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This is the story of Mariale –

The Movement Athlete

Working out and  still making no gains?😱

But it’s tiring and demotivating if you’re  putting in all the time and work but still not making any progress.

This is the same Maria from Costa Rica faced.

But soon after becoming a Movement Athlete, she immediately achieved the results she deserves for all the effort she put into her training.🏆

Calisthenics better results - Mariale quotes
Calisthenics better results - Mariale story



Work smart, not harder


“I decided to join the The Movement Athlete team because even though I was training very hard in the past, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.”😢


Maria learned this lesson the hard way with inefficient and ineffective training programs. Not all workouts are the same and will give your results.👎

For a program to be effective, no matter what approach like calisthenics or weightlifting, strategic planning with personalisation and adaptability is a must. 👊

What we mean by this is that:

✅ Personalised – It caters to your needs and suitable for your skill level. Slapping a one-size-fits-all program will do you a disservice.

You can read more about this in the article below:
“The end of beginner/intermediate/advanced that is hurting your training”

✅ Adaptive – Change is inevitable. If you want to keep moving forward, you need to constantly adjust your program while taking into account other aspects that affect your training. Progress is not always linear. This is why autoregulation is a powerful element to have in a training program.

👇Read more about adaptive training in the article below.

“Secret weapon: Autoregulation”

“So I got up, and I really did some research, and The Movement Athlete had really good reviews.”😍

Users spoke for themselves. Hearing from others’ experience is a reassuring way that a program will deliver.

“And I actually agreed with all those  reviews because I have been training [The Movement Athlete] for less than a month, and I am already seeing some results.”💪  


🏆 In a very short amount of less than a month, Maria already experienced massive results compared to her years of training with bad programming.

👊 Programming matters, and with The Movement Athlete, we take it with a scientific approach to provide you and Maria progressive, personalised, and adaptive training routines.

Calisthenics: mastering your body to master your life 💪

“I’ve been training better at home. I became interested in calisthenics because I think it is a way of life and also it provides quality of life.”

🤜Calisthenics is more than just a training approach. As Maria mentioned, it’s a lifestyle that aims to master the body. Mastering your body offers many benefits that translate to other aspects of your life.

You can say that once you master your body, you will have a better understanding of how to master your life.🔍

Training calisthenics builds discipline, commitment and a strong will to strive for the better.


Continuous support and improvement💯

“And also, I love that you guys actually listen to your customers, and you’re looking forward to operating the app to make it better every day.”😃

Maria is not alone in her journey. 🤸🤸 With The Movement Athlete by her side, we also strive to improve her experience, so she gets the most out of her training every single day.

🎯As much as Maria is pushing it in every workout session, The Movement Athlete team is always also pushing to provide only the best training experience for Maria and the The Movement Athlete community.

🏆Within less than a month, Maria has already been enjoying the benefits of training with The Movement Athlete and calisthenics.

The 3 Main benefits Maria has gained since starting

calisthenics and The Movement Athlete

Getting the results she worked for

“I feel stronger and I have been working on my basics more, and I really feel good.”Many people think that strength and muscle are built through complex, difficult exercises. That’s actually not the case.

Focusing on the basics, or in The Movement  Athlete what we call the fundamentals, offers so much potential to build amazing strength, muscle, mobility, and body control.

Remember that just because it’s a basic move doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Maria got so much stronger and felt so much better when she diverted her training into the fundamentals.

Amazing accomplishment

“I feel like I am training for all those skills that I want to achieve on a daily basis. So that makes me feel very happy I actually work towards it.”

Training for skills offers an amazing sense of accomplishment. Of course, working towards this skill builds your fitness levels as well.

There’s always a goal Maria is striving for. For every workout session, she gets closer and closer towards it.

“I love the superhuman strength that you can achieve, analytical skills that you can also achieve. So I’m looking forward to getting those skills.”

Personalised and adaptive convenient training

“Depending on the equipment you have and on the skills that you have,  you actually can take advantage of it, and you will feel better every day.”

The Movement Athlete takes personalisation and adaptiveness to a whole level. Maria gets to train with whatever equipment she has.

Of course, some exercise might not be available if you don’t have the equipment for it, but one advantage of calisthenics is that equipment for it is very accessible and very easy to find alternatives to.


The Movement Athlete 🤸 takes Maria’s workout experience to the max and actually helps her make progress in a very short amount of time.

After getting frustrated with years of workout, she has finally found an approach and training program that gets to her goals.🎯

Image of the app

If you’ve been struggling to make gains with your current training approach, we invite you to try The Movement Athlete for free.👊



But if you want to experience real progress, become a Movement Athlete and feel the change.



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