How to workout duirng the corona virus

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Training for the front lever is a completely rewarding task. 🏆🏆🏆

You’ll develop so much body strength 💪 and body control with the exercise. Not to mention looking like a badass as you hover in mid-air! Benefits of training Front lever are just priceless.

But the journey learning front lever (like any other calisthenics skill or learning anything in life in general) is a long and tough journey. You need to have the mental toughness to back up the physical demands of learning such a challenging skill.

You need to have the right values to learn the front lever, too. Most people underestimate this aspect and only focus primarily on getting the perfect program for learning the skill.

The perfect program can set your path, but having the core values and right mindset will actually get you to your goal.

Below are the key values you need in order to succeed in your front lever and in your life: 

  • 😀 Patience – It will probably take some time to learn. Train smart and take it slowly. There’s no way to fast track the learning process. Let your body adapt to the demands of the front lever on its own. Take your time because training hastily might only set you back further to your goal.
  • 😀 DisciplineTrain consistently. You’ll not get any progress (or not maximize your progress) if you’re training once a week. If your goal is to learn front lever, you must dedicate and focus much of your attention in learning the skills. Especially since you’re trying to learn a skill, the higher the frequency of your training, the better. Just remember that you should master your fundamentals before moving on to safely and efficiently learn front lever. 
  • 😀 Perseverance – Your body isn’t used to being placed in awkward positions. Your body wants to stay safe and comfortable. Resist this natural instinct and strive for change and improvement. If it was easy, then everybody’s hovering and doing their front levers everywhere. 

    Push through the downs and stay motivated with the ups.  

  • 😀 Respect your body – Training hard every day will NOT get you the results faster. As mentioned earlier, wait for your body to adapt. Especially with skills training, you don’t want to be fully fatigued to failure in each workout session or even repetition.

    Respect and be aware of your body’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s that or a wide array of injuries and disappointment. 

  • 😀 Honesty – Not training honestly will only lead to disappointment. Take your time and honesty gauge your body. Throw your ego out the door because it isn’t important here.

📌Remember, it’s not only about mastering a skill but who you become on the journey.

Now let’s talk about the PHYSICAL CHALLENGE 

As the front lever is a pretty advanced skill, the requirements before you actually start learning the skill is challenging.

You would need a solid core and excellent pulling strength.💪 You can view all the requirements in this article.

To achieve these requirements, you need to train your basics. It’s a gruelling path but the reward is truly satisfying. 🏆That’s why you also need the values mentioned above to push through the mental and physical challenges.

Are you ready to train the Front lever? 💪💪💪 


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