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This is the story of Albert Wong – The Movement Athlete

Being a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry, Albert Wong, 31 years old, has most of his days eaten up by his work.

Despite this, he still loves to stay active with swimming, weight lifting, martial arts and running. Weight lifting is his main thing as he thought it will build him the best level of fitness overtime given his very busy schedule



Although Albert got stronger💪, he didn’t feel he was improving other aspects of his fitness, especially that it takes a lot of time in the gym.

👉 After much research, he soon found about calisthenics and The Movement Athlete and immediately made the switch without hesitation.

Till this day, Albert is enjoying better, more efficient and faster results thanks to the app even with responsibilities of work.

Here’s Albert’s story.



Albert loves staying active and as he does martial arts, swimming and running, he also lifts weight to supplement his strength and overall fitness gains.

Unfortunately with his hectic schedule, the time he allotted to weight lifting doesn’t provide enough results for him. 🎯 Sure it gets him stronger, but not all of the strength translates to better performance to his other physical activities. 

He is also looking for more challenges that provide better results other than just brute strength.💪

A quick search in the world wide web led him to calisthenics and eventually to The Movement Athlete Academy. This is when his life changed.

calisthenics academy

“I decided to give it a try as soon as I found it.”👀

As soon as Albert read about it, he didn’t hesitate trying it out. He was intrigued with the app’s feature to develop a program tailored to his goals

Not to mention the 7-day FREE trial period that he can avail before actually paying for the program.

Progressive Calisthenics Training

“I like the fact that there are so many exercises available to help me achieve my final goal.”

Albert got introduced to the proper way of training calisthenics and not only just by adding reps to supposedly “get stronger”.

Common calisthenics myth: 100+ rep range

👉 Usually in our gym class, we are taught to work on our push-ups and sit-ups until we can do 100 reps or even more overtime. 

📌This method can still build muscle in the long run, the main focus of high or excessively high rep ranges is to build muscle endurance. We NO LONGER build strength with these ranges.

That’s why The Movement Athlete trains with a progressive approach. This means tons of variations and exercises that increase difficulty so you can improve and grow stronger.

👊Push-ups too easy? Change the variation.

💪Push-ups are too difficult? Change the variation to make the exercise easier for you.

With progression calisthenics, you, like Albert, will continue to get stronger and improve overall fitness level. 

[Progression] really help keep things fresh and

makes progression easier.

In addition to the progress thanks to the varieties of exercises, Albert now enjoys his training. There are always tons of new exercises that keep him stimulated while moving towards his goals.

“Training for me is a lot of fun now and I enjoy the



Virtual coaching🤸‍♀️


I also like the videos showing the moves so it’s

somewhat like having a coach.”

🏆🏆With comprehensive videos supporting Albert’s training, he basically gets to train with a virtual coach guiding him in his form and technique.

Remember that in calisthenics, also in all forms of exercise, PROPER FORM is essential for efficient, effective and safe progress.

Here’s just some of the benefits Albert is now enjoying thanks to his new training partner and coach, The Movement Athlete. 


Benefits Albert Gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

New strength and skills

“I have noticed myself getting stronger and being able to do things with my body that I could not before.”

Calisthenics isn’t just about building strength unlike weight lifting. With Albert’s new approach to fitness, he also gets to train other aspects of fitness such as body control, body coordination and awareness.

Skills training enabled him to execute strength movements that didn’t only require strength. He’s now working towards his handstand push-ups and one-arm push-ups which require balance and body control.

Faster progress

“It is what turned me off with weight lifting. I felt like I wasn’t seeing a lot of results vs the time I put in. TMA has helped me see great results much faster.”

With a proper program that adjusts to his needs and goals, every workout for Albert delivers the most efficient, effective and enjoyable results. 

The program created for Albert adjusts every time depending on energy levels so when he’s tired from his work, he still gets the most from his training without leading to over fatigue.


Accessible even with a tight schedule

“I wish I just started with calisthenics and stuck with it back when I was 25 instead of giving up when work got way too bushy.”

Integrating his training in his schedule never became as easy as this. This time, Albert can work around his schedule as The Movement Athlete app can be adjusted for his time.

There’s no reason for him to quit his training because he’s too busy at work. He can now squeeze in an effective and efficient workout even for just 15 minutes.

There’s also no need to go the gym that takes away your precious time.

Since calisthenics doesn’t need any fancy equipment, Albert can also train anywhere he is. He can also work with the available resource around him to train.

In case you’re interested to workout with minimal equipment but still find it difficult to find the essential ones, you can find an alternative such as what you can see in our article in the link below:

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Equipment & Cheap Ways to Replace It

More consistent workout

And because Albert now can train with his schedule, he can also now train more consistently. That’s the key to actual progress and results: training consistently.

You can train with 100% effort but if you don’t do it in a consistent manner, you’re just basically tiring yourself for a fruitless activity.

Compliments other disciplines

“I use this along with practicing martial arts.”

Albert doesn’t need to worry about feeling sore and aching too much after a calisthenics workout. He can still continue his martial arts training without TMA app training interfering with his goals.

The calisthenics training fits well with martial arts since with the latter, Albert maneuvers his body for combat which requires body awareness, control and strength. Exactly what calisthenics can provide.

Mobility also plays a big role in martial arts (but also in every movement you can do), so training from TMA massively helps in increasing Albert’s range of motion in various movements and positions.

Albert now loves training with calisthenics and The Movement Athlete. He said,

“I feel like this is one of the best and most helpful

ways to get fit and challenge oneself.”

🏆 He continues to build more strength along with mobility, flexibility, body control and awareness. Much more than that, he also get to enjoy these benefits thanks to the app:

  • ✅ Faster visible progress more than just brute strength
  • ✅ Accessible training platform even with a busy schedule
  • ✅ More consistent workouts for more consistent results
  • ✅ Stronger martial arts performance
  • ✅ More enjoyable workout

the movement athlete calisthenics app

To end Albert’s story, here’s his quick advice on training:

“Have some patience and don’t give up. The results

are very noticeable.”

🧐 If you find the workout that works for you like Albert has, simply trust the program and have some patience.

Remember that nothing great was accomplished overnight.

✊✊✊ With the right program, exert time and effort consistently then results will speak for itself.

Do you have a busy schedule?

How are you able to fit your workout in your timeline?

Let us know in the comment section below.



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