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We just wanted to let you know that finally, after months of work, we released the newest update to The Movement Athlete App.

We completely rebuilt the workout experience and added a number of new features (scroll below to see them).


We would love to know what you think!

Regardless of whether you are a customer or not, go and check it out!

To do so go to Play or App store. Search for the “Movement Athlete” and click “Update” or “Download” depending on whether you already have the app or not.

We just wanted to let you know that finally, after months of work, we released the newest update to The Movement Athlete App.
We completely rebuilt the workout experience and added a number of new features (scroll below to see them)


We created TMA because we were frustrated with not being able to provide a personalised experience for every single person that come to train with us.

❌ We saw on our skin how beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are not enough.

❌ We have seen people getting injured because they started at levels way higher than they should or developing enough mobility before trying a move.

❌ We have seen people exhausted after their training and some not tired enough struggling to build muscle mass or lose weight because their training is just some random bunch of exercises.

That’s why almost 3 years ago we brought on board an incredible team of trainers and then investors to help us bring personalized calisthenics to everyone.

And we are still on the same mission.

We recently brought onboard new product team and we are not only working on the app to become stable and fast but we are also to that we know some of you have been asking for a long time.

Here is what you will see inside:

1. Brand new unified workout experience

As you know our workouts include:

  • Warmup
  • Skill Work,
  • Strength but also
  • Muscle Building,
  • Endurance, and a separate
  • Mobility section

Up until now, you wouldn’t know which exercises below to which, especially under the Strength section. Some of you wouldn’t even know that this is how we structure our training.

Well not anymore.

We not only unified the whole workout so now all the sections will look at the same, but we also divided the workout into sections so you know exactly what you are working on and what’s coming.

2. Improved timer, transitions, skipping, and going back

Our goal was to make the experience of working out much smoother.

We rethought the transitions between sections and exercises, gave you the ability to go back or skip if necessary.

What you will see is a brand new timer that will guide you through each exercise and automatically go to the next part of the workout unless stopped.

3. New rating system with more flexibility

One of the very unique things about TMA is that we adjust your training based on your feedback in real-time.

Based on countless interviews and discussion with trainerswe redesigned how it works to give you more flexibility.

You will see the:

“I can’t do any reps” option as well as
“I can’t do all the reps”. 

We will also ask you exactly many reps did you do and adjust your training based on that. That will give us way more data to work with and make sure that your experience is perfectly suited to where you at and how are you feeling.

4. In workout settings

We know that in the current app there was a lot of confusion when quitting the workout.

In the new version, we give you a lot of flexibility in terms of resuming, skipping & saving the workout as well as muting sounds and contacting us if needed.

You will also have an option to save your workout or not if you quit, or simply come back to it if you got interrupted.

5. New global settings

We are also implementing what we call Global Settings.

Finally you will be able set multiple Equipment Profiles that will show up as your default equipment inside the workouts as well as Workout Duration, Rest Times, and Audio Effects.

All that means more control over your workouts!


What’s next?

Right now we are working on Offline workout capabilities as well as redesigning the workout summary screen and a new dashboard.

We wanted to give you more insight into where you are on the journey and help you celebrate even the smallest milestones as well as track your progress through pictures.

These changes will be coming your way before


So that’s it! We have so much more that is coming your way.

In a meantime, we would love to hear from you about any features that you would like to see, new content, and anything else that you think could improve your experience with TMA. 

Stay strong. 

The Movement Athlete Team.

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