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Meet Clayton


Have you ever wondered how a fitness journey evolves from mere vanity to a pursuit of practicality and performance?🤯

This exactly defines Clayton’s amazing calisthenics journey. 

Clayton is a small business owner, boat captain, and commercial diver residing in Detroit, Michigan.



Clayton is a small business owner, boat captain, and commercial diver residing in Detroit, Michigan. This is his fitness journey and the profound impact of adopting calisthenics via the Movement Athlete program.

Let’s get deep into his story.👇

✨This is the story of Clayton- The Movement Athlete


“My background in fitness started when I was young, junior high school school, even working out in a real basic weight room.”

Starting with basic workouts in junior high, Clayton’s fitness passion grew from merely wanting to look good to strive for optimal performance. This shift was catalyzed during his military tenure, collaborating with elite forces.

“I was in the military, and I spent a lot of time working with Army Special Forces and Navy Seals, and so performance became a large part of my goals.”🎯

Clayton’s military experience was heavily intertwined with working alongside Army Special Forces and Navy Seals, amplifying his focus on performance. Yet, within the realm of powerlifting, Olympic lifts, CrossFit, Jim Jones, mountain athlete, and the horseman routine, he found a persistent frustration.

Despite their emphasis on strength and cardiovascular fitness, these methods felt disconnected from practicality, urging Clayton to seek more purposeful approaches to training.



⚡️Discovering Movement Athlete


“So I found myself really looking for practical applications of fitness, and I started looking for things that involve movement.”

Clayton found himself on a quest for fitness applications rooted in practicality, leading him to explore movement-oriented practices. His curiosity led him to delve into calisthenics, captivated by its emphasis on movement within workouts.

Calisthenics stands as a fitness discipline deeply entrenched in movement, emphasizing exercises that utilize one’s body weight for strength, agility, and flexibility enhancement. At its core, calisthenics is about functional movement patterns—pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, and jumping—in a manner that replicates natural human motions.

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Here’s why calisthenics is considered deeply rooted in movement:

  • ✊ Bodyweight-Centric Exercises: Unlike weightlifting or gym machines, calisthenics relies solely on bodyweight exercises. Push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, and their variations form the foundation, emphasizing movement over external resistance.
  • ✊ Functional Movement Patterns: Calisthenics exercises mimic real-life movements, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously. These movements align with day-to-day activities, enhancing overall functional fitness.
  • ✊ Focus on Mobility and Flexibility: Many calisthenics exercises require a wide range of motion, promoting flexibility and mobility. Movements like leg raises, bridges, and different variations of stretches enhance overall body flexibility.
  • ✊ Adaptability and Progression: Calisthenics offers scalability, allowing individuals to modify exercises based on their fitness levels. Progression occurs naturally by mastering basic movements and gradually advancing to more complex variations.
  • ✊ Enhanced Body Control and Coordination: As calisthenics demands control over one’s body, practitioners develop better coordination, body awareness, and proprioception.
  • ✊ Minimal Equipment, Maximum Results: Calisthenics can be performed virtually anywhere, requiring minimal or no equipment. This accessibility and versatility make it a practical choice for individuals seeking a movement-focused fitness routine.

“And I got really interested in calisthenics, and I started doing searches and I ran across the Movement Athlete program.”

Clayton found Movement Athlete while exploring movement-based fitness alternatives. Intrigued by its emphasis on practical movements applicable to his diver and mariner roles, he was drawn to the program’s focus on balance, inverted positions, flexibility, and mobility.

The Movement Athlete program stands out for its comprehensive approach to developing and enhancing specific elements crucial for functional fitness, including balance, inverted positions, flexibility, and mobility:

Clayton Weis video2



The program integrates exercises and progressions that target balance, focusing on stabilizing muscles and coordination. Through a variety of movements and drills, you can improve proprioception and equilibrium, essential for stability in various physical activities and daily life.


⚡️Inverted Positions


The Movement Athlete incorporates inverted positions, such as handstands and inverted holds, gradually progressing from foundational levels to advanced variations. You can learn to adapt to inverted postures, promoting body awareness, strength, and confidence while upside down, which can be beneficial for certain professions or sports.



Flexibility-enhancing exercises and stretching routines are integrated into the program to improve overall joint mobility and muscle elasticity. The emphasis on flexibility aids in preventing injuries, enhancing range of motion, and promoting better functional movement patterns.



The program incorporates dynamic movements and mobility drills that target various joints and muscle groups, promoting improved functional range of motion. Having better mobility will allow you to move more freely and efficiently in different planes of motion, which is beneficial for both daily activities and specific sports and professions.


⚡️Reasons for joining Movement Athlete


“So I decided to join the Movement Athlete on one side because it seemed to be offering a program where I might be actually learning those practical skills.”

