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🌟Meet Iris. She was born and raised in Hawaii but is now an English teacher in South Korea.

As an athlete🏃 during her years at the university, Iris didn’t enjoy the injuries she experienced. Who would?! 



But sometimes, these injuries can affect your mental state and perspective in movement. It can deter you from moving again to a higher degree. It can stop you from pushing your body to get better, stronger, and more capable of movement.

🤜However, Iris overcame this issue because The Movement Athlete introduced her to a new way of approaching fitness. She now knows how to move in a safer manner and build a foundation of strength and mobility that will allow her to progress her fitness level without any concerns.

If you want to learn more about her story, read on!👇

I’ve experienced injuries in the past, being an athlete, College athlete in the past, and it’s not fun!

🏆 Iris’ started early in gold during her formative years. This was her focus, so most of her conditioning and activities revolved around improving her sport. She continued her sport during high school and even joined her college gold team.

Unfortunately, golf still risks injuries.s. Research shows that there are risks to your shoulders, spine, hands, wrists, and especially the elbows, AKA golfer’s elbows. And even though she gained more knowledge regarding safety, she still got injured during her golfing journey.

While I was in College, I actually had some gymnast classmates, and what I saw was incredible what they could do with their bodies with such form, precision, and strength.

Because Iris had most of the physical activities around golf, her movement was quite specialized, and she did not experience other movement patterns that could unlock her body’s potential. 

She had the physicalities that her gymnast friend could do and was amazed at what the human body is capable of. 🤸

Of course, right from the start, she understood that these types of movements were only possible if she took time and worked on the foundational exercises that could eventually lead to that level of strength and skill.

Now, she’s looking for a better way to prepare her body to avoid injury while also improving her physical fitness to enjoy different types of movement besides golf.

I went shopping online for some bodyweight programs and did quite a few. But the thing is that they were mostly or all one, two, or three-month programs.

✊Iris is smart. She knew that fitness is a life-long journey, so she got frustrated with a quick search on the internet for the best bodyweight training programs. Most of the programs she found only lasted for months, but she intended to train with calisthenics in the long run.

On top of that, any fitness regimen doesn’t provide any long-lasting results if you’re only going to train with it for a couple of months or even a couple of years, Training should be consistent throughout the lifetime to achieve continuous progress in fitness and function.

I just didn’t have a sure purpose of where to go or how to proceed.

🔎Another issue Iris has with her previous calisthenics programs is the direction. Sure, there were instructions to increase the rep, add more exercises, change the body angle, and repeat the program, but Iris didn’t know how to implement all of that multiple factors into her training. 

It wasn’t convenient, and she would still do all the work herself instead of just heading into training.

Instead of seeing it as just a few months program, I saw it as a lifetime program. That’s why I decided to join TMA.

After searching around the 🧐 internet, high and low, she finally found out about the gaming-changing The Movement Athlete app. She knew she had found the one app that would help her, and it was something different because of TMA’s lifetime approach toward fitness.

Here’s what she experienced with the app.

It progressed with me and moved with my skills and abilities.

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The Movement Athlete app is a revolutionary bodyweight training program combining a personalized touch and an adaptive training structure.

Let’s dig into this even deeper.


The only way to keep making progress in calisthenics is through progressive calisthenics. This means making each training session more challenging than the previous one so that your body can adapt to the new stimulus without getting stuck at a certain level.

Actually, the previous programs Iris did provide the principles to stay progressive. The main difference between the TMA and the rest is that Iris no longer needs to think about how to manipulate these factors. The app does everything for her so that all she has to do is show up and do the workout.


“And I like that I can rate my ability and that it adapts to my skills and abilities, too.”

The Movement Athlete takes the personalization of the programs to the next level through an adaptive training structure.

In reality, progress is not linear, and there will be days when your energy levels are down. This means your training performance might not be as optimal as you want it to be. It’s just part of life since many other factors can drain your mental and physical energy from you. Not unless you’re a high-level competing athlete, you don’t need to push your body to the limit every training session. 

This is when the adaptive training style comes in by implementing the principle of auto-regulation. Auto-regulation is the adjustments made by the powerful AI to the training program to suit your current skill level, mood, and energy based on your current and previous training sessions. 

Auto-regulation keeps your training enjoyable and sustainable in the long run. Without this principle in the training program, you will encounter a higher risk of overtraining, overfatigue, or, even worse, injuries. 

Now, Iris gets to train with an adaptive and personalized approach to calisthenics thanks to The Movement Athlete app. 

🏋️‍♂️Tracking Your Progress

Iris’s training progress is translated in a gamified fashion so she can see how far she is from mastering an exercise. This allows her to know exactly where she is in her training and shows that she’s making progress in her efforts.

