Powerlifter to calsthenics - Jordan

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This is the story of Jordan – The Movement Athlete

Jordan is a loving husband and a doting father to two kids. He got into fitness because he wanted to set an example for his children.

He became an avid gym-goer training with power lifts as his focus.

With the recent pandemic, gyms that have closed have now opened once again but with restrictions and limited occupancy.⛔️

Going to the gym is no longer now an option for Jordan. He needed to find another way to maintain, or even progress even more in his fitness journey. 🤔


Powerlifter to calsthenics - Jordan quotes

There are plenty of other approaches available, but resources are limited. Alternative use of equipment became more of a hassle than help in his journey. 

👉He found some useful calisthenic workouts on the internet. They sounded promising up until Jordan found out about the benefits of personalisation thanks to The Movement Athlete app.

No pandemic can stop Jordan from his training with his new app! 💪

Here’s his story.

Powerlifter to calsthenics - Jordan story


“I wanted to start making good fitness habits so I could be an example to my kids as they grew up.”

Jordan could be considered a late bloomer. He started with his fitness journey when his first kid was born. He didn’t want his kid to have a hard time developing good fitness habits as well as deal with the difficulties of not being physically fit. Jordan and his wife wanted to set an example for their kids.

👊 He soon developed a love for weight lifting training and powerlifting in the gym.

“COVID-19 closed all the gyms and I wasn’t able to do my normal powerlifting routine.”

😥😥Unfortunately, any physical establishments were severely affected when COVID-19 hit. Gyms, having a lot of high-touch surfaces, closed at that time.

Although many have opened now, strict protocols and limited-time capacity protocols posed as an inconvenience for Jordan.

✊With some years already in his training experience, exercise is already a regular part of his life. He didn’t let the pandemic stop him.

He tried to use random, heavy objects in his households for his makeshift weight training. It wasn’t that effective so he then studied other ways to workout at home.

Work out at home eventually led him to calisthenics.🤸‍♀️

“I gave a couple of others the “free trial” run but decided on The Movement Athlete because of its more personalised approach.”


🧐When searching around the internet, it’s impossible to count the number of calisthenics programs out there. Jordan had an excellent idea of giving his attention to The Movement Athlete because of its personalisation.


How does The  Movement Athlete personalisation works?

👉The app first evaluates your skill level with an initial assessment so it can provide a program personalized and suitable for your current skill level.

After the assessment, the app provides an ever-adapting program for your ever-changing goals, needs, and lifestyle.🏆

This is the reason why Jordan felt The Movement Athlete is a more promising option.

If you ever ask why personalisation is important, there are two things:

1. ✅ Lack of personalisation promotes compensation/movement dysfunction and high risks of injuries if the program is too challenging.

2. ✅ It doesn’t lead to adaptation/development if not challenging enough

You can read more about this in our article below:

THE END OF BEGINNER/ INTERMEDIATE/ ADVANCED: Why it’s hurting your training

As a brief overview, personalisation ensures growth even with our individual differences which are not taken to account with some lackluster calisthenics programs.

Now let’s get back to our main hero, Jordan. 

He’s fairly new to the app with only a month of experience but already enjoying the app and his new fitness approach.

Here’s what he advises for your fitness journey.

“Set a routine/goal and stick to it no matter what. If

you’re tired, do something anyway, even if it’s only 10


Jordan offers effective advice that’s fantastic for developing good fitness habits. It’s all about making fitness a part of your regular routine. Once you push yourself even for those 10 minutes per day, it will soon lead to a longer training period in the long run.

Avoid skipping days just because feeling too lazy. Skipping gets easier, then eventually you have skipped months instead of days.

📌 Train consistently like Jordan so you can also benefit from your exercise. Train with The Movement Athlete to enjoy benefits as Jordan does.


                      Benefits Jordan gained from joining

                   The Movement Athlete


Convenient workout

“I can do it at home”

Jordan didn’t let any limitations of the COVID-19 situation stop him from improving his health and fitness. With calisthenics and The Movement Athlete, he’s continuously mastering his body in the comforts of his own home.

It’s convenient since he doesn’t need to go anywhere else. It’s also safe for him and his family as he’s limiting his contact with other people.

Adaptive training schedules

“It works with my schedule, rather than having a set program, and if I miss a day I’ve got to play catch-up, skip a day, or just deal with the program saying it’s Tuesday when it’s actually Thursday.”

The Movement Athlete training programs are adaptive in every way possible. It also adapts to Jordan’s schedule. No need to follow an enforced schedule that you end up ruining due to whatever life throws at you.

With the The Movement Athlete app, you can make your workout fit your schedule without any hassle of adjusting it manually. This way, you make progress and stay consistent with your training even with your moving scheduling or changing lifestyle.

Consistency, thanks to the enjoyable app

I don’t know exactly why I chose the training style. It started because it was something to try and I had to work with what I had access to. I wound up liking it so I stuck with it.”

Jordan was pretty set with weight lifting so it was difficult for him to adjust to the new calisthenics approach.

Good thing The Movement Athlete app is enjoyable even for a powerlifter. Having an enjoyable workout promotes consistency in the long run so Jordan can keep on making gains.


During tough times,  The Movement Athlete offered a powerful and safe solution to Jordan’s insatiable hunger for fitness.

🎯Here are the benefits Jordan now enjoys with The Movement Athlete:

  • Convenient and accessible workout at home.
  • Adaptive training schedules that fit his lifestyle.
  • Consistent and enjoyable workout.

With his new workout platform, he’s able to continue getting stronger, learning new skills, improving his physique, and showing a solid example of good fitness habits for his kids to learn from.🤩

the movement athlete calisthenics app

Final Advice

We asked Jordan what advice can he give you to continue improving during the pandemic and here’s what he has to say:

“One thing I try to do is not beat myself up over it too much.”

🔑That’s right, remember that fitness is a long journey. You don’t have to rush and you can enjoy the long process.

Just train as much as you can for now and there’s nothing wrong with starting small. With The Movement Athlete, you can train for just 15 minutes just to develop the habit. The adaptive and progressive calisthenics will supply enough stimulation for any skill level. 🥇

Train at home with The Movement Athlete and feel the difference.

🤸 How do you train at home during this restrictive era?

Let us know in the comment section down below.



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