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Meet Karim


Karim has been always been active never been consistent with training. He’s usually enjoys playing his sports, but this didn’t give him enough results that he wanted.

He wanted to be sexier, healthier, stronger, and capable of basic tasks that seems easy but completely exhausting.

“I was trying to get back in shape and I was looking for something that I can use to work out at home. I don’t have the time or the option to go to the gym. I was looking for something to do at home with minimum equipment requirements and then I bumped into the calisthenics, which was a concept completely new to me.”


Karim needed to train. Going to the gym isn’t the option because of time and the additional expenses. He also has kids that he needs to bond with regularly. 

He found about calisthenics and tried out the pdf files available on the internet. The pre-planned workout only wasted his time and didn’t get the results he wanted. 

He’s disappointed until he finally checked The Movement Athlete app.

Upon training with the app, he’s finally getting what he wants.

He got stronger, leaner, healthier and more capable in life

Read on to learn about Karim’s full story.


Consistently inconsistent

Karim has a fairly active lifestyle, but it was on and off. He said,

“On and off throughout the years, but I would say 80 90% of my last 15 years I was doing something moving in one way or the other.”

Being in this situation isn’t totally bad, but it’s also not beneficial in terms of improving his fitness level and health. Karim needed to train consistently and stick to it in order to improve.

So he looked for calisthenics exercises on the internet.


Basic one-size-fits all

“I was looking online everywhere to see programs here and there. Most of the things I found were just pdf with the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday you do these workouts, these number of sets, these number of preps.

Karim’s initial findings are mostly pdf files. There’s nothing wrong with them if they are made exactly for him, but it’s not.

The pdf he found are strict pre-planned workouts that may or may not help him at all. 


There no middle ground

“What I didn’t like about many of the previous programs I tried to follow whereas I told you, they’re strict to Beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you’re somewhere in between, you’re either not working out hard enough or just over training and exhausting your body and still not getting the numbers that are written there in this pdf.

This is exactly everyone needs to avoid. These types of programs don’t fit everybody and will only fit a few sets of people. Jumps to beginner to intermediate to advanced are also usually too big that once you move to another level, you still can’t probably do it.

You’ll end up feeling defeated and just quit working out. 



Daddy duties

Karim, as a daddy, has a lot of duties to his family.

“Working out regularly definitely helps with trips with the kids, family trips and being out all day

with the young ones, you have to carry them. You have to carry the bags and push them around in the stroller. It’s physically demanding and I see many people around me who are the same age or even younger who don’t really have the physical strength and endurance to keep up with what their kids need.”

The great thing about fitness is that its benefits carry over to your everyday regular tasks. Getting stronger with push-ups doesn’t only mean you’ll get stronger doing push-ups. It means you’ll also get stronger moving around in your tasks and chores.

Pushing a stroller and carrying your kids’ stuff sounds easy but doing it gets exhausting if your body is not in a healthy state. Plus, kids being kids have tons of energy for play. It’s also going to be part of your bonding time with your kids. You need to keep up with them. 



Exercise prepares you for it, especially calisthenics.

Karim doesn’t want to have a similar fate to other parents that lack physical preparedness that ends up ruining them and their bond with their kids.

“I definitely didn’t want to be that person. I think this was another motivation as well.”

He wants to train with calisthenics.


Unpopular yet effective

Calisthenics is still not in the mainstream of the fitness industry so looking for the necessary resources for progress could be difficult.

“To be honest, I have never had a paid subscription to a platform where I don’t really have guarantees. It’s not something known in Egypt where I live.”

Because of the ever fast advancing technology, subscription platform for a workout is now available but still not popular due to weight lifting’s strong influence in the fitness industry.

People could have a hard time trying new things out, but we tell you that it’s worth it.


Looks promising and is actually great!

“Until I found The Movement Athlete, It looked very promising the way it was described and I decided to give it a shot. Especially the 30-day money-back guarantee was something encouraging. I went ahead and subscribed and it turned out to be great.”

