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The Front lever  is truly a gravity-defying feat. 

Who would have thought that people could train their bodies to hold such a difficult and mesmerizing position?🤔


Aside from mastering a skill that makes you effortlessly lying on mid-air and wow-ing everyone at the park, you’ll gain massive strength benefits to your muscles mentioned above

But more importantly, training the front lever is a humbling experience. You’ll see and feel a different side of calisthenics: a very difficult, yet rewarding side.

Mastering a calisthenics skill is just one aspect of fitness. What you experience and learn from the journey is what that truly matters.  



💪Here are the Benefits of training

towards the Front lever:

This Calisthenic Exercise Gives Awesome Body Benefits!

Don’t believe us? Head over to The Movement Athlete, and see the benefits for yourself! Working on a front lever DOES have amazing benefits



By doing the front lever, your entire torso functions collectively, rather than twisting and collapsing under pressure. You also build exceptional strength in the back muscles, such as the lats, rhomboids, and spinal erectors. The abs benefit from this too! In fact, it’s one of the most effective ab workouts! If you’re planning to get on with an ab training to be all hot for summer, this is the right exercise.



Holding a static position requires more body control compared to other popular exercises. In doing so, you need to pay close attention to your body position in space. Body and mind coordination is key to perfecting the skill! Only through practice with this front lever calisthenics exercise will you become the strongest you can be!



A front lever is always a good tricep exercise that works the long head isometrically without putting a significant amount of stress on the elbows. Remember, if your triceps are failing, it’s probably because its long head lacks sufficient strength.



As it is static, the front lever requires a planned progression that starts from a manageable position; then moves to a more difficult one, improving your muscle endurance. You see, it’s all about the leverage here! Calisthenics has a way of mainly decreasing the hold over time.



Leveraging your body with straight arms utilizes the shoulder muscles to a large degree. Your body will recruit the smaller stabilizing muscles in the shoulder girdle in order to keep the scapula in the proper position to facilitate the movement. Any bending of the arms in a lever movement will transfer some portion of the load to the upper arm muscles, therefore, decreasing the work the shoulders are required to perform. This kind of strength training will transform your shoulders into a solid rack upon which weight can safely be borne, whether it be internal or external.



Your front lever repetition only counts when you’re doing it in proper form. And to do the proper form, you must have your arms completely straight. Front lever is an excellent exercise to develop more straight-arm strength that’s very much translatable to other straight-arm exercises such as the handstand, planche, back lever and other variations Wouldn’t it be great to master all these calisthenics exercises?

Can Doing A Front Lever Improve My

Strength? 💪💪💪

It’s one of the top bodyweight exercises for a good reason! It’s the ultimate display of straight-arm pulling prowess, challenging your body to such an extreme skill!

Holding your entire body face-up, straight, and outstretched gives you all the strength you need for your lats, arms, delts, chest and abs.


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