How to workout duirng the corona virus

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To this day, many people still view calisthenics consists only of pushups, pullups, dips, and sit-ups. 

👉 This is completely wrong.

✅ There is a wide selection of exercises you can choose from for your workout. There are also skill-based exercises that build you strength and muscles, as well as excellent body control and coordination.

One of the sought after skills in calisthenics is the front lever.



Front lever is a strength skill work in calisthenics which is based on gymnastics

Performed on the rings or bars (or virtually anywhere stable you can hang on to once you get it), it’s executed by holding a strong, straight bodyline fully horizontal and parallel to the ground facing upwards to the sky. Your arms should be straight holding the complete your full bodyweight. To enter the skill, you can lift your body straight to a front lever from a dead hang or start from an inverted hanging position then descend to the lever. 

You’re seemingly lying straight flat in mid-air as if it’s your bed.

In gymnastics, this skill is rated A in the sport’s difficulty rating of moves. Mind you that it’s A to F where F is the most difficult.  

Wow! So is it that easy to learn?

No. Remember that gymnasts are elite world-class athletes that’s why they can do it in their sleep. They probably sleep while doing a front lever.

But for us regular folk aiming to learn this skill, it would be a journey and still possible to learn. It would be difficult since we’re not trained to do these movements since our childhood. 

It’s still an advanced skill!

Good thing we’ll provide you with an effective and efficient way to progress towards learning the front lever. And trust me, learning this skill is worth it. 

Is it really that hard to do? 🤔🤔🤔

It requires a great amount of core, straight-arm and back strength to hold this static hold exercise.

Yes, it requires strength. But don’t expect to learn the skill by doing hundreds and thousands of push-ups. 

It requires tremendous strength 💪 but it’s also a skill. You’ll need to go through a proper progression in order to fully master the front lever.

Also, the skill is a leverage exercise. This means that weight is not the only factor affecting your performance. Height also affects the difficulty. 

Don’t fret, ladies and gentlemen. This does not mean that if you’re tall and heavier, you’ll never learn the front lever.

This only means that it might be a bit more challenging to learn, but still possible. So your height is not an excuse from learning this skill. No excuses

Like with anything you do in life, just take your time, put in the effort then you’ll achieve the proportional reward. 🏆🏆🏆

Before trying the front lever, check out the Front lever muscles used and requirements to be able to proceed safely and progress faster.


front lever training plan


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