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Meet Anthony


Anthony is a 37-year old airline pilot that ditched weight lifting for calisthenics and never looked back. Aches and pains combined with his on the road lifestyle  forced him to find an alternative to his weight lifting regime.  Now he trains with The Movement Athlete. Read his fascinating story below


This is the story of Anthony – The Movement Athlete


Up until now Anthony’s number one problem was either finding the nearest gym or the equipment he’s looking for. As a pilot, he’s already put under a lot of stress of being responsible for the safety of the passengers.

He doesn’t need the stress of going to the gym.

What he was looking for was a stress-free way to train while getting much more than what weight lifting has to offer.

He already had an interest in calisthenics, but had no idea how to get started. When he finally made the switch and found out about The Movement Athlete, his life changed.

Now, his training with The Movement Athlete, he gained much functional strength, mobility, a ache-free body and a healthier mind.

Here’s Anthony’s, the airline pilot, story:



‘Occupational Hazard’

As an airline pilot, Anthony gets to travel a lot. That’s just one of the occupation’s perks. The problem with that in terms of fitness is that he cannot regularly go to the gym. 

“there was the thing on the road. I was trying to maybe force in workouts when I shouldn’t be. I should be resting. Because you either workout two days in a row or you end up taking three or four days off until you can get the time or get to equipment.”

He cannot always get to the equipment needed to train. That’s why he needs another alternative. Something that can save him the time and effort of going all the way to a location with the facilities. Being on the road, he’ll never know where the nearest gym would be in his next stop.


Equipment hassle

Anthony mentioned that find a gym could be a problem sometimes. Add that looking for equipment causes issues in his fitness journey. 

Because it’s kind of difficult to find a place where you can actually do barbell squats or deadlifts or things like that on the road.You can try to find a gym that’s nearby. Usually you have to pay a fee to get in and then you never know if it’s going to be, you know, super crowded or what kind of facilities they’re actually gonna have.”

You’ll also have to pay for renting the equipment which could be an issue in the long run. Seemingly, gym and equipment rental is relatively cheap. Add your regular workout sessions, you’ll realize you could have saved a good amount of money if you only you can train outside of the gym.

Well, Anthony knows the solution: The Movement Athlete


Goodbye Mobility

Anthony said, 

“Honestly, I was just tired of aching all the time and feeling like I was losing mobility.“

These aches are probably caused by the heavy lifting and his lack of mobility is just because of lack of stimulation to promote mobility. Weight lifting doesn’t necessarily help in increasing mobility.

To increase mobility, you have to train for mobility. Anthony realized this and reached his goal through calisthenics with The Movement Athlete.

“Probably for the past couple years I always go online and try to look at stuff and there was never anything that seems to be a good guide on how to get started with it. Then I found this and said oh, this looks great.”



When Tendinitis hits

Anthony, in his earlier years of fitness, relied on weight lifting for his gains. He soon encountered a major problem with it,

“I was doing just compound lifts, squats, deadlifts, bench press. I was starting to get tendinitis in my hips and then that led to my lower back so I knew I had to just step away from it.”

Tendinitis will hit you hard if you’re lifting heavy., especially if you’re lifting too heavy. In Anthony’s case, he worked on the major compound lifts, hitting multiple muscle groups. That’s excellent as long as you take the proper caution. Lifting heavy with major muscle groups could lead also to multiple muscle pain.


Starting with his interests

Anthony has finally realized he’s got to try something new. He said,

“I’ve always been interested in calisthenics but I never knew how to get started with it.”

He also added,

“ I’ve always been very impressed with people who can do muscle ups, front levers and even the flag. I’ve always wanted to be able to do that stuff and I feel like this is a good way to eventually get there.”

Anthony thinks calisthenics is the way to go, but there’s another problem.

“Probably for the past couple years I always go online and try to look at stuff and there was never anything that seems to be a good guide on how to get started with calisthenics.”



“Then I found this and said ‘oh, this looks great’”

Anthony finally found a promising platform, 

“I just searched calisthenics apps in the app store and a few pop up. I’m pretty sure The Movement Athlete wasn’t the first one that popped up. But then when I was reading some of the reviews on it and looking at the description in the photos, it seemed like it was a great place to start”

And start with calisthenics, he did. Anthony never looked back and never look for anything else.

“I mean this is the only one that I’ve tried so far. Because you know, it’s only been a little over three weeks, but I mean I have no intentions of trying anything else either. It seems like it is working really well.”


Progress with the help of AI


“I think what sold me on this app was that, you know, it has built in algorithms in the AI to help you progress when you’re ready to progress as long as you’re honest with it”


Progression is the key in order to get better in calisthenics safely, efficiently, and surely. Anthony knows this and that’s why he knows that The Movement Athlete app will get him to his goal in the fastest and safest way. 


With the app, it will ask you regarding what you’re feeling with the exercises and program. It will assess your current situation so that the best progression will be served to you as long as you answer honestly the app.


Not like other programs


With an endless supply of information in the world wide web, Anthony has also tried a recommended program from the internet. He didn’t get enough guidance with the program and ended up getting stuck at a certain level.

When he finally found The Movement Athlete, he said,

“I think that was a big selling point, too, was how it helps you progress and move from one thing to the next.

