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✨Meet Soham

Have you ever thought of your path being set to stone, but then life introduces a new challenge that steered your life in a different direction in a good way?

This is exactly what happened to Soham.😱

Soham is a 25-year-old, fitness trainer who now loves calisthenics and is a full-time Movement Athlete.

Read more to learn from his story.


This is the story of Soham- The Movement Athlete 

“I started off as regularly as anyone else, lifting weights!”

Soham was an engineering student back then when he began his fitness journey. And like most of us, he began with lifting weights.

🏋️‍♂️Weight training is heavily marketed in the fitness industry. And even though the industry is biased towards it because of its profitability (AKA gym memberships, expensive equipment, etc.), weight training is still an effective approach.

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However, it’s not the only approach if you want to achieve a strong and capable body. Soham learned about his options and started looking into bodyweight training.👊

Upon searching through a myriad of options of calisthenics programs, he found out about The Movement Athlete. This is when he fully fell in love with calisthenics!🤸

“[I love] the skill progressions,  the customisability, and you can unlock and move forward if you feel like you’ve already completed it!”

⚡️Progressive calisthenics training

“TMA slowly keeps progressing you as you unlock that movement.”


Soham understands that in order to progress in fitness (and in life!), you need to keep on challenging yourself. 

This is the principle of progressive overload. Each session is harder than the last one. The extra challenge in each session challenges the body and mind to grow.

The Movement Athlete app forces Soham to grow by implementing 8 different methods:

  • ✅ Adding volume
  • ✅ Adding weight
  • ✅ Increasing range of motion
  • ✅ Changing the body position
  • ✅ Increasing training frequency
  • ✅ Combining exercises sequencing
  • ✅ Changing the tempo
  • ✅ & bending the rules and making it fun

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🌟Adaptive training

“You don’t have to stay back and it’s the very small changes that they notice. TMA actually takes you through the process until you have mastered the skill.”

Another reason why Soham is seeing progress in his calisthenics training is because of the adaptive approach TMA offers him.

With a tap on his mobile device,🤳 Soham’s program is adjusted based on what he can perform in that training session.

Let’s face it. In life and in fitness, progress is never linear. And then our physical, mental, and emotional energy are only limited within a period of time before regaining it back again.

This means in our training; we can never give our 110% in each session. And if ever we do so, we can only sustain in a short period of weeks. It’s not sustainable.🤸

The Movement Athlete app released its secret weapon: 📍Auto-regulation. This is when the artificial intelligence of the app creates Soham’s program by comparing his current performance with his previous training sessions.

This makes Soham’s workout sustainable while still maintaining a level of challenge for progress.

🔥Personalized training program

“…and TMA actually takes you through that process. You can set the number of days you want when you want to work out and also what skills you want to work on.”

In addition to an adaptive progressive training program, Soham now enjoys a training program that’s meant ONLY FOR HIM. He can adjust his program based on his lifestyle and goals. The app’s powerful AI also adjusts depending on his preferences.🤛

Unlike 📍cookie-cutter workouts or one-size-fits-all workouts, personalized training takes into account every strength and weakness. This means that the risk of injury is minimized while progress is inevitable if he does the work.

💯Skill Breakdown

“And they make sure that they have videos and instructions of every muscle that works and how to go about the workout!”

After a few sessions on working with his handstand training with The Movement Athlete app, Soham realized how he’s like training with a personal coach.

The TMA app provides an excellent breakdown of every exercise. Each is provided with clear text and video instructions. Furthermore, the main exercise goals are divided broken down into four categories:

  • 👊 Strength – building the baseline of your muscle’s capacity to move & produce force
  • 🤸 Skill – improving range of motion and awareness of the body
  • 💪 Muscle – increasing the body’s potential to build more strength
  • 🏃 Endurance – increasing the body’s capacity to move in longer periods of time

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Learning a skill piece by piece builds a stronger foundation for faster and safer progress.

Benefits Soham Now Enjoys After Becoming A Movement Athlete

Real progress through repetition

“I like the idea of repetitive movements because it helps you get stronger in the right direction.

TMA doesn’t offer you random exercises every day that will lead to nowhere. The key is in the consistency of repetition

If you have heard the famous saying of the legendary dragon, Bruce Lee, “ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks, but I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 ones.”

 Going deeper into the context, we’re not entirely focusing on specialization, but still, you will see the power of repetition can do.

 If you want to improve in calisthenics, do the reps. If you want to improve your general health and physique, do the reps that will work for you towards these goals.

 Thanks to this principle, Soham has been continuously making progress, getting stronger, more mobile, and healthier than ever. 

Convenient workouts

With a tap on his mobile device, he has already easy access to a virtual personal coach! And because he only needs his body weight to perform the exercises, he can easily work out anywhere at any time!

Lifetime training partner

Because Soham believes in The Movement Athlete’s training philosophy, he joined the lifetime membership!

After his engineering course, he then moves to the field of fitness to become a personal trainer. He got inspired to motivate and help people improve their bodies and be the best version of themselves.

The TMA program isn’t meant to be done for 2 weeks, 8 weeks, 6 months, or 1 year. It’s meant to be trained for LIFE. 

 That’s what fitness is all about anyway. 

 We move to improve. 

📌Final words from Soham


“If you’re someone who’s on the sales page, go through the entire success stories and read through it. I think they are life-changing and it really helps to read the entire thing to get a broader perspective.”

The Movement Athletes are speaking for themselves. Be part of this revolutionary perspective of fitness.🙌

☝️Don’t worry. You don’t have to commit immediately.





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