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Meet Nicholas


Nicholas is a 27 project manager at a research facility. He’s an active guy that trains weightlifting, running and is a semi-professional swimmer. He has a healthy lifestyle.


A friend of his introduced to him calisthenics and he’s immediately hook because of the superhuman gravity defying advanced calisthenics skills. Who wouldn’t be?

“He already had a workout plan that he followed, so I just basically joined in. Since then I’m continuously doing calisthenics and trying out these different workout plans and apps.”

You can tell that calisthenics really got into him and he’s loving the training philosophy and approach. The problem is that he’s no longer progressing with his program. He continued searching for different programs from different sources at platform but to no avail. All of the search lead him to disappointment until he found The Movement Athlete Academy.

Since he trained with The Movement Athlete Academy, he’s now closer in his fitness journey. Not only he’s learning the skills he has always wanted, he got a lot more from the app.

He became stronger, more flexible, mobile, pain and injury-free. He’s no longer looking for any other app and continued with his training with lifetime access.

With The Movement Athlete Academy
by his side, Nicholas is secured in his fitness journey knowing it’s effective, efficient and stress-free.

Here’s Nicholas’ journey:


“It was mostly learning different skills, like front lever, back lever, planche, and whatnot. That was my main goal.”

Nicholas was interested in calisthenics because of the amazing calisthenics skills you can learn. 

“Because they just seem so unrealistic for the human body to achieve. At first, you think because of gravity you won’t be able to do them. Then, in the end, you see all those people doing them and that was just something that really got me.”

These calisthenics skills are truly magnificent and look gravity-defying. Skills are an amazing display of strength, body control, mobility, flexibility, and body awareness. Just imagine the amount of time and effort you need to put in in order to learn a skill. 

That piqued his interest. The next question is how can he learn these skills.

Nicholas first checked out many downloadable program PDFs and other calisthenics apps. Here’s what he thought about them:


Too repetitive

“For me, one thing that I criticize these apps was that you had these structured plans and these workouts, which were they have different timeframes, six weeks or longer or less. Then after you finish those six weeks, it just stopped so you could do the plan again, but there was not really a lot to adjust and to do differently. First professional, but then also very repetitive in a way.”

We’re not discrediting these apps and programs, but as Nicholas said, they have a huge flaw that can slow down your progress. These programs and apps show progressions which is good because you know there is a way for you to improve. But since they are all pre-made programs, progressions are repetitive. They don’t adapt to you.

Being repetitive is not only boring, but it also does not maximize your growth. Each day, there are multiple factors that affect our training and our abilities. The other apps and programs do not take these into consideration and just bombard you with things you “need” to do in order to get stronger and better.

“And then you think, “Okay, all of a sudden I have to do these many reps and so I will try to get to go to these high reps.” And then, obviously, that’s too much for you, so you risk injury.”

The progressions in these programs are added too all of a sudden. These programs don’t consider each individual’s ability to learn, recover and get better.

Nicholas could potentially be injured because of the reps he suddenly needs to do in the next week of training. 

When you try to force yourself doing these higher progressions, too soon, you’ll probably not complete it. This will lead to demotivation then ultimately, quitting your goal.

An increase in training load should be added gradually and depends on the person’s abilities.


“Sometimes, it was just too much…”

‘Do these exercises’ and it didn’t really ask you and if you are actually ready for these kinds of exercises in a way. 

Some of the programs are like unequipped teachers asking you things you can’t really do and don’t know how to do. They lack the proper guidance and care for you.

This is very problematic since your health and body is at stake. Not to mention, time and money which you allotted which will only cause you an injury.


Frustration that may lead to quitting

“…sometimes I use the workout plan for maybe three months. And then I said, “Okay, I want to switch. The workout plan cannot give me what I actually want.”

Another dilemma with other programs and apps is that they do not deliver. In a matter of 3 months (which is relatively short yet ample time for you to know if the program is effective), Nicholas realizes that they do not produce results that Nicholas needs.

This is due to the ineffective program they provide. One-program-fits-all doesn’t work in fitness or even in any other field. Well, it does work but it isn’t the best and will hit a plateau at some point in time. So start strong already.

“That was just super disappointing. I was always on the lookout for other options, other apps, other workout plans that don’t frustrate me that much.”

Nicholas felt that these apps and files aren’t enough. Luckily, he happened to come across The Movement Athlete Academy and from there, his fitness journey evolved.


The trial period

Nicholas  said, “Okay, this one week that I tried the Movement Athlete, it made sense to me, the way how it was structured and the progression and everything.”

The Movement Athlete Academy offers a 7 day trial period. Nicholas took this opportunity and got the feel for the app and the programming.

