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☝️ As a beginner in calisthenics, there will always be mistakes along the way. There will be things that you wished you already knew when you first started training.

If only you knew about it earlier on your fitness journey, you should have achieved your goal by now. 

You should be strong 💪 as hell and doing superhuman calisthenics skills by now.

Your body should be lean that people asks you if you had it photoshopped if only you knew things before starting your training.

You should be healthier and happier with your body.

👊You need a proper program for your training. Have something that enables you to train effectively your strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance and skill.

👊You need proper mindset as well. You need to prepare your mind since it dictates what you’re going to do with your body.

👊You need proper discipline. Instill fitness in your mind, body and soul so training can be natural and fun; not forced.”

We asked some of our athletes from The Movement Athlete: “What do you wish you’d have known when you first started?”

👉👉The answers we got basically points to the direction of getting to your goal efficiently and effectively without getting too much stress. 

What are the answers we’ve got? These are now tips for your beginning journey in fitness. It might even help you even if you’ve already been training for quite some time but not progressing properly.

🎯 Read on to learn more from our users and train get to your goal as soon as possible!


✅ Be more patient with progress


I wish I was more prepared to be patient with my progress.– Robert


Just like Robert, sometimes training can be frustrating especially if you don’t see immediately see and feel any progress.

Let me start off by saying progress takes time. Rest assured that you will get to your goal safely, efficiently and surely if you trust in your program from The Movement Athlete. You’ll see your progress there, too.

As the very used and old, yet very true, saying goes, “Rome was not built in one day.” 

Especially when training for skills, it would take some time because your body isn’t used to move in awkward positions. You’ll also have to build your corresponding muscles and coordination in learning those skills. So be prepared and be patient.

Good news if you’re a beginner and training for muscle and strength, you’ll probably get gains pretty fast. In the first few months of training, your body will rapidly adapt to the new stress so you’ll get the so called “noob gains”.

Noob gains are the nice amount of muscle you’ll be gaining from your earlier months of training. Soon, your gains will eventually experience the law of diminishing returns and you’ll get gains slower.

Don’t worry about slowing down. It’s part of the process. Just keep training and enjoy what you do!




✅ Start training soon


That I would have ran into calisthenics at the age of 10 to 15.– John


John’s regret of not starting early could still apply to you. Maybe you’ve passed 10-15 years old, but not to worry. You can still train calisthenics and the best time would be now.

Don’t delay trying it out because it will never happen if you only delay it. Just try out calisthenics and check out The Movement Athlete.

Start now so you’ll not waste time and you won’t regret starting later in your life.

Calisthenics is a very accessible approach of exercise which is very scalable to any age, sex, situation and skill level. And if you download the The Movement Athlete app, you’ll get to understand how the app and calisthenics can adjust to you and your needs.

Don’t train later. Train now!


✅ Skill training is motivating


The feeling of accomplishment when you master a new skill.– Mara


I have personally love training skills as Mara loves it, too. 

The fulfillment of mastering a new skill is an incredible feeling. You’ll also get a better appreciation of the process you’ve gone through learning the skill.

Maybe you want to train the handstand, or planche, or a maltese, or even just a push-up. Aim for it and see for yourself the incredible feeling of accomplishing a new skill.

Plus, you’ll also gain mobility, strength and muscle to when learning a skill. Not bad!

Just remember what Rober said earlier, stay patient.



Flexibility is important, too


My primary focus before joining The Movement Athlete was flexibility I which I knew the importance of strength and the fact that bodyweight exercises actually make you more flexible when done in full range of motion.– Sasha


With The Movement Athlete, whatever your goal may be, you’ll still get to train for an overall healthy and balanced body just like Sasha.

Flexibility has many coined definitions. It’s still sometimes get interchanged with mobility. It’s a very interesting topic for some other time but let’s summarize its definition to increasing your range of motion.

Being flexible/mobile offers so many benefits. Among them are below:

  • 👉 Limits possibility of injury
  • 👉 Comfortable movement
  • 👉 Assists in learning calisthenics skills
  • 👉 Reduced or alleviates pains and aches

All of these done with just increasing your range of motion which calisthenics exercises naturally do. Add that you’ll have an excellent program designed only for you when training with The Movement Athlete, you’ll get flexible and mobile easily.

Sasha’s keen on noticing the importance of this aspect of fitness and not just strength and skills. It’s vital.

You’ll especially thank the app for it when you reach a certain age yet you can still move freely!


✅ Exercise even if it’s not calisthenics


Don’t overthink it. Just make it a part of your daily routine, no exceptions. I do something active every day, even if it is not calisthenics training.– Brian


It doesn’t always have to be calisthenics to stay active. Listen to Brain’s advice. As long as you remain active and it becomes part of your routine, it’s good!

May be it basketball, football, dancing, brisk walking, yoga, weightlifting, crossfit, anything under the sun, staying active is what’s important.

The best type of exercise is the exercise you’ll do consistently.