The Movement Athlete website provides excellent insight into how the app works. So I suggest checking it out later

You’ll feel that what the website promises is what the app can actually do: Get you in shape and reach your goal in the most efficient, effective and fun way.

“For me, I was a bit hesitant about the let’s pay some money online. I’m not sure what I’ll be getting into. It looks promising. It looks well made. I think this was my biggest hesitation, but again, all the pros that were advertised really targeted the things that I see that are not really practical in a pdf, workout or just any fully planned eight-week plan with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.”


First impression

Karim finally gave The Movement Athlete a shot and here’s his first impression of it.

“It’s a well organized, detailed training or workout plan that’s customizable, it’s adaptable.”

He is not wrong with his first impression. The app makes a personalized plan for you with complete details so each time you work out, you’re going to be sure that you’ll improve.

You can easily monitor your progress and how fast you’re achieving your goals and objectives. Definitely it’s body weight program That should come in the beginning.


“It’s adaptable”

As said earlier, the app is completely adaptable. Karim said,

“The way the app is built or the concept that you fit anybody regardless of their background or their physical status and they just move up from there.”

The app evaluates and assesses your current fitness situation and creates a program for you from there. Your workout session will not be too easy and not too hard. It’s going to be just enough just for you to make progress.

“I think the fact that you can open the app at any given day or time, but regardless of your background or your health or fitness history. You do the assessment, it places you where you are and you only move up from there.”


Progress just like a game

Karim knows he’s progressing with his workout because he feels it and the app also states it. Karim emphasized,

“In an appealing presentation on the percentages and progressions that you can see where you stand now, how many more sets and reps you need to do to master this move in order to do the more difficult one.”

The Movement Athlete presents your progress as if it was a game with your percentage of completion also indicated so you know that you are progressing and where you’re at in your fitness journey. You’ll know when you’re going to reach your goal.


Amazing skills ahead

Speaking of goals, one goal Karim wants is a set of advanced calisthenics skills.

“I think the top advanced movements that I want to achieve would be the muscle-ups and free handstand push-ups and human flag.”

Yes, those are difficult moves but everyone can learn them. It just takes a good amount of hard work and an amazing program provided by The Movement Athlete.


Gain superhuman body control and strength

Learning these skills requires great body control and strength. The Movement Athlete provides a program that builds you strength and body control for the skills.

“I think being able to achieve these movements, it’s not a show-off, but it definitely proves to anybody who sees you and to yourself in the beginning, that you earned something that very few people can achieve.”

It takes time, but you just need to trust the app and the program that it will take you there. Karim also builds motivation from that challenging factor of calisthenics.

Achieving the skills requires a higher level that average of dedication and hard work. Karim said,

“It’s something unique.” This appeals so much for him that it gets him pumped up for the workout.

“It is there at the end of the journey or at the end of a few more months of hard work. They are not really the ultimate goal I’m trying to reach. I’m happy that I’m working out. I’m happy that I’m improving. I see my percentages and progress develop. By achieving new movements I unlock new skills. This keeps me going.”



Age is just a number

“Being 35 plus and being able to do such movements like the advanced calisthenics movements, which I’m not there yet, but I know I’m getting there. I think this was a big motivation for me that I’m getting older. I have two kids, they are getting older as well, but I can still feel and look young or healthy.”

Exercise is proven to keep your body and mind young. Calisthenics isn’t different. Getting older takes a toll on your body, but it’s inevitable. Everybody ages, but what calisthenics does is help you slow down that aging process. You’ll never notice you’re getting older because you’re still getting stronger and healthier.


Family time is easier

Earlier, Karim pointed out the physical demands of having kids.

“Working out regularly definitely helps with trips with the kids, family trips and being out all day.”

But because of calisthenics, the physical demands of everyday family life gets easier. You’re body’s already prepared for it because your workout is a lot harder than your regular tasks. 

