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Karel has no particular background in fitness. He wasn’t doing any heavy sports or doing any weight lifting. However, at the early age of 27-years old, he got into a serious accident due to his passion for motorbikes.


He was unable to use his arm for quite some time, but he is still persistent to be able to move freely even after his serious injury.🤕



Weightlifting is no longer an option for him, but he soon found a better solution for him to regain his movement while improving his body. This is through calisthenics.

Read on to learn more about his story. 👇



👊Calisthenics for recovery



“I have some still some trouble with my nerves so it is not a wise idea to lift weights.”

After the motorbike injury, Karel was unable to move his arms normally. Lifting weights is too dangerous because of the uncontrolled external weight that can further exacerbate his injuries.

Good thing he quickly thought of calisthenics as an alternative.

Calisthenics is an excellent option to strengthen the body while recovering from injury. In fact, calisthenics can be used to treat the injuries themselves.

Bodyweight movements are natural movements because they mimic how our bodies should move. Our bodies should move in unison, utilizing every part to generate force and stabilise the whole body.

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In addition, calisthenics is less stressful on the joints because you’re only using your body weight. There are no external weights such as dumbbells or barbells. You can adjust your body to adjust the intensity of a movement. This is the principle of progressive calisthenics which Karel is now enjoying the benefits from training with the approach.



💯Not All Calisthenics is Created Equal



“… I said, I was a beginner. But what was worse, I had an injury so I really had to start from scratch and actually that’s what I found in The Movement Athlete.”


Karel was determined to pursue calisthenics to build up his strength once again. However, he realised that not all calisthenics training is the same.

He was very eager to begin his workout and search on Youtube and other websites for various options for his training. 

He first determined his current condition. Karel pinpoints two things:

  1. ✔️He’s a complete beginner so he needed to start from the very beginning of a calisthenics training that’s meant actually for beginners.
  2. ✔️He’s still recovering from his injuries with specialised consulations. So he needed to take that into account.

After a comprehensive search on the internet, he found exactly what he needs in The Movement Athlete.


the movement athlete calisthenics app

🏃Holistic Development


“I strengthen the whole body and not just overtrain some stuff like chest, arms, the usual stuff which the guys would like to work out on. But I also get a good portion of the legs and mobility.”


Karel was able to build up his strength not only for his weakened arm but for the rest of the body as well.

The Movement Athlete app focuses on building a whole, balanced, body. No muscle groups are left behind. 

Aside from that, Karel’s training also included various fitness attributes and not only strength. He also got to improve his muscles, endurance, and his mobility which is perfect for the real world. 

Training with weights can get you muscular and strong. There’s no doubt about that. However, focusing too much on weight lifting can get you tunnel-visioned in strength and muscle.

In the real world, you’re not defined only by those two attributes. So the calisthenics approach The Movement Athlete provides offers everything Karel needs to move freely and free from any aches and pains.


🏋️‍♂️Training Variety

“They are still improving the workouts and I really like that the workouts are not the same.”


Karel gets his holistic improvement through a variety of training. This also keeps his training fun and exciting which makes him more consistent with training.

As we all know, the key to success is consistency. Even if you train hard, if you’re not consistent enough, you will not get meaningful results.

While keeping the variety for Karel’s training, The Movement Athlete still accounts that every exercise he’s working on is headed towards the development of his calisthenics fundamentals.

Working on the fundamentals helps build a solid foundation of strength, mobility, endurance, and muscle. This makes his progress a lot faster.



🔥Personalized Workouts


“You will set when you want to work out for how long you can work out, what equipment do you have in your house? And don’t be worried, you have probably more than you can imagine.”


Speaking of progress, Karel was able to progress quickly because of the personalised approach to his training.

Karel needed to start his journey as a complete beginner plus his injuries. So the training he got from the powerful AI of The Movement Athlete was personalised, especially for him.

His training exercises suited his skill level and current condition.



🌟Adaptive Approach


In addition to personalisation, TMA offers an adaptive approach to calisthenics training. This is thanks to the power of auto-regulation.

Auto-regulation simply means that the program adapts to Karel’s current capacity to train based on his previous workouts and based on what he’s feeling during the session.

Let’s face it. We can’t always give 101% to our workout. We can get drained emotionally, mentally, and physically with our other responsibilities in life.

The adaptive training program considers Karel’s energy levels and mood in his training session so he can still make meaningful progress even if he’s not feeling his best in his workout.

This adaptive approach keeps the training sustainable in the long run. Giving your everything in every workout can be draining which usually results in overtraining or worse, injuries. But since the The Movement Athlete app adjusts the workouts, Karel progressively trains without the risk of burning out too soon.

In each training session, there is progress no matter how small it is. Progress is Progress.



Workout Anywhere, Any Time


“I also tried weightlifting after a while. Actually, it worked pretty well because I strengthened the weak muscles after the injury with the calisthenics but I got back to the calisthenics because I simply like the fact that you can do it anywhere.”


The truth is weightlifting is also great for building up lost strength after an injury. Research supports this granted that the training protocols are well implemented.

However, Karel travels a lot because of the nature of his work. And because of that, it’s too difficult to get a workout with weights.

One of the advantages of calisthenics is the training equipment. He doesn’t need anything specific. He only needs to input in the app what he has and he can already get a workout that’s perfect for his setup.

In addition, he also bought a pair of gymnastics rings so he can optimize his workouts.

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Benefits Karel Now Enjoys Thanks to Training with The

Movement Athlete & Calisthenics



Convenient Training

“I like the fact that I don’t have to care and it takes care of everything.”

The key to consistency is that you enjoy your training, and you’re continuously promoting progressive overload. While it seems simple, the latter can be overwhelming and confusing to setup.

But with the TMA app, Karel just needs to tap his phone and open the app. After that, he just has to do the work. Nothing else is needed.

The Movement Athlete app keeps things everything simple for him so he can focus on his workout and keep enjoying his gains.

Every Question Answered

“What I like the most about the program I pretty much answered that question with an explanation.”


Fitness has a lot of various topics and controversies surrounding it. It can be overwhelming. The Movement Athlete helps you understand fitness and health better by answering every question you can think of.

Karel enjoys and gains so much from understanding how prioritizing movement promotes longevity for his body and mind.

TMA takes a scientific approach to every aspect of fitness so everyone can optimize their training in a safe manner. Even if you previously have injuries like Karel.

Continuously Improving

“It’s just great how far the app went from when I start using it to this date. Even the last big update was really cool. I tried to work out with it and timers. They really made a huge improvement to the app itself.”

Karel became a Movement Athlete in his earlier days. As he progressed in his calisthenics journey, the app also improves with him by providing him more options and more convenience.

TMA continues to strive for the best. The best is never absolute so we also try to improve and cater to the Movement Athletes so they can enjoy their training and improve their quality of life.



You SHOULD definitely try it. I’m not regretting the day that I got involved with the TMA app.

Karel not only recovered from his injury but also improved his relationship with his body. He now moves better, feels stronger, looks better, and is free from aches and pains.

If you’re interested in experiencing all of these benefits as well, begin your journey by getting to know your body more first.

Once you identify your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to take a smarter step in progress and improve your body.



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