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This is the story of Eric Baker – The Movement Athlete

Eric isn’t new in the fitness realm. He

has been working out for the past 11

years so you can expect he’s already

an advanced athlete in terms of

strength and muscle.

But he wants more from his training.

🤜 It isn’t only about strength and muscle anymore. 

Even with his training experience of over a decade, he knows he can still grow stronger, gain muscle and (Here’s the more important part), move better and more flexible.

He is now improving these different (and equally important) aspects of fitness through calisthenics.  🏆

And now that he has discovered The Movement Athlete, his life and fitness journey will only get better and better.




“I want to move better and be more flexible…” 👊

Eric has been working out in the gym for already 11 years. He already built substantial strength and managed to put on muscle, but there would always be a downside on focusing on your traditional gym workouts.

There’s really no denying the potential of weight training for building strength and muscle but there’s more to life to getting stronger and packing on lean mass.

Eric realized that moving better and getting more flexible translates to better quality of life. He gets to improve his athletic performance and daily simple movements that are usually taken for granted.


“I am interested in calisthenics!”🤸‍♀️

While aiming to improve flexibility and movement quality, Eric doesn’t want to lose his strength and muscle gains. Actually, he still wants to further improve it (who wouldn’t want that!).

He also wants to gain more muscle control which isn’t easily attained through regular strength 💪 and muscle building routines.

After some research and testing, he found his solution that quenched his thirst for fitness improvement: calisthenics!


“I wanted something dynamic 🔥 enough to actually

help me move forward…”

It’s clear in his mind. Calisthenics is the answer. 💪

Building strength and muscle to general calisthenics exercises. Improving flexibility and mobility through dynamic and static stretches. Improving muscle control and movement quality through calisthenics skill work.

The next question for him is which calisthenics program would provide a dynamic routine that can help him in his fitness journey.

And to help him move forward, he’s ecstatic that he found The Movement Athlete.


“The design is Grand!”💃

First thing he noticed with the app is the amazing quality of design of the interface.

It looks professional and grand but direct and simple for him to easily use. Since you really do not need anything flashy for a workout app. All you need is for it to be able to make you work for your gains that you deserve.


“It is dynamic!”⚡️

Aside from the awesome design, Eric also noticed the program being dynamic.

The dynamic nature of the app is from its ability to adapt to the user’s needs, goals and lifestyle.

Eric, now training with The Movement Athlete app, maximizes his gains with a structured program that adapts immediately to his current capability. 

The app trains you progressively and immediately adapts as you get stronger, more flexible and mobile. This is because it is anchored in the concept of auto-regulation which you can read in this article.


Benefits Eric gained from joining The Movement Athlete

✅ All you have to do is do the workout

“[The app] incorporates skill building and strength work into the workout itself so people can just do the workout.”

After the initial assessment and goal setting, a powerful artificial intelligence constantly generates and adapts a workout routine for Eric. There’s no need to worry about what to work on when training with The Movement Athlete.

The app does everything for you.

Well… Almost everything, because you still need to do the actual workout!

✅ Better overall quality of life

Once you train with calisthenics and The Movement Athlete, every attribute of fitness will be given attention to. This translates to improved quality of movement inside and outside of training.

Your everyday movements as simple as picking up an item off the floor or reaching items on the top shelf balancing yourself on the chair will be easy and safe.

Remember that calisthenics trains strength, muscle, balance, endurance, mobility, flexibility, coordination and muscle control.

👉👉 Everything became so much easier when Eric trained with The Movement Athlete. He no longer thinks about his workout because the program is meticulously built already for him resulting in an overall improvement in movement and life.

Eric absolutely loves The Movement Athlete.

the movement athlete calisthenics app

When we asked him if he would recommend the app to his friends, he simply answered:

“Yes, because it rocks.” 🤘

I think that says a lot considering it’s an app that makes you work.

Here’s Eric’s advice for those you are just starting out (and could apply to some of the more experienced athletes, too),

☝️ “Take it slow, fitness is a journey not a destination”

We sometimes forget that we cannot rush the process and fitness isn’t only a 2 or 4 week routine then we’ll immediately see the results that we are looking for.

That’s why in The Movement Athlete, we focus on the long-term goals for the lifetime benefits.


Do you want to be fit from this point onwards?

Become a Movement Athlete!





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