Here’s The Movement Athlete’s complete ultimate planche training guide. You will learn how to learn the planche, the safest, most effective and most efficient way. We will cover everything you need to know including what it takes to learn the planchet: the muscles used and prerequisites. We will share the most effective planche progressions, mobility exercises and tips and tricks to help you get there.

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Seeing the planche for the first time for sure leaves an undeniable lasting impression in anyone’s mind. A true demonstration of elite-level strength, mobility, control, and balance.

When looking for advanced calisthenics skills to set for your new goal, the planche will definitely be a humbling, yet rewarding journey even if you’re already starting as an experienced athlete.

Planche seems impossible to achieve especially when you first-handedly experience the difficulty of the skill. Yet, this impossibility is actually at anyone’s reach as long as you dedicate your full effort towards this goal and choose a smart way to safely and efficiently achieve the plan.

Planche training is highly specified which requires a good amount of time and effort while being honest with your current capabilities. It’s a high-level skill that you must respect if you really want to learn it.

Here’s The Movement Athlete’s complete ultimate guide on how to learn the planche, the safest, most effective and most efficient way.

Table of Contents:

1. What is a Planche – A guide to the highly

coveted advanced calisthenics skill 🏆

Learn why you need to train ring dips to achieve supreme upper body strength with your bodyweight alone.

2. 👉Planche Benefits – Specific performance

with matched functionality

Understand the prerequisites and muscles used for ring dips to make faster progress with the skill without training the exercise.

3. 🤸‍♀️Planche – Muscle used and Requirements

Learn how to perform ring dips with proper form and technique so you can make faster progress while avoiding injuries in the process.

4. 📌Planche Training Injury Prevention

Avoid these ring dip mistakes that can hold you back from making a ton of progress and can cause you injury.

5. 🔑How to perform a perfect planche

The complete ring dip progression best for fastest progress in ring dips. Build a stronger and bigger chest, triceps, and shoulder using only your body weight.

6. ☑️How to achieve a planche – the most

effective planche progression

Improve shoulder and chest mobility so you can do ring dips, increase shoulder health, and improve performance for many movement patterns.

7. Expert’s effective tips for the perfect

planche – avoid slow progress

Make faster progress with ring dip journey by supplementing your ring dip progression with effective drills!

8. How to boost planche progress – the most

effective planche drills

Here is a workout challenge that guarantees to build upper body strength and muscle for ring dips.

9. Most effective planche workout – for all levels

Advanced ring exercises after mastering ring dips so you can stay motivated to grow stronger and achieve body mastery.

10. Planche training equipment – faster progress,

more challenge

Avoid injuries when learning ring dips using these 5 VITAL tips. Train smart so you can progress faster and safer.

11. What’s next after planche – elite level skill work

Once you have mastered the full planche, your advanced strength opens up opportunities of learning more challenging planche variations that seemingly defy gravity. Push your body to the limit with these elite-level planche variations. The journey is never over.


The Ultimate Guide to Planche


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