The Movement Athlete helped Anthony systematically progress from his current level to the next. Step-by-step without and sudden jumps in skill level. He was assured to progress with app.

And that’s the main point in training with calisthenics. You have to progress slowly and the platform prevents you from trying out reckless decisions that might injure you.


Low stress app


“I would describe it as a very convenient, low stress app and way to exercise. Just in the fact that, you know, minimal equipment is what makes it so nice. You can find places to do it almost anywhere, anytime.”

One of the main philosophies of calisthenics is being low stress. You don’t need to stress about looking for equipment and a place to train. Also, with The Movement Athlete, you don’t have to stress about a strict program that will gobble a ton of your time.


Adjusts to your bad and good days


“...I know it’s not going to be completely linear based on how you feel, but I do feel that it is probably the best, the most important aspect of it.”

Like any other person in the world, Anthony also sometimes get off-days. Those are the type of days that you just want to lie on your couch, order a box of pizza and watch Netflix all day. Very unmotivated and tired.

Well, The Movement Athlete will adjust to those kinds of days so that you can still train even if you don’t feel like training. You’ll always be consistent with your training and you’ll always get gains each day.


Benefits Anthony gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Overall balanced strength

Anthony feels the complete balanced strength due to The Movement Athlete’s well organized program. He said,

It’s definitely making me feel a lot better because everything is balanced as far as the workout splits that are happening as far as one day focuses on legs, other days back, upper body.”

This is essential to have in order to prevent muscle imbalances. Alongside with this, the app also helps in training the muscles you’ve never thought of training! 

“ …helping balance out everything that you might’ve been missing with just lifting traditional weights type of thing.”

With weight lifting, other muscles might lag because you’re too focused on lifting heavier on your favorite muscle groups. With The Movement Athlete, the app helps you stick to the program and get everything stronger than ever.

Ache-free body

With regard to having a balanced body, this will also make all the aching body parts go away. As Anthony testified,

“That type of thing (Getting a balanced body). I mean right now my hips and my lower back have stopped hurting, which has been great.”

With no muscles lagging, Anthony’s enjoying a healthy, pain-free life. Muscle lags could also destroy your posture so better start training with The Movement Athlete!

He’s also know enjoying the DOMS(the pain after a day of working out)-free workout,

“ …now it’s not painful to get up off of the couch and which obviously completely defeats the purpose of exercising really.”

Better mental state

Related with being free from pain, Anthony also now feels better in terms of his mental state. He said,

I feel like it’s definitely made me feel better mentally, too because I’m not in pain.”

Of course, you’ll feel you’re always having a bad time if your body is aching all the time. With calisthenics, Anthony is free from pain. His mind is also free from thinking about the pain. 

Also, the gym causes some anxiety for Anthony.

“I would say that the thing that I would come across the most when I would go to the gym is that the bench’s going to be open? Is the squat rack going to be open? Am I going to have to wait? You know, other people need to use the equipment, as well. That right there you’re kind of coming to the gym with a little anxiety.”

Calisthenics solves this because even if you go the gym to train, you don’t need much equipment. If you’re going to use the dip station or pull-up bars, those equipment aren’t really used that much at the gym.

Improved body control


Anthony said,

“Just the fact that it takes every bit of muscle that you have to be able to do [calisthenics skills]. Every tiny little muscle rather than just the big major muscles when it comes to doing the big lifts.”

Calisthenics trains exactly that: the whole body all at the same time. It promotes also the all-around athleticism that appeals to Anthony. Calisthenics helps improve how you can control each part of your body and strengthening it as well.

More functional strength


Calisthenics lets you train with your body weight, not something you won’t have to carry as Anthony said

“But I have no need to be able to lift 400 pounds. That’s just, I have no need for that.”

He added,

“Rather than just being able to lift something heavy I can move and control my body using my entire body at the same time.

Calisthenics offers something that more functional in your everyday life.

With The Movement Athlete, Anthony is now enjoying life and not getting limited in his fitness journey by his work. He now enjoys the benefits of calisthenics and the app. 

the movement athlete calisthenics app

Again, here are just some of the benefits he experienced:

  • Overall balanced strength by training the whole body all at the same time
  • Ache-free life. No more lower back and hip pain from lifting too heavy
  • Better mental state because there’s no more pain and no more stress
  • Improved body control 
  • Gained functional strength from the nature of the calisthenics exercises


Final Advice

Anthony absolutely loved calisthenics and The Movement Athlete. He compared it to yoga,

It’s more like, it’s probably more like a form of yoga almost, but with a lot of resistance. Much more challenging of a thing. It’s the strictly breathing and the focus and the calmness of it all that I think affects the mental well being of it.” 

Here’s what he thinks why you should try it out,

It’s definitely a fun challenge that the progressions that you make and ways that you can unlock new exercises kind of makes it fun. It’s giving you a goal to shoot for. It definitely will be great for your overall physical well being and mental well being.

Anthony’s advice,

The Movement Athlete’s definitely worth it for sure. Be honest with your assessment. To be patient, too.”

Getting a healthy body is simple. You just have to eat properly and train consistently that pushes you just enough so you can avoid injury.

Exactly what Anthony is doing together with calisthenics and The Movement Athlete.

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