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🤜Meet Edward Cole. He’s from Queensland, Australia and has been working at an oil rig. Apart from the very physically demanding work environment, Edward has also been physically active his whole life because of his love for fitness.

He used to lift heavy weights🏋️‍♂️ to improve his performance at work. However, because of this method, he also got a lot of shoulder and lower back pains.🤕



Once he got introduced to yoga and pilates. He soon longed for getting stronger using the body weight approach, calisthenics.🤸

After scouring the vast options on the internet, he found out about The Movement Athlete. After training with calisthenics and TMA, he was surprised that his aches and pains are all gone now. In addition, he also built mobility which enabled him to move freely.

And now, he’s a lifelong Movement Athlete.

Read more to learn his full story.​👇



From Weight Lifting to Bodyweight Training

“When I was a bodybuilder, I hurt my back. So I started doing yoga and then found an alternative to lifting weights that weren’t lifting weights. A bit of bodyweight training.”

👊Like most of us during our earlier training years, Edward began with lifting weights. Unfortunately, because of the heavy loading, Edward developed back pains.

To tell you the truth, lifting weights doesn’t necessarily cause joint and muscle pains. In fact, many studies including this 2015 research show that resistance training, such as weight training, can help prevent and alleviate back pains.🤯

HOWEVER, weight lifting can pose a high risk of overtraining and 📍muscle imbalances for the straightforward approach of adding weights to increase intensity.

In fact, Edward isn’t the only Movement Athlete who had the same situation of getting pains from weight lifting and then switching to calisthenics to alleviate the pain.

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🔥Edward first switched to 📍yoga and pilates which are also great for building a good physique, relative strength, and mobility.

It’s technically a bodyweight training approach also!

But he’s still looking for other ways to further improve his strength💪 and mobility.



✨The Advantages of Calisthenics Training


“I signed up. I got a lifetime membership. Really, really happy with it! Haven’t looked back since I used to have shoulder pains, and chest pains from lifting weights. I don’t get any of that now.”

Edward found out about The Movement Athlete and went on to become a lifetime training partner.


Because he got hooked on training pain-free! No more aches and pains that don’t just affect his workout, but affect his everyday living.


🏆Pain-free life


Calisthenics is a natural movement. The movements in calisthenics exercises mimic functional movements such as walking, pushing, crawling, and pulling that use the WHOLE body instead of isolating particular body parts.

💪Movements using the whole body are real-life strength because that’s how the body should move. Training these patterns prevents and minimizes risks of muscle imbalances that cause joint and muscle pains.

“How has movement athlete helped me simply that there are little to almost no injuries.”

In fact, calisthenics can be used to directly address these types of pain stemming from movement dysfunction.

In addition, the whole body movements lessen the stress on the joints that weight lifting can cause if done incorrectly.

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The old saying, “no pain, no gain,” is such an overrated and misunderstood cliche.

No one needs to train until you experience pain. Pain is a signal from your brain telling you that there is something wrong in your body.

Changes must be made if you’re experiencing pain which Edward quickly realized stems from his weight lifting.



🏆Better Movement thanks to Mobility Training


“I feel mobility through my shoulders. I used to really struggle to sort of hold my hands up above my head because through tightness through the shoulders, the lats and now quite comfortably hold my hands above my head.”

🧐Another reason why there are fewer risks to injuries and pain is because of the mobility training incorporated in calisthenics and The Movement Athlete.

📍Mobility is the ability to move your body through a range of motion with full control. This means no assistance from gravity, weights, or from yourself.

With a better range of motion, Edward gets to improve tightness in his body which allows for better movement in everyday life.

“It’s actually helped my mobility through my shoulders.”💪

And to add to that, he’s almost close to unlocking a freestanding handstand push! He was able to develop upper body strength and also great shoulder mobility which is a prerequisite for 📍handstand push-ups.💪



🏆Amazing Core Strength

“I’ve also noticed an increase in core strength stuff I thought was nearly impossible before, such as a one-arm push-up or a muscle-up.”

Many advanced exercises require a high level of core strength. This can be a weak link for many individuals, but for Edward, it’s no longer a problem thanks to calisthenics training.💪

“…the core strength is amazing with what you can do through all the little exercises that they have and mastering them. It’s great.”

The Movement Athlete app focuses on calisthenics fundamentals such as:

  • Push-ups
  • Dips
  • Squats
  • Pull-ups

These are the basic exercises everyone should have.

In addition, TMA directly trains the core in a holistic manner: front (abs), back (lower back), and sides (obliques).

As mentioned earlier, calisthenics focuses on compound movements or using the whole body to move. This is why core strength is crucial.

Aside from making your physique look good, a solid core keeps the energy your body produces intact for efficient and safe movement.🏃

Weakness from the core can result in energy leaks which can limit your potential to push, pull, jump, or just move in general.

This is why TMA puts special attention to core strength development which now Edward enjoys. And this is done through simple, yet effective movements so he doesn’t waste time in his training.

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Benefits Edward Now Enjoys

Thanks to The Movement Athlete


Convenient training

Convenient Training

At a touch on his mobile device, Edwards gets guidance and assistance for his workouts. It’s like having an online coaching partner that he now gets to train for life.

No need for expensive gym memberships or searching through the internet for “effective” workouts.

His training programs can also be adjusted based on what available equipment he has and scheduling and workout duration can now fit his lifestyle.

Keeps him consistent in training

Better Strength Gains

Edward didn’t just get stronger from calisthenics alone.

Not all calisthenics training is created equal.

Thanks to the PERSONALISED and ADAPTIVE training from The Movement Athlete, Edward gets the most from his workouts.

His workouts are tailored to his needs and current skill level. This is the power of personalization.

For adaptive training, even if he’s tired from his physically demanding job, he can still get a meaningful workout that doesn’t allow him to burn out. Autoregulation, which makes his program adaptive, allows the workout to adjust depending on his varying energy levels and mood.

No more frustrations of always pushing your 110% every workout which usually overtrains people into injuries and lack of progress.

Getting stronger

Pain-free life

This is just what Edward wants: living his life without the nagging shoulders or aching back.

Now, He’s being able to move free of pain and more thanks to TMA and calisthenics training.

📌What Edward Wants to Say to You

“I think if you’re on The Movement Athlete page, really give it a go. Bodyweight training is life-altering. It’s easy to lift weights. Anyone can lift weights, and throw them around, but to be able to control your body in a certain way, it’s pretty hard. It’s just amazing.”💯

👊We’re not discrediting the benefits of weightlifting. In fact, we think it’s also an amazing approach to staying healthy and fit.

However, if you want to minimize the risk of injuries💯 and gain more than just strength and muscle, calisthenics is a fantastic approach to getting more from your workouts.

Body control is underrated, but offers equal benefits of strength and muscle.

“I think I love the fact that I can rely on my body to do what I ask you at the time and not just going to pick up a heavy weight and just drag it somewhere. But to have my body in peak conditions through calisthenics and not worry about the risk of injury. So yeah, thanks very much. TMA is an amazing app. I love it.”


There you have it, folks. Edward improved his quality of life thanks to The Movement Athlete training system.🏆

If you’re also interested in elevating your training, then we recommend checking it out so you can also live the best version of yourself.

Become a Movement Athlete now!👊



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