Tracking progress is crucial for success. Not only it’s motivating to see your own progress, but it also keeps you accountable if you’re actually doing any work.

The gamified progress tracker also keeps your workout fun, as you always have something to look forward to unlocking. Iris is just like training to unlock new levels in a game, but the rewards translate to amazing life-long benefits!

“I noticed I was getting stronger. I was able to do isometric exercises longer with better form.”’

First and foremost, calisthenics’ goal is to build muscle and strength. By combining the progressive and adaptive nature of the TMA programming, Iris got noticeable strength gains in her training. 

Our body is powerful. It can slowly adapt to the stimulus (such as calisthenics training) we subject it to. By staying progressive with the training, the body can adapt by developing more strength to accommodate new challenges.

Certainly, strength reflects in training as Iris can see visible changes in form and capacity to train, but it can also reflect in everyday life by making daily tasks much easier than before!

“One thing that surprised me was that I was starting to get more flexible, and that was always kind of my weakness flexibility. So when I started to see I was getting more flexible, It excited me.

Iris’ flexibility improved as a result of TMA training, a shocking result for her but expected out of the TMA app. TMA includes specialized and general flexibility training in the routine to improve mobility further.

Let’s briefly distinguish mobility and flexibility.  Flexibility refers to the passive range of motion. This means pushing your joints and muscles to the end range with the help of gravity, a wall, weights, or yourself. Mobility refers to the active range of motion. This is the manifestation of strength and control within a given range. Both are equally important if you want to improve your performance in different activities and your general health.

Regardless if your flexibility and mobility are weak, TMA puts emphasis on these attributes because we know how crucial it is for movement.


Benefits Iris Now Enjoys Thanks to The Movement Athlete

Results in a holistic fashion

“Not only does it help me to progress towards my strength goals, but it lays all the foundation for me.”

The adaptive and progressive calisthenics approach provides realistic, tangible results. But in TMA, we know that strength is just one factor for a healthy body. We also cover multiple crucial elements such as mobility, flexibility, endurance, body control, and muscle development through calisthenics exercises and skill training.

These results manifest in Iris’ training sessions and her everyday life. She can now move freely and independently without worrying about injuries and movement restrictions. Since training with The Movement Athlete, daily tasks have never been so much easier. She’s now able to LIVE life every day.

Convenient training, like with her own coach

“[TMA] takes the guesswork out for me. It gives me precisely what to do, how to do it, and how many reps to do.”

The TMA acts as her own coach with a tap on her mobile device. She gets everything she needs and doesn’t need anything else but to do the workout itself! This is also great for those with a very busy schedule and who just need something to guide them through the workout.

Detailed guidance

“I really appreciate the program and the videos on doing certain exercises with cues. I really appreciate that because I like to be more technical, and I like the details, and that’s the kind of person I am. So I like all the details, the little details that they put into it.”

Details are a game changer. As we mentioned before, the app acts like Iris’ very one personal mobile coach that she can carry anywhere she goes. As a coach, TMA provides detailed explanations of executing movements that can make or break your progress.

 While no universal techniques are optimal for everyone, following strict general guidelines of an exercise helps improve progress and keep the exercise minimal risks.


Amazing support

They help you every step of the way, and they help you with the queues. They have great customer support. From my experience, they respond pretty immediately.”

A great program can get you hooked, but great support and community can help you stay. To complete Iris’ personalized experience, The Movement Athlete takes it up a notch by providing a solid customer support to provide any assistance for any concerns and inquiries.


From training random bodyweight training programs, Iris now enjoys the true benefits of calisthenics training thanks to the personalized and adaptive approach of The Movement Athlete. Now, Iris enjoys:

  • ✅ Sustainable & effective long-term results
  • ✅ Strength, mobility, and flexibility for everyday life and performance
  • ✅ Convenient training without any hassle
  • ✅ More confident movement without worrying about injuries

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🔥Final Words from Iris

I would say go for it. You really have nothing to lose. They have a great program, A great refund policy, Which I highly doubt you’ll need to use. But trust me, I’ve tried numerous bodyweight programs and The Movement Athlete. It’s like your own life coach in your hands that is guiding you every step of the way to help you reach your goals, your strength goals, whatever goals you have, your fitness goals.

If you’re still hesitating, you can enjoy the program and see the results for yourself through the excellent refund policy TMA offers. You can test out the full access and features without fully committing to the purchase. This way, you can decide for yourself before becoming a full Movement Athlete.

But as Iris said, she had already tried a handful of programs, and nothing comes close to what TMA can deliver.

The thing is, really, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.”

🤜Begin your personalized and adaptive journey with an assessment to identify the exact starting point of your calisthenics journey.




Start your life-changing journey with calisthenics and get lean, strong and mobile while unlocking and mastering over 100 new gymnastics & calisthenics skills.

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