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Meet Andrew

Andrew was a lifelong martial artist who got a new, busy job and then found it was hard to make it to the gym. 

He needed a way of working out that he could do at home in the early morning. So, he started researching calisthenics information. Looking at blogs, articles, videos.

💪Calisthenics and working out is important to him because it helps him relieve stress, and he wants to be healthy so that he has the energy to go to work and make money for his family for years to come. 

He stumbled upon The Movement Athlete Academy and gave it a go because it’s free and looks promising. 

He immediately fell in love with the app. It’s because he doesn’t have to spend any time or energy thinking up a workout. He gets a sense of achievement, fulfillment, and reward from working out and making progress – like being able to do a handstand for 4 seconds, when before he couldn’t do it at all.

🏆 Now, his fitness journey is secured for years to come with the genuine investment he made for his body

Here’s his story.

✨Lack of consistency with gym habit

“I was still going to the gym, but it was like fits and starts. And I still, so nothing. I was really struggling to get into a routine and habit. And so I was going in fits and starts.”

Andrew tried to build a habit to go to the gym, but no matter how hard he tries, he ends up training inconsistently. This lead to very little to almost non-existent gains. 

It might be a personal preference but weightlifting does not make him chase or achieve something in his fitness journey. It was just about adding numbers in the weight room.

“…it didn’t really feel like I was doing anything that was kind of making me go towards something.”


✨Aimless training

“But if I’m just working out kind of aimlessly, it doesn’t bring me any kind of sense of achievement or kind of fulfillment. So I think just during that period of time, I’m not doing anything to maintain a level of fitness. It just didn’t feel great.”

He was also training inconsistently because there was no clear direction he is headed in his fitness journey. Weightlifting doesn’t give you a sense of achievement that he was looking for.

Because of this aimless and inconsistent training, he was headed nowhere. He didn’t feel healthy and fit like he was planning to be. 

Because of this, he let go weightlifting and focused on training martial arts. There, his passion for fitness ignited and he lead an active lifestyle.

✨Looking for the long-term training partner

“And also I wanted to, as I was getting older, I wanted to kind of maintain a level of fitness so that I could continue to work and not be kind of, you know, unhealthy.”

After his failed weightlifting attempt, Andrew has been practicing martial arts for the longest time. He is a black belter in kickboxing and then continued with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for three years. You can say he lived a very active lifestyle.

But a change in his work situation led him to 8 months of inactivity. No exercise at all.

At the end of the year, he decided to make a change in his lifestyle. He sat down and listed goals that he wanted to achieve. One of his goals is as mentioned above; to maintain his health as the years go by.

Nothing feels better than staying healthy, mobile, and strong for years to come. Time can knock on your door another day.

✨Need for accessibility

“I wanted to get back into exercise and I enjoy doing exercise. I like new things and this was a new thing and helped me to achieve my goals whilst also not taking up a huge amount of time or requiring me to go to the gym.”

Andrew needed a fitness approach that is very accessible other than being fun and effective. Accessible, meaning training shouldn’t be confined in the gym. Training also shouldn’t take so much of your time that it’s impossible to incorporate it into your already busy schedule. 

After tons of research, he realized that calisthenics is the way to go. He searched the world wide web for the perfect partner for his fitness journey.

✨Difficulty in making your own program

“And I knew there were progression steps to get you to the point where you can do like a pistol squat or a one-armed push-up. So I had looked around. I was reading lots of different blogs and stuff around and trying to put together a program for myself.”

Unfortunately, having tons of information on the internet could also be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have access to tons of information. On the other, you have TONS of information.

Information on the internet is so vast that there’s a lot of false, and/or contradicting information out there. 

Andrew realized that building his own effective and efficient program with all the data is difficult and very time consuming. 

He needed to find another way to train calisthenics. Building his own program isn’t an option for him.


✨He just went for it because it’s free!

“…because the app was free, I just thought, ‘**** it. I’ll just download it and try it.’ And that’s how it started. I didn’t really try any other apps.”

Andrew came across with The Movement Athlete Academy website. He found it interesting. The provided information about the app was sound and looks promising. And since it offers a 7-day free trial. Andrew went for it!

Let’s be honest – a lot of the fitness apps out there

are a bit sketchy, a bit dodgy. 🙁

“To me, like I said, I don’t really trust work out apps on the play store because they would look a bit dodgy. Whereas the website just had a bit more information. It sounded like the people from the company knew what they were talking about. It seemed quite structured in the approach, so that’s why I chose it.”

