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Meet Charles


Charles, a 23 year old accountant from London, UK, used to play semi professional Polo and Lacrosse. He would compliment his trainings with functional exercises at the gym. But once he stopped playing sports professionally, he became bored with weight lifting at the gym. He no longer felt motivated. He switched to calisthenics with the goal of mastering new skills and challenging his training routine.

“I started going to the gym during university, mainly focused on

functional gym to help with sports.”


Finding The Movement Athlete


“I found that without the motivation of sport, weight lifting

became boring. I decided to start calisthenics to try to master a

new skill and take up a challenge.”




Charles chose to join The Movement Athlete Academy to commit to a new challenge. He knew that investing monetarily would ensure him to stick with it. The program would be a good motivational resource that would be worth his time and financial investment.

Charles likes how the program gives him a real sense of movement towards an end goal. He continues going to the gym but now he’s fully committed and motivated training with our calisthenics program. It’s helped him see exercising more as an activity and less as a chore.

“I look forward to going to the gym rather than seeing it as a 



the movement athlete calisthenics app

3 Main Benefits Martin gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Exercising is now a habit

Charles was bored of weight training. It didn’t motivate him enough to exercise consistently. With Calisthenics though, he doesn’t cringe at the thought of working out anymore. Instead, he’s made exercising a part of his routine and his day-to-day life.

The Movement Athlete Academy can help make exercising more of an activity and less of a chore.” 

He’s making progress

The Movement Athlete Academy has helped Charlie gain new skills. It’s a continually challenging program, where athletes are given the chance to steadily grow at their own pace. More than that, The Movement Athlete Academy deconstructs the steps to arrive at an end-goal. Charles has experienced this first-hand. 

The Movement Athlete Academy gives a real sense of movement towards an end goal.”

He’s resolving long-standing weaknesses in his form

Despite being a very prolific athlete for years, Charles hasn’t always addressed physical weaknesses. Many training routines don’t push for full-body mastery, but calisthenics does.

The Movement Athlete Academy can help make exercising more of an activity and less of a chore. I had serious lack of mobility in my left shoulder. When lying down with my hands above my head, my left hand has never been able to touch the floor. The programme involves a lot of flexibility exercises especially for shoulders which has really helped improve my shoulder mobility.”


Final Advice

“You won’t know if calisthenics is for you until you have tried it.”

“Not every session has to leave you dripping with sweat and wanting to keel

over. It’s more important to go consistently and work cleverly than go

infrequently because you dread it.”

“Don’t jump in too far along but don’t waste time doing easy exercises.”

Charles is fully committed to this new experience with The Movement Athlete Academy. The experience has been immensely positive and impactful on his view of exercising as a routine and the great benefits you gain from hard work.

“My progress has been slow and steady. It’s also been frustrating at times,

though always rewarding when hard work pays off.”

Charles’ investment in The Movement Athlete Academy has reaped amazing benefits both mentally and physically.

Now, are you ready to invest in your future?

You can find Charles on Instagram to keep up with his progress.


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