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This is the story of Andrew –

The Movement Athlete

Here’s a story of an injured scientist,🧪 but found new strength and a sustainable approach to fitness thanks to calisthenics.

Andrew Cox, a 29-year old scientist from Dallas, Texas, has just recently been active. He has been working out for only six years.

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The sustainable approach

“What drew me to calisthenics was that I needed some assistance that was different, one that was sustainable.”👊

🎯Calisthenics is an excellent method to treat and rehabilitate injuries while also minimizing the risks of future injuries in the future.

Calisthenics is focused on functional movement, which means it follows the natural biomechanics of our bodies. This means that the method solidifies movement patterns that our bodies should be able to do.

You can read more about it here:👉 How calisthenics can treat injuries.

“I was new into the field and I wanted a way to do some of the more advanced movements.”🤸

Like any individual learning about calisthenics, it’s very motivating to learn advanced movements.

✔️Nothing wrong with it. It keeps us motivated while carving a direction in our fitness journey.

As a scientist who’s particular in approach, he was first hesitant on how to progress towards these advanced skills. 🧐He was cautious about getting injured again.

The solution: Progressions

“What drew me to The Movement Athlete was its structured progressions. This app just laid it all out and was very easy to follow.”👍

After doing some research on guidance on how to build calisthenics skills, Andrew learned about The Movement Athlete and thought he found a solution.🎯

🤜 “I gave it a trial run and liked it so much. I bought a year subscription and have used it ever since.”

You can say that once you master your body, you will have a better understanding of how to master your life.

🏆Training calisthenics builds discipline, commitment and a strong will to strive for the better.

Progressions are variations of exercises to help you reach harder calisthenics movements. The Movement Athlete provided every progression for skills so that Andrew can learn them fast and as safely as possible.

📌For every skill level, there is a specific progression that can suit it to provide challenging exercises while minimizing the risks of injury.

Andrew was hooked and knew he’d make good progress with this approach of calisthenics.💯

Personalised & progressive training 🤸🤸🤸

“I wake up, and it tells me what I need to do each day, and I can look back over the course of weeks and months and see how I progressed over certain exercises and moved on.”😍

The Movement Athlete’s focused on providing a training program that works. Two important elements that a truly effective workout needs are personalisation and progressiveness. 

☑️Personalisation – Andrew’s capabilities are different from yours, from ours, and from everyone else. This is why personalization is vital. It takes into account your skill level so the program’s design is based on what you can actually do. Faster and safer progress is the result.

☑️Progressiveness – Like in weightlifting where you add weights to improve, calisthenics also has its way to keep every exercise challenging. It’s not just by adding more reps and sets like many think. The Movement Athlete provides high-quality, progressive exercises to keep Andrew and you challenged for life.

The main benefits Andrew has gained since starting

calisthenics and The Movement Athlete

Maintains consistency

“It also helps me realize weeks when I can do a little bit more rest to recover and I’m able to stay on track rather than be dismayed just because I’m not progressing every single time I work out.”
Staying consistent with anything is the key to progress. With TMA, Andrews has been able to become more consistent by providing him a graphic visualization of his progress. The sustainable approach also not forces him to try too much that he gets burnt out easily.

Freedom from pain and movement restrictions

“It’s had a huge effect on my day-to-day life movements that used to injure me. Now I can do pain-free.”

Aside from weightlifting, Andrew also played American football, which puts heavy loads of stress on the body. The result, frequent injuries which carried over to even minor tasks in his daily life. 

Now, that painful era of his life is over. He’s now moving with freedom and no longer having any issues of pain and limitations even when he grew older.

“Now I’m about to be 30, and I can do all those movements times 10 pain-free things to calisthenics.”

Convenient training

“I think what I like most about the program is just that I can kind of set it and forget it.”

Program designing and preparation takes a good amount of effort and time, especially if you don’t want to make a lousy dangerous program. 

With TMA, Andrew now has the luxury of tapping the app on his mobile device and easily gets to his workout. There’s no need to worry about the program design itself, as the app already does it for him.

“A lot of my calisthenics practice is rooted in the Movement Athlete.”

Andrew had a major breakthrough with his fitness journey after learning about calisthenics, especially when he became a  Movement Athlete. 🥇

“I think that you’ll find the program to be incredibly helpful and guide you into your journey and calisthenics.”🔐

the movement athlete calisthenics app

He no longer worries about the risks of injury and conveniently gets a “personal trainer” who’s one tap away from his mobile device.🤳 If you want to experience the benefits Andrew now enjoys, he said,


“So what I would say is if you’re on  the same page and you’re considering trying it, go for it. You would not be dissapointed.”👊




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