There’s tons of workout apps, calisthenics or whatever form you can think of, in the app store. Like the tons of misinformation on the internet, there are also tons of ineffective (to say the least) apps available. Not The Movement Athlete Academy.

Just from visiting the site, Andrew could already see the credibility of the app. The Movement Athlete’s information is well presented and backed up with testimonials from real individuals experiencing huge and real changes in their lives and fitness journey thanks to the app.

You’ll already be assured of high-quality app just from the website itself. Wait until you try the app and feel the difference!

the movement athlete calisthenics app

🔥 Ready program for home workout

“A really easy way of, it’s a really easy, lazy way of having a routine that you can do at home.”

Calisthenics, in its essence, is very accessible and can be done at the comforts of your own home. Andrew loves this!

Since you don’t need much equipment you’re good to go anywhere. There are some equipment you can use to maximize your training but all are very affordable. Heck, you can even improvise and find alternatives for the equipment! 

There’s no need to go to the gym.  Your gym is your environment. Train anywhere you would like to like Andrew.

🤸‍♀️Physical, mental and emotional benefits

“There’s a sense of reward when I did a handstand this morning for like four seconds. And you know, I’d not done it before for that amount of time. So it makes me feel a sense of achievement. You know there’s a sense of reward when I did a handstand this morning for like four seconds. I’ve not done it before for that amount of time.”

Andrew now fulfilled what he felt was lacking in weightlifting: a sense of achievement. 

Achievements in Calisthenics Andrew’s talking about are the skills you can learn in the discipline. These skills require much of your time and effort to learn. There’s a lot of technique, strength, balance, mobility, endurance involved. That’s why learning a skill gives you a sense of achievement .

The achievement could also translate to more motivation to train and enjoying the process as you go through your own journey.

“I’ve always believed that doing exercise has a huge, has a big benefit towards your mental health. And your ability to manage stress.”

Aside from the emotional gains from having to achieve something, you’ll also feel mentally stronger and more healthy.

When your body’s healthy, your body can function optimally that even your brain can function in its full capacity. You’ll be in a better state of mind because of the confidence you get from training.

Don’t just take this from me. This is also backed up by research!

💯 Stress-free workout

Don’t you just hate it when you tried so hard to make a program of you own then only end up not getting the results you wanted? Same thing with Andrew. Nobody like the inconvenience and failure.
But that now is a problem of yesterday for Andrew. 
“ So, to have an app will just it for me is great. I mean that saves me hours and hours and hours of time, of research, of reading blogs, reading articles, of trying to put down a program, it not working out, me experimenting with things.”
You’ll be guided with discipline-experts’ inputs through the app. All of the relevant, important and science-based information are already gathered for you.
Training with the app, you be basically feel that you have these experts as your personal coach… minus the unnecessary shouting and strict compliance
The app saves you so much time that you just need to go to the app, open the app, then you’re good to go. 
“Not having to think about what I will be doing. I don’t have the patience to sit down and structure a program of exercise that will work me towards achieving the goals that I’ve put to achieve, the things that I want to do, right?”
Andrew said,
“Really quickly just say I don’t have these particular pieces of equipment. That’s fine I know it’s been 15 minutes. It’s going to take me through it. It’s going to be really easy and clear to go through each individual step and there’s nice instructions. And there are nice videos, the GIFs are really good.”
The app acts as your personal trainer that adjusts to you. Even the equipment you’re going to use. The app doesn’t demand you to have these equipment for you to have a productive workout. You can choose what’s currently available to you then move from there.
As your personal trainer, the app will provide crystal clear instructions through:

  • Videos
  • GIF’s
  • Photos
  • Texts

“I’m seeing achievement and I’m seeing my progression. “
All of these instructions guiding you to your progress and achievements in your fitness journey. 
Once you see the results, you’ll be motivated to continue going!

✅ Genuine investment for your body

“[The app] seemed to have an authority. Like whoever constructed the site knew exactly what they were talking about… Quite well organized, and quite well-structured and the pricing structure seemed quite clear.”

Andrew got it right. The site and app was constructed by people who knew exactly what they were talking about. 

A mixture of high-level physiotherapist, professional gymnast, street workout specialist, professional acrobat, and amazing developers and staff were gathered to help you move.

Our bodies inevitably slowly fade away over time, but we can slow (to a point you feel like you’ve almost stopped it) this process with proper nutrition and a sustainable approach to fitness.

