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Meet Jermaine


👊37-year-old NASM certified trainer, Jermaine, has been looking for other approaches to improve his fitness level and share new knowledge with his clients.

What he found is an old training method that is now applied through a revolutionary approach: bodyweight training, AKA calisthenics, via The Movement Athlete app.


Jermaine Quotes

This is the story of Jermaine – The Movement Athlete


😱Looking to improve clients’ life

“I figured outside of the normal pull-ups that I was doing and dips and things like that, this should be something I should try. Having a background with [NASM] as a trainer, I feel like this is something I definitely should add to my repertoire as far as being able to give to my clients.“

Jermaine isn’t going just going to train with calisthenics for himself. He intended to learn and study this resistance training method so he could help his clients.

✨Jermaine is a certified trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a well-respected  institution providing certifications and education for those passionate about teaching and providing fitness-related services. So you’ll know that Jermaine is coming from a place of authority as well!

“I decided to join TMA because when I looked at the programs, the two that I thought would work best for me would be TMA or another one.”

When Jermaine was looking for an app, there were two programs that he was actually thinking of for his bodyweight training regimen. But between the two, TMA was his first choice because of how the app made everything complex about bodyweight training simple and easy to follow.

👍As a personal trainer, Jermaine felt that he also has someone coaching him in his training. All he has to do is do the training itself and doesn’t need to readjust anything that can be inconvenient when you just want to get into the grind. 

“I felt that TMA having an app would be more conducive to how I like to work.”

Let’s discuss more in detail why Jermaine felt that TMA had the upper hand over all other calisthenics programs. 


🎯Full Personalization & Adaptiveness

“And it was all self-efficient, and it gave me the ability to go into it at my pace and specialize in what I need to specialize in or was looking to specialize in.”

In order to give the best possible workout program, The Movement Athlete app provides a fully personalized experience. Jermaine’s program is based on exactly what he wants to achieve, his needs, and his current skill level. 

The TMA app isn’t your cookie-cutter workout with beginner-intermediate-advanced levels. We’ve recognized that there is a huge inherent mistake in the old, traditional programs: they don’t consider people’s differences.


Not everyone is the same. Likewise, not every beginner is the same. Having a single program for all beginners (or each level) is highly problematic since the training program does not consider individual weaknesses and strengths. This can lead to two things:

  • Lack of progress – The program might be too easy for the individual or too difficult that the minimum training volume to develop growth can’t be achieved.
  • Injury or movement dysfunction – When the program is too difficult, your body could compensate with a bad form, increasing the probability of injuries. Calisthenics can heal the body, but there’s still the risk if you don’t implement it smartly.

Through a personalized training program, Jermaine keeps the progress continuous in a safe manner. Having also a program that combines well with his lifestyle allows for a sustainable journey without the risk of overtraining and inconsistency.



The TMA app pushes the boundaries of personalization by providing an adaptive program that adjusts based on Jermaine’s energy levels, mood, and capacity to train. The principle is based on auto-regulation, which means the program adjusts based on the current situation and the previous sessions. 

Having this level of adaptiveness maintains progress in the long run without encountering the risks of overtraining or overfatigue. 

Managing training intensity and training volume is often overlooked in the long run. The “go hard or go home” mentality is outdated and unsustainable for everyone. Keeping your training adaptive to your specific circumstance is the key to longevity and consistent training. It also keeps workouts fun and not grueling all the time!

This is why Jermaine has been able to train consistently with The Movement Athlete for two years now!

Jermaine Case Study

🔥Comprehensive and detailed

“[The] ability to go back and just make sure everything is correct as it needs to be for you to be represented for your future program. I think it’s great.”

And since the program is basing also on previous workout sessions, the workouts make sure that Jermaine has fully mastered a movement pattern before progressing to the next progression.

✊People are hungry for progress. While it’s not bad to strive for growth, sometimes, it can cause us to be hyperfocused on pushing too much. This often results in burning out physically, mentally, and emotionally from our training. When this happens, people tend to stop working out, causing a loss of progress. 

Instead, The Movement Athlete app focuses on gradual, comprehensive growth by slowly introducing progressive overload. This is also when the adaptive component comes into play by tweaking training factors in minimal increments. A 1% growth might seem small, but it’s actually huge in the long run. And progress is progress, no matter how small it is.

