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This is the story of Kali- The Movement Athlete

If you have been browsing around the fitness realm on the internet 🤳 and social media, you’re bound to find out about the jaw-dropping skills of elite-level calisthenics athletes.

These gravity-defying moves are both a feat of strength 💪 and skills learned through countless hours of training.

Kali was drawn to this type of training because she knows it’s a different type of strength. It’s not just about increasing how strong you are; it’s about mastering the body.

Meet Kali


✊ Kali, a 36-year old Math teacher who has been very physically active throughout her life. Her athletic background stemmed from running in track in her high school years which then developed into traditional gym weightlifting training.

Although she enjoyed weight training, she was looking for more. Calisthenics piqued her interest after watching high-level calisthenics athletes perform tremendous skills.🤸‍♂️

Kali_math teacher

👉 Kali was well informed from the start. She knew that a structured plan would lead to proper and efficient progress in which she felt the calisthenics community was lacking.

Good thing she found out about The Movement Athlete and now paving her way towards her ultimate fitness and calisthenics goals.

👇 This is Kali’s story and how she decided to change her life for the better.

⚡️From curiosity to the journey

“I got interested in calisthenics honestly through Instagram; just seeing people do crazy strength feats using just their body.”


📌Calisthenics isn’t just for your warm-ups or mobility. Many people, including Kali, got hooked through the approach because of the crazy strength-based skills such as planches, levers, handstands.

These skills don’t only require specific strength. They also demand mobility, body control, awareness, balance, endurance, muscle, basically everything. Learning high-level skills is equal to having a high-level performing body.💯

Kali knows it’s 🤜possible to learn if you set it as your goals and commit to them.

“…it seems that in the calisthenic world, there isn’t a ton of guidance.”🙄

There’s one issue for Kali, though. It seems that there are not a lot of reliable resources yet in the community. Although calisthenics has been around for millennia, the community has just been blooming recently, especially since the unfortunate pandemic limits the use of gyms. 

The traditional weightlifting approach mostly dominated the fitness world, but calisthenics also has a lot to offer.

Luckily for Kali, she stumbled upon The Movement Athlete and immediately got interested.

“I joined The Movement Athlete because I am someone who needs a plan, and I need structure.”

Kali knows what she wants and what she needs. Reviewing TMA’s page, she realized that TMA’s offers exactly what she needs, and the rest is history.

⚡️Clear progress


“I love being able to see how much progress I’m making. I’m such a numbers person that seeing how much progress I’m making on a certain goal.” 

When training alone, you can really immediately see or feel your progress. This goes especially true when you have been training for quite some time. For Kali, seeing her progress was vital.🥇

The Movement Athlete app does exactly that. Right after the assessment, a progress chart is already presented to Kali to know where she’s at during her training. Each workout session, the progress info moves according to what she has done to inform her of her progress.

She can view it in a “game-like” feature in percentages, so it’s straightforward to understand and keeps her motivated.


Image of the app


⚡️Structured progression


“I could see the linear progression of how this skill is built to this skill built this skill. And now I had to hit a certain milestone to know that my body is ready to go into the next phase.”


The progress that she made is thanks to the structured progression laid out for her. With The Movement Athlete, everything is clear on how she will get into the next phase and go next right after. 🙌

☑️ Progressions are sets of exercises and variations that lead to the main skill or exercise. For example, if you are learning how to do a full standard push-up, there are exercises (progression) to help you get there.

❌ Many calisthenics programs lack this essential element of calisthenics. Progressions are the way of adding more weight in weightlifting. If a program isn’t using any proper progressions, the exercise will either be too heavy or too light for a person.

Kali’s just loving the structure she got right now. The progressions keep her progressing. The Movement Athlete met Kali’s requirement of having strong guidance with her workout, thanks to the progressions.🎯


⚡️Personalised adaptive coach


“There’s immediate feedback, immediate progression, even within the workout.”


👉 Another element that The Movement Athlete stands out on is its ability to create personalised guidance that adapts to Kali’s ever-changing situation and needs. It’s like having a personal coach that listens to her and adjusts the workout for her. 

Working out is not about just pushing yourself to the limit every time. It’s about consistently moving and just trying to improve when you can. This way, you get to stay in your path longer without burning out and getting tired of your training.💯

“It will adjust what you need to do within the workout. And I think that’s amazing because some days I can knock them out. I’m like, yeah, let’s go and have it and like can do it. And the coolest back off today.”

What’s the secret to having a personalised app-based coach? It’s all about Autoregulation.

Auto-regulation is the principle of adapting your current training to your past training while considering your current situation.

As a math teacher and a full-time mom, Kali allocates her energy to obligations that affect her workout. But with the app’s auto-regulation, she’s able to perform what she can do that still translates to incremental progress.🏆

She now perceives her workout as her lifestyle that she will continue throughout her life.

Benefits Kali gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Complete & convenient workout

She no longer has to worry about anything for her workout. All she needs is her mobile device, app, and herself.

She gets her complete workout at a screen tap, starting from the warm-up to the primary workout to her cooldown. Her reps, sets, and rest periods are also already included.

It does  everything for me, including the structured warm-up, the cooldown. I couldn’t find that anywhere else.

More body confidence and awareness

“I’m feeling more confident and more aware of my body.”

Since she’s working with her body weight, she naturally gains more body awareness. This translates to a better quality of movement for any everyday challenges.

Her workout also resulted in a better physique which boosted her confidence. Having more confidence in her body, she also gained much more confidence in other aspects of her life.

Minimized risk of injuries

There are a lot of books you can buy that will show progressions, but they don’t show like the joint strengthening [preparations] that you need to do the warm-ups, the cooling, how to program so that you don’t get hurt and that you can do the things when your body is ready.”

The risk of injuries just dropped in her workout and her everyday life.

Her workout is complete with necessary preparations so that her body is capable of the exercise she is going to work on. Also, because of personalization and autoregulation, the exercise difficulty is suitable for her skill level.

  Since she also improved her body awareness, the risk of injury from her everyday movements got minimized. 

“I really enjoyed what I saw in The Movement Athlete, and I knew that the risk of injury was lower that way.” 

More bonding with the kids

“Honestly, that’s how it helped me just in my daily life; I’m able to be active with my kids and play with my kids and not always be injured or hurt.”

Kids are naturally active. Being a full-time mom, Kali also has to keep up with their energy level. The Movement Athlete allowed her to stay fit and ready for her kids’ activities and play.


Instead of just working towards gravity-defying calisthenics skills, Kali got much more from The Movement Athlete for her fitness journey.😃

Here’s the brief of what Kali is now enjoying in her fitness lifestyle:

  • ✅ Complete & convenient workout thanks to the powerful app and structured programming
  • ✅ More body confidence & awareness as a result of the personalized adaptive and progressive calisthenics
  • ✅ Minimized risk of injuries from progressive layout and training results
  • ✅ More bonding time with her kids thanks to her stronger and capable body

Here’s a piece of quick advice from Kali on calisthenics,

“If you are  thinking  about joining The Movement Athlete and you’re interested in calisthenics, I say hands down. Absolutely do it. It is unlike any other program that you can get.”


If you’re still unsure, you can get full access for seven days with our free trial program. No need to commit.☝️ Just get a feel of the program and see if it suits your needs and goals.

For Kali, The Movement Athlete is now part of her lifestyle as she continues to get stronger, more mobile, more active, and more confident in her life.


Join the lifestyle and become a Movement Athlete!💪



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