The Movement Athlete Academy is a genuine investment for your body. Just like an investment in an economic sense, the movement you start today with the app prepares you for a solid picture of health, strength, and mobility for a lifetime at an accessible price.

You’ll be secured in your fitness journey with The Movement Athlete.

Benefits Andrew gained from joining

The Movement Athlete


“You don’t really have to think that much. You just have to do the assessment and then it tells you, ‘this is the exercise that you need to do based upon what you’ve chosen.’”

Andrew enjoys his workout without worrying about how to develop his program. With a tap of his mobile device, he gains access to a personal trainer that makes a program based on his current situation, skills, goals, and needs.

You can invest all your energy in working out, without having to spend any time or effort thinking about what workout to do.

Saves time

“I am time poor so I don’t have a lot of time and the only time that I can really do any exercise these days is 5:30 in the morning when all my family is asleep.”

No need to worry about making time for your workout. Since the app adjust to you, you can set whenever you want/can train and set the duration you are comfortable with.

No strict schedule or demanding “Do this now.”

Emotional payoff

“Sense of achievement and also doing the things that I’ve set myself to do makes me feel you know, gives me a sense of, not happiness, but just achievement.”

Andrew feels that sense of reward and achievement that only comes from setting his clear workout goals and consistently meeting them – because this type of working out is actually fun.

And he can see his progress very clearly as he learns, “level up“, and unlock new moves.

“That’s a great stress reliever. So without that, you know, you don’t have an outlet so your kind of, your frustration or your stress and so I think mentally that can get quite, that can kind of creep up on you a little bit.”

Add that he releases his stress through his workout. There’s no need to bottle up all the stress and tension inside of him. He releases it through his workout, leaving him more emotionally stable and sound.

Keeps you consistent

“It is a semi-addiction where feel like, when I do it, I feel good. I feel like I’ve checked that box, and done that, and I’ve achieved that thing. And if I do it three times a week, the goal that I’ve set myself, then that’s great and I feel good about that and it makes me feel good about the rest of my day.”

Because he feels good about his workout and achievements, it keeps him motivated to keep on going. It’s almost like an addiction in a good way. You’ll always look for it and want it.

Staying consistent with your workout is the only way to gain and maintain progress. So you got to keep hungry for your workouts.

A bit more freedom to eat

“I do like to eat like biscuits and eat unhealthy food and I also don’t want to feel bad about that either.”

Speaking of hunger, eating delicious unhealthy food is a great way to unwind your soul. That’s why Andrew loves working out with The Movement Athlete Academy. Because of the burnt calories (and most of his days eating a healthy diet), he can be a tad more lenient in his diet.

We have to be blunt, junk food are delicious. It’s not that bad to eat from time to time in reasonable amounts.

With Andrew’s training, he has more freedom to eat the food he loves without feeling bad about it and receiving too much consequences in his action.

Going back, Andrew wanted to have a healthy, strong and mobile body for the rest of his life. He found The Movement Athlete to help him in his fitness journey.

Now, Andrew is experiencing now these amazing benefits:

  • Convenience in his workout life. No stress. Just workout in a tap on his mobile device.
  • Saves time since already has a personal trainer in his mobile device and that adjust to his needs, goals, and current situation. No need to go to the gym or follow a strict schedule.
  • Emotional payoff by reaching a sense of achievement and reward through his workout. He also gets a stress relieving activity.
  • Keeps him consistent by providing him results that gets him motivated. Keeps it fun, too!
  • A bit more freedom to eat even junk food. Healthy food is the way to go for a healthy body but sometimes, we really just need to satisfy our soul.


📌Final Advice from Andrew

“With a young family, I want to make sure that I can continue to be able to, as I get older, be in a state where I can go to work and earn money. And keel over at 55 with a heart attack because I’ve shoved my chips in my mouth for the last ten years. You know, so that’s being healthy and being fit, it just has a positive impact on your mindset, how you feel about yourself, how you’re able to physically get through life. So that for me is really important.”

Movement and training aren’t just for sports or for a specific discipline. It’s for your overall health so you can continue to function and care for your family even with age.

Stay healthy throughout your years.

Don’t know where to start? 

Try The Movement Athlete for free and feel the immediate difference.

Imagine feeling the difference from the trial. Now, imagine feeling the difference for the rest of your life.

Start training with The Movement Athlete Academy.



Sharma, A., Madaan, V., & Petty, F. D. (2006). Exercise for mental health. Primary care companion to the Journal of clinical psychiatry, 8(2), 106. doi:10.4088/pcc.v08n0208a


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