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Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletespeople just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!

✨Meet Rubens


Meet Rubens, a 30-year-old fitness enthusiast who enjoys most of his activities with weight lifting and capoeira. However, calisthenics has already interested him.




This is the story of Rubens- The Movement Athlete


Although he already had experience with calisthenics because of attending classes and joining the community, he was still blown away by the amazing app he had just recently discovered: The Movement Athlete app.

Now, Rubens has been enjoying bodyweight training on top of his other activities through the TMA app. He’s been gaining new strength and addressing his weak links to develop his body in a holistic fashion.👊

To top that, he doesn’t have to do anything but show up and do the workout because the app prepares everything for him.

If you want to learn more about his story, then read on.👇👇


👀First Impression

“I was really impressed by the app and platform because I was always fascinated by Calisthenics.”

Rubens is not new to vigorous physical activity. He’s been active with another form of resistance training which is weightlifting. He also enjoys capoeira, an Afro-Brazillian form of martial arts with elements similar to dancing and acrobatics. 

But calisthenics also interests him because of the many advantages calisthenics has to offer, such as:

  • 🏆Increased relative strength, which refers to the strength in relation to his body weight (this means more body control)
  • 🏆Increase 📍muscle mass which can assist in increasing stress.
  • 🏆Improved 📍mobility to increase the range of motion (helps in improving performance, daily movements, and in avoiding injuries)
  • 🏆Assist in fat loss for more confidence and better body composition.
  • 🏆Trains endurance for increased work capacity
  • 🏆And is a convenient training approach you can use with minimal equipment anywhere at any time.

🤜Read more on the Calisthenics advantages here: 📍Is Calisthenics Really a Better Way to Train?

Because of the calisthenics advantages and its transfer to his other disciplines, Rubens wants 🤔 to learn more about bodyweight training.



⚡️The Most Convenient App!

“I’ve done classes as well. I’ve been around the calisthenics community. But finding out about TMA really got me thinking about how fascinating the app is regarding how easy it is to use.”

the movement athlete calisthenics app

Rubens has some background in calisthenics. Because of the accessibility of the discipline, he easily joined classes and communities engaged in bodyweight training. But he wants to learn more about calisthenics and enjoy it in his own home.

After some research, he found out about The Movement Athlete app and was totally blown by it! Calisthenics is already accessible to everyone, but the TMA app even made it easier to people to effectively work on calisthenics without going into the trouble of preparing the training structure, exercise selection, training goals, and everything.

The TMA app prepares everything for Rubens so he can focus on the work and don’t get stressed about other elements of effective and efficient training.

But what he got was more than just convenience and accessibility.


🎯Full Personalization

“It’s very different from everything that I’ve tried before. Most apps have a basic, like a beginner, advanced, or [intermediate]level. And with the TMA really tailors to each person’s ability, skills, and level.”

One big difference between the TMA app and other calisthenics apps is TMA’s heavy emphasis on personalization.

Personalization is covered in many aspects.

Personalized Training Program

The first one, and arguably the most crucial one for safe and effective progress, is that the training programs are fully personalized to each and every person. Not every person gets the same workout. This means every element of the workout is tailored for person to person.

Here’s the thing, the 📍beginner, intermediate, and advanced training programs are highly problematic. It doesn’t take into account individual differences.

Let’s take a beginner-level workout, for example. Push-ups, pull-ups, and squats are technically beginner exercises, but not all beginners can even perform a single rep of good quality fundamentals.

Another problem here is, for example, if a beginner can do push-ups but can do pull-ups. There will be individual differences from person to person in terms of skill level and rate of progress, so there will be issues when a workout doesn’t cater to each person’s strengths and weaknesses.

These cookie-cutter workouts can either be:

  • Too challenging – opening up the potential for injuries, movement dysfunctions, frustrations, and lack of progress
  • Too easy – that can lead to early plateaus and frustrations

Personalization keeps the workouts suited for Rubens, no matter where he is in his calisthenics journey.

Personalized Training Schedule

Another element the TMA personalizes is the training schedule. We all have different lifestyles, which can affect our training frequency, duration, and time.

You can easily adjust these factors in the app to hit your training consistently. Missed a workout? Don’t worry. The app can accommodate your missed workout and adjust the training program based on your weekly performance.

This works especially well for Rubens since he also has other disciplines he enjoys doing. People tend to overlook this aspect. A good training program should fit your lifestyle. This way, you can always hit your target workouts and don’t get frustrated on missing one.

Personalized Equipment Use

Another element of personalization in TMA is the pieces of equipment you can use. Calisthenics is amazing since you can only work with body weight alone without any equipment and get away with a solid physique and strength.

However, if you want to maximize your gains from your calisthenics workout, it’s worth investing in some tools such as the following:

  • Dip station – for dips and can act as parallettes
  • Pull-up bar – for pulling exercises as well as hanging exercises
  • Gymnastics rings – to supplement some of your exercises and increase the intensity of the calisthenics fundamentals

And that’s about it. Just gain access to that very accessible and affordable equipment, then you’re good to go! You can also read more here: 📍7 MUST-HAVE Calisthenics Equipment for Your Home Gym

If you don’t always have access to that equipment, you can easily adjust your training program in the app to fit what you have. Equipment access shouldn’t be a reason for not getting a solid workout.

You can already get stimulating workouts with a minimalist, no-equipment approach. Still, we highly recommend getting at least a dip station and a pull-up bar to train your calisthenics fundamentals effectively. If not, you can look for alternative exercises or get creative and look for alternative equipment.

Read more here: 📍The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Equipment and Cheap Ways to Replace Them.


