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Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletespeople just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!



Meet Mark


Mark is a 54-year old IT project manager in Alabama. He’s also a loving husband to his wife and a caring father to his two sons. Even with a lot of responsibilities to his family and to his desk job, nothing stops Mark to train and be a better version of himself. He said, “I’ve been training now 3-4 times a week for 15 years so it’s part of my life.”


Working out is part of his life and he has built a strong habit out of it. But he has hit a wall once at one point in his life. 

“I played football in school and was active in sports throughout my school years and 4 years in the military. After the military I let myself get in bad shape, overweight with Type 2 Diabetes.”

He eventually conquered his obstacles through tons of other programs and diets. He focused on weightlifting in his training. This built him great strength but it came with some very unwanted effects. He acquired a shoulder injury over time, gained weight and feels lethargic.

🎯 Mark wanted to change.

“I decided that I had rather lose the extra pounds and get back in better physical shape with Calisthenics.”

Through his research, Mark found out about The Movement Athlete Academy and made a complete turn in his life for the better.

Mark now enjoys a stronger💪and leaner body with more freedom of movement and bullet-proof joints. But what separated calisthenics and training with The Movement Athlete Academy from others is the capability of the app to adjust to your exact situation, needs, and goals. Because of this, Mark was able to train and bond with his family; making them healthy and strong as a family.🏆



👴🏻“Picture yourself getting older and not being able

to function.”

“Injured from weight training, feeling lethargic and 20 lbs overweight.”

In Mark’s younger years, he was active and very fit. Throughout the years, he shifted to weightlifting as his approach in fitness but this negatively impacted his life. 

He became a lot stronger because of his weight lifting training, but this didn’t come without any trouble. During some time, he developed an injury on his shoulder and on another note, his training left him feeling lethargic. He also packed on some weight because of this.

Because of his situation, he realized that this approach isn’t going to help him in the long run. He needs to pave a new way in his fitness journey as time flies by. He needs a type of training that will sustain his health in the long run and not only focus on strength.


👍Health is not only strength

Strength isn’t only the picture of health, especially as Mark ages. He needs the complete package, the complete picture of health and wellness. This doesn’t only mean his physical and mental attributes but as well as his relationship with his family. And this should go all for everyone not only Mark.

As Mark is getting comes further in his fitness journey, his health isn’t the only one that matters. His family’s health is part of his health.

He wants to make changes.


🔥“Excited wanting a change.”

Mark guided his family towards a healthy living so he researched vigorously. He decided to give calisthenics a try as an approach and searched for the top calisthenics program available. From here, he discovered The Movement Athlete Academy.

He continued studying the app and found it promising. He liked how the progressions and programs are designed integrated into a fun and user-friendly interface. Easy access and portable are also the qualities he loved.

As mentioned earlier, Mark wanted to involve and encourage his wife and kids to join him on his fitness journey. He would also love to train outdoors rather than in the confines of a gym. With all that said, he gave The Movement Athlete a chance to show their compatibility.


🥇One-month improvement

“So far in 1 month, I’ve lost 10 lbs and my endurance has seen improvement.”

With only just a month of using the app, Mark already lost 10 lbs. This could be attributed to Mark’s dedication to using the app. 

The Movement Athlete app adjusts to your current situation, goals, and needs. For Mark’s situation, he aimed for weight loss. In the app, you can input your current skill level and the amount of commitment you can allot for your training. There’s no strict time frame or schedule to follow. It all depends on you. 

Mark’s dedication got him a huge improvement in his weight and also in his endurance. As said earlier, other attributes are equally important as strength. 

the movement athlete calisthenics app


🤸‍♂️Complete overall body gains

“Great total body workouts that work on flexibility, mobility, and strength.”

Even though you can focus on a specific training and goal with The Movement Athlete, the app will still make adjustments to cover all aspects of fitness. 

One common myth behind calisthenics is that you can’t build strength through this approach. Well, most of the athletes claiming this didn’t use the proper progressions for their skill level to improve their strength. The app provides a wide variety of exercise progressions and excellent program design that caters to all skill levels. Even if you’re advanced, it will make sure that you’ll have a challenging and productive time with your push-ups and chin-ups.

Strength is the most sought after attribute. As Mark trains for this, he can also expect his improvement in his mobility and flexibility. These attributes have a huge carry over throughout your years. You’ll gain significant performance in your movement in your sport, calisthenics, and everyday movements!

Training mobility and flexibility also keeps your joints bullet-proof and free from pain and movement restrictions and limitations. As Mark ages, he doesn’t need to worry about his joints and freedom of movement. His training slows down the inevitable effects of time and he’ll feel young for a longer period of time.


🏆Full accessibility

“The progressions, the app and no need for a gym or equipment.”

With the nature of the calisthenics approach, your training can be done without any specific equipment needed. Each training with the app, you can choose any equipment available to you so each training, you can maximize your gains.

One thing about calisthenics is that you can use your environment as an alternative for the pieces of equipment you need. Calisthenics makes use of your body weight as resistance and uses only the equipment to alter the difficulty and motion of your exercise. If you don’t have a pull-up bar, just train outdoors and look for a tree. No dip station? Place two sturdy chairs near each other then you already have a dip station.

Benefits Mark gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Train anywhere

“Taking the app getting OUTDOORS  no matter the location and doing the program.”

With the app, Mark trains anywhere he pleases, but his go-to location is the outdoors. Nothing beats training with nature by your side and the smell of fresh air in each deep breath you take as you slash through your workout.

You don’t have to deal with the travel time and the nuisances other locations might bring in. You also don’t have to pay for any gym membership which is now very costly because of the booming industry.

All you just have to bring is your phone and yourself, then you’re ready to become a better version of yourself.

Family bonding

“My wife and son are now using the TMA Beginner workout with my 7-year old working on rings. We plan to build an outdoors calisthenics playground for the family.”

As said earlier, Mark loves training outdoors, but he doesn’t train alone. Mark and his family find time together to train to bond and as well as take care of each other. As Mark said, his 7-year old kid is now working on more advanced training on the rings. That’s amazing!

As part of a family and a parent, Mark keeps his wife and sons healthy by motivating and engaging them in his training.

Having a healthy body and mind isn’t a complete picture of health. We are social creatures. We need our family healthy and our relationship with them healthy as well. The Movement Athlete Academy keeps your family together and healthy. Nothing beats a healthy body than a healthy family.

Mark experienced tons of benefits with the app and the approach in just a matter of a month’s use.

  • He lost a good amount of weight
  • Became stronger and have better endurance
  • Trained flexibility and mobility for a better quality of movement
  • Easy access to his workout
  • Bonds with his family
  • Keeps his family strong and healthy


✔️Final Advice from Mark

Mark loved his training with The Movement Athlete Academy and he wanted also to help you guys in your fitness journey. Here’s some of his advice on what you can do so you can improve efficiently:

👉Forget the fitness magazines, the supplements and just eat real food and train. Save my money on supplements”

👉Nothing beats real food. You can take supplements if you please but it can never be a substitute for good, nutritious and real food. You also don’t have to get fitness magazines because all you need is in The Movement Athlete.

👉“Stay consistent.”

👉And the best advice, so you can reap the continuous benefits of a healthy body, is by staying consistent with your training and healthy habit.

👉The easiest way to build a healthy habit and stay consistent is by following a program that adjusts to your situation and needs. Just like what The Movement Athlete Academy provides.

I challenge you to try it!


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