confidence, determination, perseverance and discipline. This military chaplain has also claimed that his mental health has benefitted from his workouts with Calisthenics Academy.  It helped him to alleviate his stress and to increase his endurance. Calisthenics also helped him develop better “mindfulness”. As he relied on body weight instead of workout equipment, he learned to be more mindful of himself, his body and his surroundings.

Wise Advice

This husband and father of two was able to show that setbacks only last as long as you let them. Take some time to regroup, then pick yourself up and believe that you can recover. You are not defined by the setbacks you have in life. Let Calisthenics lead you the way to grow  yourself, not only through body, but also in mind. The best day to start is TODAY. Believe in yourself and JUST DO IT.   

There’s more to life than fitness… 

Love your body, but don’t let it be the marker

by which you evaluate yourself.”


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