Once you’ve opened the trial period, you’re already using the app basically as if you’ve already purchased it. Nicholas started with the assessment and set his goals for the app so he can have a clear direction on the 7 days he’ll be using the app.


From one year to lifetime

“I told myself if it’s really worth it and I see that it makes sense to me and also see where I am after one year that this is basically making the decision for me, like my progress in that one year.”

After the 7 day trial, Nicholas took the plunge in The Movement Athlete Academy for a good year. This is a great idea because he can really gauge better if the app really does fit his needs.

And upon finishing a year in his fitness journey, Nicholas decided to take it up a notch and go a lifetime of training with The Movement Athlete Academy.

So what made him do it?


The switch from other apps to

The Movement Athlete


Testing grounds

“What helped me a lot was this one week trial that I could try it out and then make a decision upon that one week that I tried it. That was really helpful and helped me a lot so that I could really test it to its limits. What I can do with it and what I can’t do with it.”

One thing that made Nicholas try the app is the free trial. Of course, paying immediately for access is a risk. Not everyone is comfortable with that risk, so The Movement Athlete lets you feel it’s capabilities first.

Like Nicholas said, the trial period allows you to test what the app can do before testing out what you can do. 

Here’s how Nicholas described the app:

“I would probably describe it as a very intuitive app that gives you a very comprehensive approach to doing fitness. Especially, if you’re into this kind of calisthenics and movement, then it’s probably the app that I would recommend first. I mean, I tried out some apps before and some workout plans, but this is the app that is most comprehensive and that gives you like a very easy approach, step to step guide.”

Nicholas was able to recommend the app especially for beginners in calisthenics and fitness because the app accommodates all levels even those with 0 background in fitness.

the movement athlete calisthenics app

Adapt to your everything

As an app, The Movement Athlete Academy first assesses your current situation and skill level. It also still assesses you as you train and from there, your program is made that’s why Nicholas feels it is intuitive.

Earlier mentioned was the individual differences we all have. This app recognizes and respects our individuality so we can better maximize our fitness journey in a fun way.

After the assessment, The Movement Athlete Academy takes into account your skill level, your time, your energy levels, your mood, and your goal in your training.

In this way, each training session will still be fruitful and fun instead of being forced like doing a chore you hate.


Nothing too much

“What I do feel is that with the other workout plans I had before, they somehow were tiring me. They sometimes were too much for me, and thus did my everyday life and work. I was really where you could say fresh or I was really awake enough some, well because I was still exhausted by the workout I did the other night. And it just feels like, with the Movement Athlete, it’s more like step by step. So you don’t overwhelm yourself with something you actually can do.”

And since the app adjusts to your time and effort, you can do a lot, you won’t feel tired even if you train before or after your work.

You don’t have to bombard yourself with high-intensity exercises, or hours of workout so you can achieve your fitness goal. What it takes is consistency and just enough stimulation depending on the time and effort you can provide.

Naturally, there is a difference in the speed of reaching your goal depending on the time and effort you give. It’s proportional, but let’s be realistic. If you’re not a professional athlete and have work, family, and other responsibilities, you can’t always do a high-intensity workout for 1 and a half hours every other day.

The Movement Athlete app prepares a program based on your current situation and goals so that you can still reach your goal in proper time. No need to rush. This is not a race, anyway.


Unlocking skills

“Doing calisthenics, I obviously also want to achieve those kinds of skills that seemed to be very unrealistic to do with the human body. For example, back lever and front lever and these kinds of things. Obviously, I saw these kinds of skills, exercises on YouTube videos and whatnot. This was basically for me the focus of these kinds of apps. So, I wanted to have tasks that show me how to achieve this certain skill in a very comprehensive way. In a way, especially, that I don’t hurt myself while trying to achieve that skill.”

For Nicholas, his main goal in calisthenics is to unlock the amazing calisthenics skills that he has mentioned. He’s aiming for advanced calisthenic skills which looks like an impossible feat but very achievable even for normies like most of us.

The Movement Athlete app takes the process of learning in a scientific and step-by-step manner. There would be elements that you need to master in order to learn a skill.

Like Nicholas is going through when learning a skill, you’ll need to train for

Strength – You need to be strong to hold and execute these gravity-defying skills
Muscle – Your strength needs to come from somewhere.

Endurance – Doing the skill for 1 rep or for 1 sec isn’t that impressive.
Skill – Technique is very important. Without it, you’re strong and muscles are worthless in executing a skill.

All of these Nicholas gets to train step-by-step safely through progressions.

The use of progressions is the gradual change in intensity, volume, frequency or rest periods as you move towards your goal in your fitness journey.