Clayton decided to join the Movement Athlete program for the following significant reasons. Firstly, it offered a pathway to acquire practical skills essential to his professional roles. The program’s emphasis on practical movements aligned directly with the demands of his job as a diver and merchant mariner. It was teaching him progressions that might apply to his job as a diver and as a merchant Mariner.

Moreover, another factor that attracted Clayton was the element of enjoyment and fun inherent in the Movement Athlete Program. It reminded him of the playful nature of activities on jungle gyms or playgrounds from his childhood. The program didn’t feel like a mundane workout routine but rather an engaging and enjoyable experience. This motivated him and made every session feel like an opportunity to explore movement in a joyful and dynamic way.

🔥Program Structure and Approach

“ I really like that although the Movement Athlete might end up teaching a complex movement, it starts with basics and step-by-step works me through a progression that makes sense.”

Clayton appreciates Movement Athlete‘s methodical progression from basics to complex movements, avoiding overwhelming challenges at the outset. He credits the program for enhancing overall health, strength, agility, and mobility, significantly impacting his safety and comfort in various work-related situations.

Progressions in calisthenics are essential for skill development, safety, and continual improvement. They break down complex movements into manageable steps, allowing gradual strength and technique development while minimizing the risk of injury.

Progressions accommodate different fitness levels, fostering a sense of accomplishment and ensuring long-term progress and mastery.

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Moreover, the Movement Athlete program embodies a lifelong training system designed to adapt to each individual’s unique journey toward fitness excellence. Here’s an overview of the core components:

🔥Personalized Training

Through a meticulous assessment, the Movement Athlete crafts a fully personalized training regimen tailored specifically to your current abilities and goals. Each workout is strategically designed to push your limits gradually, introducing new and challenging movements while unlocking increased strength, flexibility, and mobility.

🔥Step-by-Step Progressions

Visualizing progress is key to staying motivated. The Movement Athlete provides a visual representation of your advancements, allowing you to tangibly witness each step towards achieving exceptional fitness levels.

🔥Mastery System

It also provides a clear roadmap for your progression, eliminating confusion and uncertainty. With this, you know precisely when and how to safely level up to the next stage of your fitness journey.

🔥Community Support and Accountability

The Movement Athlete has a supportive community where your milestone is celebrated and every challenge is understood. You can benefit from a network that encourages accountability and provides unwavering support throughout your journey.

🔥Personalized Approach

The Movement Athlete approach begins with a thorough assessment, ensuring your training program aligns perfectly with your unique needs and aspirations.

🔥Simplicity and Clarity

It offers simplicity and clarity to avoid confusion over exercises or repetitions. The Movement Athlete takes care of all the intricacies, allowing you to immerse yourself in the program and witness immediate results.

🔥Total Physique Transformation

With the Movement Athlete, you can experience a comprehensive transformation, sculpting your body into a lean, agile physique akin to that of a gymnast.

The Movement Athlete system isn’t just about workouts; it’s a tailored, supportive, and proven methodology that transforms individuals into their optimal selves.


The 3 Main Benefits and Transformation Clayton Gained from


Reduced Risk of Injury

One of the most notable improvements Clayton noticed was a decrease in injuries. Through the Movement Athlete program’s structured approach and focus on understanding progressions, Clayton gained a clearer understanding of why he was performing certain exercises. This comprehension allowed him to execute movements more effectively, reducing the likelihood of injuries during training.

Enhanced Flexibility and Mobility

Clayton witnessed substantial advancements in his flexibility and mobility. Engaging in calisthenics and Movement Athlete’s targeted exercises gradually expanded his range of motion, enabling him to move more freely and efficiently in various positions. This newfound flexibility greatly benefitted his roles as a diver and a merchant Mariner, where agility and adaptability are crucial.

Improved Balance and Coordination

Despite not considering himself naturally gifted in terms of balance or coordination, Clayton saw remarkable progress in these areas. The program’s tailored exercises and focus on functional movements honed his balance and coordination skills, leading to noticeable enhancements in these metrics. This improvement translated into increased confidence and efficiency in performing tasks that demanded precision and stability.


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🔥Clayton’s transition from conventional fitness methods to calisthenics via the Movement Athlete program showcases a profound shift from a focus on strength and aesthetics to a pursuit of practicality and functional movement.

Embracing calisthenics provided Clay with a holistic approach to fitness, emphasizing bodyweight exercises, movement patterns, flexibility, and mobility. The program’s structured progression and emphasis on practical skills tailored to his diver and mariner roles.

👊 Calisthenics reduced Clayton’s injury risk, enhanced his flexibility and mobility, and significantly improved his balance and coordination. Clayton’s journey highlights the transformative power of calisthenics in achieving not just physical strength but also functional fitness crucial for real-world applications.

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