The Ultimate Guide to Back Lever

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How much you bench is not the only way to show your upper body strength and skill. The back lever is a crazy calisthenics skill that manifests amazing upper-body strength, mobility, stability, and body control.

After seeing the back lever for the first time, you might think it’s impossible to learn. It can be daunting. We get it. HOWEVER, anyone who’s willing to do the work and approach the process in a smart and gradual approach can master the back lever.

To master this challenging exercise, we’re going to cover everything you need to know for beginners to advanced levels. Whether you’re a season calisthenics athlete or just starting out, you can start learning the move, defy gravity, and master your body with the back lever ultimate guide.


Table of Contents:


1.🤔How to Back Lever – Technique


In this section, we’ll cover the basics, such as what is the back lever, what it looks like, how to perform it, and the general technique you need to perform to truly say you have mastered the move.

2.☝️Why You Should train Back Lever – Back Lever Benefits

Most of the time, the bad-ass-looking back lever itself should be enough to get you started with your skill training. However, back lever has more to offer other than just being a party trick. Learn it in this section.

3. 👊Back Lever Prerequisites – Muscles used & Requirements

Before starting your back lever journey, it’s best to set a solid foundation so you can progress much faster and safer. Other than mastering the calisthenics fundamentals, here are the other prerequisites you need.

4. ✨BEST Progressions for Back Lever – Step-by-Step Guide

You can’t just jump into the back lever training without going through the back lever progressions. These are the steps or levels you need to pass through in order to learn the full back lever position.

5. 🔐BEST Mobility Exercises for Back Lever – Make Faster Progress

The back lever is primarily a strength-based calisthenics skill. However, it also demands a high level of shoulder mobility to be able to execute it safely. Here are the best shoulder mobility exercises you can perform to improve the mobility requirements for the back lever.

6. ☑️12-Minute Back Lever Warm-up: How to get started for your Back Lever Workout

If you want to get the most out of out of your back lever training while also avoiding injuries, performing a proper warm-up will prepare your body and mind for the workout. Here’s a 12-minute workout sample you can follow!

7. 💥Back Lever WORKOUT Beginners to Advanced: How to Master the Back Lever

Here’s an awesome back lever workout anyone can do: from beginners to advanced athletes. Don’t worry. This is not a full cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all workout. It can be adjusted to your specific skill level.

8. 💪Common Back Lever Mistakes – Back Lever Fail

If you want to avoid frustration, injuries, and plateaus, then you would want to avoid the common back lever mistakes people make when aiming to learn the skill. You might be doing them or not, but you got to avoid them at all costs!

9. 🔥Back Lever tips for Fast Progress

Speed up your learning process for the back lever by implementing these quick tips in your back lever training.

10. 👍How to Avoid Injuries During Back Lever Training

The more advanced a skill is, the higher the risks of injuries become. However, you can still control and minimize the risk if you approach your training with a smart, gradual, and safe manner. Here are the tips you need to know to avoid injuries.

11. 👉What’s Next After Back Lever – Advanced Back Lever Progressions

If you already have mastered the back lever and looking for more challenges OR if you want to get inspired by what comes next after the back lever, then this section is for you. The back lever isn’t the ultimate guide, but it will unlock numerous advanced exercises you might want to work on next!


If you’re ready to learn the back lever, let’s get started! 💪


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