🤸Adaptive Training Program

“And the app is constantly getting that data from you, and the information from you, and it’s tailoring the best program for you.”

The TMA app does not stop at personalization. It even makes the programs adaptive to Rubens’ current skill level, rate of progress, energy levels, and mood to train. This is called 📍auto-regulation.

Auto-regulation is done to the program to suit the practical world. In a perfect scenario where you can train every day, always get the proper nutrition, achieve enough recovery, and just have workouts as your only responsibility, you can easily make huge, consistent progress in your workouts.

However, in the real world, your energy, mood, and effort for your training can get affected by many other factors that are CONSTANTLY changing, such as:

  • Individual rate of progress
  • Recovery and sleep
  • Nutrition habits
  • Other responsibilities, such as work, business, family, social life

This can affect our training in some way.

For example, did your boss require you to go overtime at work? Then your workout’s going to be affected the next day.

If you celebrate a night out with your friends, just imagine how grueling your next workout session will be.

Other responsibilities are unavoidable and in turn, can diminish your workout performance. While you might want to push through the workout and hit new numbers, this can easily lead to injuries or burning out.

Auto-regulation keeps your workout maintain a level of challenge without having you overdo yourself. It’s like listening to your own body. The app does it for you.

Auto-regulation is the key to keeping your workouts fun and effective at the same time. This is the adaptive strategy TMA implements in Rubens’ workouts.


Training Feedback🤳

“I love the fact that with the app, every time you do a set, you’re constantly giving feedback to the app and just telling them how effective your form was.”

Auto-regulation bases the workout on Rubens’ previous performance, current performance, energy levels, and mood. Each detail is recorded for Rubens so he always gets an efficient workout day in and day out.


💯Progressive Calisthenics

“I thought I was quite advanced in calisthenics, but then doing it there, going back to the foundation exercise, which is what the app always pushes for. Working the foundation exercise first, and then you can build up to the advanced movements.”

The Movement Athlete focuses on building a strong foundation of strength, mobility, muscle, and endurance through the calisthenics fundamentals. Exercises are scalable from complete beginners to advanced athletes.

Fundamental exercises are the core of calisthenics. It offers the best bang for your buck in each movement. Here are the fundamentals Rubens and many Movement Athletes work with:

  • ✅ Push-ups
  • ✅ Dips
  • ✅ Pull-ups
  • ✅ Squats
  • ✅ Wall handstand
  • ✅ Core work

From there, people can advance better in calisthenics because of the progressive nature of the exercises. They can easily be adjusted to suit one’s skill level and goals.

And because of this progressive, personalized, and adaptive approach, Rubens enjoys the following benefits!

Benefits Rubens Enjoys Thanks to Calisthenics and

The Movement Athlete

On-hand Personal Trainer

“It’s almost like you’re having personal training with you through the app, which I really find very handy, so it’s really easy to use.”

Personal trainers could charge expensive fees. But you can get the same assistance from the TMA app like you have your own personal trainer on your mobile device at a much more affordable rate.

The Movement Athlete app guides Rubens in his whole calisthenics journey from start to finish. Everything’s laid out for him to follow, from his warm-up, skill block, strengthening block, endurance block, and cool-downs. 

All of these can be done with simple taps on his phone!

Convenient Training for Consistent Training

“I love how the app counts everything down for you. There are a lot of different features there.”

Staying consistent is crucial if you want to achieve real progress, especially in the long run. And a secret strategy to stay consistent is to make your workout convenient as possible. If you make them convenient, there will be fewer reasons to skip them.

The app already covers everything, so Rubens just needs to show up and do the workout. There’s no need for him to plan or think. He can just open the app and follow the solid workout.

A common issue why people fail to stay consistent is because of overthinking. This is paralysis by analysis. Thinking too much might stop you from doing your workout. The TMA app removes this concern so that you can do the work.

Addressing Weaknesses for Progress Boost


It really got me thinking about how much I need to work on, and that’s not to feel bad about it. It’s actually exciting because I have [something to work on now].”

While working on the main calisthenics fundamentals already provides amazing benefits, TMA addresses weak links that could slow down your progress.

In Rubens’ case, he didn’t realize that there were other supplementary movements he could work with to really boost his progress.

This is why Movement Athletes have been gaining so much progress. They work with specificity with the major exercises but also eliminate weaknesses thanks to weak link exercises.

That’s actually helping me focus on different parts of my skills that I forgot about or wasn’t aware of and missed out on focusing on them first before doing really advanced movements..” 

📌The Movement Athlete is a LIFESTYLE


“So that’s my routine now. TMA is really part of my workout every single week.”💪

Rubens incorporated The Movement Athlete into his life now. It’s part of his routine whether he’s aiming to build strength and muscle or develop his mobility or skills. Integrating into his active lifestyle is easy because he doesn’t have to worry about anything else.

The TMA app made it easy for him to focus on the important aspects of training, which is actually doing the work.

“I still do other things, but I think TMA is helping me achieve my goals

as a passionate person about calisthenics, keeping healthy, avoiding

injuries, and just being my best version physically and mentally.”

At first, for Rubens, it became a gateway to unlock new strength and mobility that further improved his physique and performance for his other disciplines. However, because of the holistic, sustainable approach for a lifetime of progress, the TMA app became a health partner that will keep him in his best condition for life.🎉

🏆If you want to experience the same benefits Rubens now enjoys, then head over to The Movement Athlete website and take our assessment. This assessment will be the app’s guideline for building your very own personalized and adaptive calisthenics training program.

Set yourself for a lifetime of progress in health and fitness.🏃




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