💥Long-term continuous growth

“It’s been working really well since then. It’s almost two years in, and I’ve enjoyed the journey.”

Here is the effect of autoregulation and the personalized approach. Long-term growth is also achievable through consistent training. Consistency really is the key. 

Our bodies don’t adapt to an 8-week program for the long run. This is why the TMA program is developed in the long run. Fitness is a lifetime journey and doesn’t stop after an X number of weeks, months, or even years.

🙌Everything you need

“I think it’s everything that you need in order not only to start calisthenics but to progress and ultimately be an amazing Calisthenics athlete.”

As mentioned earlier, the TMA app is like personal coaching providing every detail to progress. It already covers everything Jermaine needs, so the burden of adjusting the program is no longer on him. ‘

Most people just want to get started without reading a plethora of information. While additional knowledge can further help training, a convenient training program that you can already begin with right from the bat is convenient in everyday life. 

💯TMA app growth

“Within the last couple of weeks or so, you have a new interface, and I think it’s a lot more user-friendly than it used to be.  I noticed [TMA[ have been consistently upgrading the app recently.”

As Jermaine progresses in his training, The Movement Athlete app progresses. The only thing constant is change, so we also push to improve the app every chance we get continually.

The TMA app improvements are based on the users’ feedback. We focus on The Movement Athletes and not just solely on the app itself, so expect better experience and content as the years go by!

And now, here are the amazing benefits Jermaine gets to enjoy after training for two years with the app. 

Benefits Jermaine now enjoys after training with

The Movement Athlete

Better, stronger joints even before

“The Movement Athlete has helped me rehab a lot of my joint issues. My body feels as good as it did, if not better when I was in my late teens, early 20s.”

Joint preparation is often undervalued in most training programs. The commonly featured goal is building strength and muscle. That’s great, but strength and muscle development might be limited if joints are not prepared to handle the load, especially in a full range of motion.

This is why The Movement Athlete app focuses on joint prehab and rehabilitation. Stronger joints open up the potential for more strength and muscle gains in a safer manner which Jermaine now gets to experience.

Better daily movement

There is no replacement for the joint activity, the rehabilitation that you can get from this, and just the functionality. I feel like absolute strength has its place, especially if you’re an elite athlete, but relative strength will always trump your functional need on a day-to-day basis.”

Speaking of better joints, this also translated in training performance and Jermaine’s everyday movements. Moving freely, without restriction or pain, is essential for daily living.

No strength loss and an even better physique

“Right now, I still feel just as strong, which is interesting. I’ve gone in and actually done some weight lifting recently, and I found that none of my strength has fallen off, although I have consistently lost weight, as in inches off of my body, which I love.” 

Bodyweight training is still a form of resistance training. This means that the result often leads to strength and muscular gains. Even though Jermaine hasn’t lifted weights for quite some time, he has retained his strength levels while building more muscle and losing fat simultaneously!

Of course, nutrition (& recovery) plays a crucial role in maintaining an excellent physique, but calisthenics is still a factor in facilitating aesthetic progress.


Even already having good credentials and experience as a trainer, Jermaine looks for new ways to improve his training approach further for him and for his clients. He found that the best training program to learn the calisthenics ways is through The Movement Athlete. Now, he enjoys the benefits of adaptive and personalized training: 

  • ✅ Better joints for performance and daily tasks
  • ✅ Retained strength and muscle gains 
  • ✅ Improved physique

All of this is attained for long-term success safely and conveniently.


📌Final words from Jermaine

“I would tell somebody if they were on the sales page that this could improve your life. This is something that I have decided, regardless of whether I go back into weight lifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, or whatever calisthenics will always be now a part of my routine.”

Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to improve your body. It’s not only about physical appearance; having a healthy body will help you achieve a healthier and happier life. 

Calisthenics is movement. Our bodies are meant to move, so keep on moving.

🏆To enjoy the TMA app, you don’t have to be a personal trainer like Jermaine. Like we always say, calisthenics is for everyone. The TMA app is also for everyone, every level, any age, any gender, and any goals you would like to achieve with calisthenics training.

If you want to get started with your personalized and adaptive bodyweight 🤸workouts, begin your journey with a training assessment to get a program that’s based on YOU.




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