Benefits Karim gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Lose weight and builds muscle

“I’ve lost some weight. I’ve put some muscle”

Calisthenics is an excellent form of exercise. It’s a form of resistance training, similar to weight lifting, but you’ll have to work against your bodyweight rather than weights.

Resistance is excellent because you can lose weight by losing fats and build muscle at the same time. This is what Karm experienced so I suggest trying it out, too!

Motivation for training

“I’d like to get addicted to a certain plan that is of benefit to me. I think it has been great, but I found a specific time during my day within my routine to commit to working out for an hour, let’s say three, four times a week. Early morning workouts on weekends.

Working out could sometimes be exhausting and boring. Karim felt otherwise when he trained with The Movement Athlete. His motivation to train has never been this strong because of the excellent flexibility it offers for your schedule. 

Training with The Movement Athlete, he’s always looking forward to training to reap the gains he deserves.

Sticking to consistent training

Since you’re always motivated workout, Karm got consistent with his training.

“It’s definitely something that makes me want to get to this part of the day to open the app and workout or even after I finish the workout I just go and see what would be my next workout at work in the morning. If I’m in the office, I have a few minutes I open and see what I’m going to do this evening when I work out.”

Consistent training produces the results. An excellent program would be worthless if the program can’t make you commit to it. With the app, training consistently becomes easy and getting the results becomes a lot easier than ever.

Personalized trainer

“I think this is tailor-made to what I was looking for and it is.”

Program planned for Karim through The Movement Athlete is tailor-made for only him. This means faster progress and hassle-free pre-workout.

Clear progress with progressions

“One thing, well I would say the concept of having a game-like app with progress and locking movements after we finish the prerequisites approach. It makes it fit for absolutely, literally any person at any level and you’re always improving

As said earlier, being customizable opens the door for sure progress. These progressions ensure that you would never plateau even if you’re at any level of fitness when you first started the program.

Having a game-like app also makes it easy on the eyes and fun at the same time.

Minimal equipment requirement

“You almost don’t need any equipment. I mean just pull up bar, some parallel bars and you’re all set.”

You can still go to the gym, but since there’s minimal equipment requirement to train calisthenics, you can set up your own gym in your backyard or garage. Plus calisthenics equipment is much affordable compared to weight lifting needs.

You’ll save money and time. No need to go to the gym on a regular basis. 

Karim is now experiencing the endless benefits of training calisthenics with The Movement Athlete.

He has grown stronger, healthier, and closer to his family because of training calisthenics.

Just some of the benefits he now enjoys are as follows:

  • Lost weight and build muscle through calisthenics training
  • Always motivated and excited to train because of the platform
  • Consistently training and gaining slowly but surely
  • He now has a personal trainer constantly guiding him but not yelling at him
  • Karim experiences a clear path of progress due to the well-organized progressions
  • He has arranged his own home gym because of the minimal equipment requirement

the movement athlete calisthenics app

Final Advice

Karim has been training for a while now and loved The Movement Athlete. Here’s his advice for you regarding training,

“Whether it’s sports or work-related or anything financial or anything, just to keep going towards something short term or long term.”

Work smart though. Choose the best platform such as The Movement Athlete, then trust the process that you’ll soon reach your goal.

“It has definitely added health benefits and commitment benefits to my daily routine and life. I am not there yet with the movements I’m trying to achieve. With time, I think they move from a goal to a by-product.”

Interestingly, training with calisthenics changed Karim’s perspective in training. Rather than having a single specific goal, he now realizes the importance of a holistic and health-based goal. This is ideal because it is really for the long run, too.

Now that Karim has trained with calisthenics through The Movement Athlete, he has it ingrained in his system.

“I think eventually I’ll find myself, hey, I can do it myself without really having it do or die thing.”

He’s just enjoying the process while still feeling the benefits.

Why do you need to deprive your body with the benefits.

Train with The Movement Athlete!


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