Make it a habit


If I can wake up at the right time in the morning, I can work out 4 times a week for 30 minutes (which is my current goal). I’ve been doing better recently with this. Some things that have helped are: * – Going to sleep the same time every night * – Waking up at the same time every morning * – Preparing my lunches the night before * – Prep everything you need for your morning routine and set it out the night before * – If you don’t do any of the above 4 things and you aren’t hitting your schedule perfectly.– Harvey


Staying consistent is the key to get your goal. Doing the exercise consistently inconsistent will not result in the dream body you’ve been dreaming.

To stay consistent, the best way is to make it a habit. Let’s look at Harvey’s habit in order to stay consistent.

He builds his habit of training by connecting it with his other habits such as sleeping at the same time and preparing for tomorrow. So when he wakes up early in the morning at the same time he always wakes up, it’s automatic for his body to train. 

He’s mind is already prepared and doesn’t think if he’s still going to work out or not. It’s “I will workout.”

Don’t just work out whenever you feel like it. Doing this might get you demotivated. The next thing you know, a year has already passed and you still haven’t used that new shoes you bought for training.

Build a strong habit of working out so you don’t have to think about working out anymore. Once you have a habit, your mind and body will always find a way to have it.

An easy way to build a habit is by following a program of fitness app. The Movement Athlete app is excellent at this since it’s very accessible and it adjusts to your mood and energy levels.

Whether you’re feeling down or just motivated to lie down on the couch and eat a bucket of fries, just open the app. It will help you get started and build a habit without burning you out.


Take it easy


For me, it was starting slow. I set myself a goal of one session a week. Once that became easy, I slowly increased it.– Louis


Speaking of burning out, it’s easy to overtrain and get frustrated with exercise.

You might be very eager to getting those gains already so you pump every muscle you have and train intensely everyday.

This isn’t good in the long run. Take it from Louis. Just ease your way into your training allowing more enjoyable and fruitful time.

Doing too much in a short amount of time will take a toll on your body and on your mindset. 

If you really want to train everyday, take a step back on your intensity. If you want to train intensely, lessen your training days or at least lessen the intensity every other day. 

Remember Robert’s advice? Stay patient with your gains. You’ll eventually get there. Don’t rush it and just take it easy.

With The Movement Athlete, training easy is a piece of cake. 

As said earlier, the app adjusts to you and your needs. After an assessment, you will get a program that challenges you just enough for gains yet won’t burn you out.

If you want to increase the difficulty, you may so in a tap on your phone!




✅ Make it a priority


I workout Monday through Friday and I try to get my workout done before work. Most people will have excuses of no time, but if you prioritize your workout, you’ll find the time. Be realistic because if you’re tired after work, most likely you won’t workout then because all you’ll want to do is go home and rest.– Donna


We’ve all used this excuse in some point in our lives not only in fitness but also in other aspects: “I don’t have the time.”

Well, you simply don’t have the time if you will not make time for it. Making time by making exercise a priority.

As Donna said, if you’re going to be tired after work, don’t lie to yourself anymore that you’ll workout this afternoon. Make time and set it as a priority.

Mornings are always a good time to workout since you’re still revitalized from your sleep and you’ll feel more energized for the day ahead.


✅ Record your training


I keep a diary. It just helps me to write down what I did. I can look back and see the progress I have made. I also track my diet daily. Both keep me motivated.– Rachel


I schedule training in a daily journal, but I also know how it feels to not train so I regularly remind myself of that when I’m tired or feeling too busy.– Mike


Now with everything said, you must keep your training sessions recorded. This way, you’ll be able to track your progress and where you might have been lacking.

You can also remind and motivation yourself what you have accomplished already with your training. It’s proper mindset, too!

Rachel and Mike have been doing in the past in written form, but you can also do it with The Movement Athlete app. You’ll get to record your training and see an analytical progress graphic presented in a user-friendly and game-like format.

You’ll be training as if you’re just playing a game! You’ve got to try it out to find out what I mean by that.


movement athlete calisthenics training app


☝️ What are the tips again?


To summarize everything again; you need proper mindset, smart program and discipline to achieve a healthy, sexy, flexible, mobile and strong body.

Now to achieve the three needs, just follow these tips below:

  • ✊ Be patient with your progress
  • ✊ Start now than later
  • ✊ Get motivated with skill training
  • ✊ Train flexibility
  • ✊ Exercise even if it’s not calisthenics
  • ✊ Make training a habit
  • ✊ Take it easy
  • ✊ Make exercise a priority and
  • ✊ Record your training sessions

Once you’ve applied these tips, you’ll be a step closer to your fitness goals.

If you want additional help to get there faster, how about training with The Movement Athlete?

Since the advancement of technology, everything can be done with and through an app on your phone. 

These tips could be applied easily in your fitness journey with the help from The Movement Athlete. Avoid the early beginner mistakes and train smart from the start of your calisthenics journey.

Train now and see the difference!  



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