The Ultimate Guide to Ring Dips

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What are Ring dips?


If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know that calisthenics is taking the world by storm.

Many people now covet to learn how to handstand, hold a planche, control a front lever, get the muscle-up.

But one exercise should be at the top of the list of any calisthenics athlete who wants to master their upper body pushing mechanics: It’s the RING DIPS.💯

🧐Ring dips are the more difficult variation of the regular dip which are done on gymnastics rings. The added instability due to the fact that the rings can move freely immensely increases the difficulty of the exercise. It’s perfect for building strength and muscle for your chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and even biceps! 

It isn’t exactly for beginners which is why you need to first master the calisthenics fundamentals. You can get help from The Movement Athlete for that. 

But ring dips are an attainable exercise, that every calisthenics beginner must aspire to achieve. It unlocks so much potential of our body, which is why it’s a must for every person to learn.

🏆Here’s the ultimate guide to ring dips covering all the topics you need to master them effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Table of Contents:


1. 🤔What are Ring dips?

It might be unclear for you why ring dips aren’t the best upper body pushing exercise for bigger and stronger chest muscles. Let us know you benefits of pursuing and why you should train for them.

2. 👉Muscles involved and prerequisites

Learn what it takes to master ring dips so you can better prepare your body and mind for the challenge ahead. This covers the requirements and the muscles used in the exercise.

3. 👊How to perform ring dips

Practicing the movement is one thing, but understanding how the movement pathway works is another. Speed up your learning process and the gains you can make by knowing the standard technique for ring dips.

4. 📌Mistakes to avoid

When first learning the exercise, it’s inevitable to make some mistakes. Here are the common mistakes you need to avoid and how to address them so you can maximize your gains every training.

5. 🔑Progression list

The only way to work your way up to any exercise in calisthenics is by learning its progressions. It helps you master the movement pathway with a tolerable load that we will gradually increase as you progress and get stronger.

6. 🔥Ring dips workout

Effective ring dips routines require shoulder flexibility, correct body posture, and smooth execution. A well-rounded ring dips training plan includes dynamic warm-ups, skill drills, strength exercises, and endurance challenges to improve stamina and mobility.

7. ☑️Mobility exercise preparation

Ring dip isn’t only about strength. It requires a good amount of shoulder and chest flexibility in order to reach the lowest portion of the dip and get the full squeeze out from the exercise. These are the mobility drills that will help you prepare for the exercise.

8. 💥Additional tips and drills

While the ring dip progression itself is already an effective way to learn the skill, you would still need other movement patterns so work on possible weaknesses and increase your strength much faster.

9. 💪Building stronger and bigger chest workout: ring dips inclusion

Here’s a sample workout you can use to build up the chest, triceps, and shoulders for stronger dips and general strength..

10. 🔥Advanced variation

Mastering the ring dips is not an endpoint in your calisthenics journey. It’s actually a starting point for more exercises and variations that will keep you challenged for life!

11. 👍How to avoid injury

All movements, no matter how safe and small they seem, can result in injury. With ring dips, it’s the same, but we can minimize the risk of injury by following the key principles in this article. Stay safe!




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