Progress safely and surely with progressions

“Definitely the progressions. And what I do like is that this algorithm behind it basically adjusts your reps and also the exercises that you’re doing. Because I have this slight tendency to overdo things that I tell myself, “Okay, I have to do like, I don’t know, 10 reps or something,” and then it’s actually these 10 reps too much that tire me down, that exhausts me. I mean it’s okay to be exhausted, but it’s just too much. Then, obviously, me not finding the right place to stop or the right reps to stop with, of course, I also risk injuring myself, which I had problems before with. And so, I don’t really feel that with your app, because it actually tells me when to stop, and then I also feel like, ‘It’s okay to go here and not go further’.

Nicholas’ training with The Movement Athlete Academy allows him to not worry about his program. He is comfortable and trusts that his program can guide him to his goal safely and surely. This is done by the adaptive programming that provides him progressions that is specific for himself.

He’ll get stronger and better with his skill work while staying injury-free.


Benefits Nicholas gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Stress-free workouts

“I think the schedule that you can actually choose the days that you are working out beforehand is actually your very great feature.”

We’ve talked earlier about the adaptability and full customizability of the app. Nicholas loves the stress-free workout he has been achieving due to those features.

No longer Nicholas has to adjust his whole life on a program he bought on the internet. He no longer needs to force his workout that makes him feel frustrated all the time. 

He now has the luxury of building a workout around his schedule and building a habit out that. And as emphasized earlier on, you can customize your workouts depending on your goals, too. You can change in the long run or even for just the day so you can make progress in areas that matters most for you. Of course, the app adjusts accordingly so you can still train a full-balanced body.

“But also, already being able to delete certain equipment is already a good feature because that’s how you can adjust your workout a bit. So I think that’s also really good.”

If you’re worried about the equipment needed, don’t fret. Calisthenics needs minimal equipment. You can also use your environment as equipment if you’re not comfortable buying one. If you’re still out of luck, The Movement Athlete, since it’s fully customizable, can adjust your workouts depending on your available equipment.

Nicholas enjoys it very much. Sometimes, he’s on the road and he’ll train in a different environment. You really can’t say what’s going to be available for you when you’re on the road so the app adjusts to exactly that: what you can only make use of. You don’t have to worry about anything.

There’s also no need to look for a gym if you can’t find one. You train in your hotel room, in the park, or even in your garage.

The adaptability and customizability push you further in your fitness journey without having to worry about the other factors that traditional programming and apps can bring upon you.

Pain and injury-free

“What I also liked was that it also focused on flexibility and also the stretches you do after you work out. That’s also what I really liked.”

Strength and muscle are the focus of most programs and apps. What Nicholas also loves about The Movement Athlete Academy is the focus on an overall-balanced and healthy body. This means covering all aspects of fitness including flexibility and mobility.

There are a lot of injuries caused by limited range of motion of an individual. It’s quite hilarious and sad to think that you’ll get injured because you can’t bend over to pick up the morning newspaper or squat deep enough to tie your shoelaces. 

When it comes to joint pains and muscle aches, mobility and flexibility exercises also help you alleviate them. These exercises stretch and strengthen the joints and muscles in pain so they get move in full motion and out of pain.

Mobility and flexibility play an important role, not only in calisthenics and in sports, but also in our everyday lives. So whether you like it or not, when you train with The Movement Athlete Academy, you’ll get to train your mobility and flexibility; leaving you pain and injury-free.

Wrapping it up, there are numerous benefits Nicholas experienced by training with calisthenics and The Movement Athlete Academy. He has gained strength and on his way to learning advanced calisthenics skills. He has also now gotten more mobile and flexible because of the program. 

Physical fitness gains are just some of the benefits. He is now also working out in a stress-free platform and environment, keeping him consistent, motivated and healthy throughout the years. And when I said being healthy, I mean having freedom from pain and injury

Final Advice

You don’t have anything to lose

Nicholas loves training with The Movement Athlete Academy. He has already recommended it to friends and family.

“I already recommended doing Movement Athlete to a few people that I know.”

And for those who are still skeptical in trying (maybe you still are), he said,

“…you basically don’t have anything to lose because you can try it first for a week for free and then see if you like it or if you don’t like it and then base your decision on that.”

Let the app do the talking instead so you can really get to feel what it’s like.

Nicholas added,

“But I can just tell them that so far the progress that I made, observing for my own, it was definitely worth it to buy it. That it really gives you, as I said in the beginning, a very comprehensive approach to achieving those different movements and building your own body or the body that you want.”

If you want to stay strong, healthy, and pain-free, give The Movement Athlete Academy a try. As Nicholas said, you have nothing to lose.



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