Among the many exercises calisthenics has, planche definitely lies in the highly advanced category. It demands so much mobility, strength, and control which is why training planche gives you undeniable massive benefits.

As you should know by now upon reading our article on what a planche is, planche is a hand-balancing move that puts many demands on your body. This is why we’re going to say it earlier on that it might not be the best goal for everybody. 

Although the skill is highly specific, there are tons of benefits that you will enjoy from mastering the move and even the actual journey towards this goal. It isn’t only a cool “party trick”  to make your friends’ jaws drop. It’s more functional than you ever thought of!

🤨 Why should I bother learning the


🤜 Builds amazing upper body strength

Holding your body parallel to the floor with arms completely straight is an obvious display of outstanding strength. The strength training towards planche provides massive pushing strength that also translates to functionality as well.

An interesting statement from an interview with Coach Christopher Sommers, a renowned gymnastic coach, depicts just how much strength you need to be able to do a planche.

He said that doing a planche is equivalent to benching 3 times your bodyweight while on stability balls. Can you imagine that? 

You can read more on his interview in the article from T-nation in the link below: All Muscle No Iron

Strength built through planche journey has specificity for the actual planche move but also translates to elite pushing strength that’s viable for your everyday strength needs.

🤜 Develops upper body muscles

Where does all the strength come from? From the muscles developed through your planche training, of course!

Planche demands strength from your body. Your body adapts to this requirement by developing muscles. All thought planche training won’t build your muscles the most efficient way, remember that the planche journey’s goal is to learn planche and not build an aesthetic body. But during your planche training, a great physique also becomes the by-product.

 Add to the fact that you need a lower body fat percentage in order to perform the planche. Have you seen someone with an average physique performing a planche? It’s impossible. Even though the actual planche move won’t build you the physique, the planche journey will.

🤜 Superior wrist strength and mobility

Planche puts your whole body in an awkward position, especially the wrists. Planche can be performed in different hand placements; forward, at an angle, backward (extremely difficult for most of us), nevertheless, it still places a heavy demand on the wrists. Over time, your wrists will get stronger to accommodate the demands required. 

This translates to strength for many simple and complex movements such as handstands and presses. 

Strong and mobile wrists are healthy wrists.

🤜 Strengthens weak links

Planche is a highly complex movement that requires tons of muscle control and activation while demanding strength. This being said, there are multiple muscles that you might not even know existed, such as the serratus anterior, that’s getting stronger during planche training. The planche journey helps you work on specified goals while also keeping your holistically strong.

🤜 Solidify full core strength

You need a good amount of core strength to be able to hold the straight bodyline posture of planche. Planche training works not only the front but also the backside of the core. Expect getting a stronger core as you progress with your journey. Along with this are the amazing benefits of having a strong body!

🤜 Improved body control & awareness

Body awareness and muscle activation are vital in order to achieve planche. Each essential muscle must be activated and should be in the right position so you can perform the planche with your best effort and with the best form possible. As a result, you get to improve your body control and awareness.

🤜 Stronger straight-arm strength

A planche can only be considered to be in proper form if the arms are in complete lockout. With planche training, expect to get bigger and stronger biceps, triceps, and elbow joints. Along with this is stronger bent-arm pushing strength as well! The straight-arm strength achieved in the planche training has amazing transfer to other calisthenics skills as well as other movement patterns.

🤜 Build your specific strength for this amazing skill while developing functional strength as well!

If you want to learn move forward with your planche journey, let’s talk about the requirements and muscles used in the move to further understand this complex skill in the article below:

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