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Meet Aaron

Aaron, a 49-year-old family man, is a frustrated weightlifter who has felt burnt out and tired from the rigorous training that provided fewer results than expected over the years. 

Because of this, he switched to calisthenics. He has already good progress with his basic foundational movement patterns but still lacks direction in his fitness journey.  



This is the story of Aaron – The Movement Athlete


After searching over the internet on a proper workout plan, he encountered The Movement Athlete.

He felt a slight hesitation at first but good thing he pulled the trigger and took the risk.

🏆Now, he’s happily training with the guidance of The Movement Athlete towards his goals of learning new skills, breaking plateaus, getting stronger, building a good physique and healthy joints that would last a lifetime.

I was first skeptical of paying for the program and getting bored with it then eventually quitting. It’s NEVER gonna happen.

I look forward to my workouts now!

Read on to learn more about the benefits he now enjoys thanks to his new training buddy and coach, The Movement Athlete. 💪

the movement athlete calisthenics app

Spent some time weight training but never achieved many results, strength but hardly any muscle growth.

When training with weights, you’ll definitely notice you’ll get stronger. But there would be times that you might not notice your muscle growth due to the body fat covering the underlying muscles. 😔

This seems to be the case for Aaron. Unfortunately for him, weight lifting when partnered with an unmanaged caloric surplus, muscles development is attained alongside a good amount of body fat.

It’s inevitable with weight lifting compared to calisthenics which naturally trains your body to shed fat in order to get stronger and progress with the exercises. 

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Why is calisthenics so effective for fat loss? 

I gave up when I started to feel burnt out and run down from it.

Unfortunately, Aaron finds it pointless to train with the approach anymore. He’s not getting the results he was looking for on top of the very demanding and time-consuming approach.

So he went to look for a solution.

Aaron was looking for something that would keep him interested while putting him in a good stead for later life. Something that lasts more than just for the pump or for the summer season.🧐

Research has led him to calisthenics. 🤸‍♀️

It was amazing for him at the start of his journey. He developed good basic strength movement patterns such as pull-ups, push-ups, dips and squats. He was making progress but he had any direction. His training was making progress towards nowhere.

Started searching the web for plans and The Movement Athlete was the one that caught my eye.

Browsing through the internet 💻📲, he found a platform that promised the goals he was looking for and seemed to provide a good approach towards fitness.

Will all honesty, Aaron wasn’t 100% sure pushing through the program. There were a lot of things running in his head. He was apprehensive of paying for a program.

✨But the good thing he wasn’t just getting a program, he was getting a virtual coach that will guide him towards his goals for a lifetime of success.

Progressive approach to calisthenics

“I love the idea of the slow burn, steady, gradual progress toward the goal you have set.”

Within the few moments Aaron was using the The Movement Athlete app, he quickly fell in love with it mainly because of the philosophy of The Movement Athlete regarding fitness and how it tackles the calisthenics approach.🎯

The Movement Athlete doesn’t rely on a gimmicky 2-week program to handstand or a 7-minute workout to burn fat. 

It’s all about the slow and steady progress that delivers massive results in the long haul. This is because The Movement Athlete views fitness as a lifelong journey and not an on-and-off season. 

With that in mind, The Movement Athlete trains Aaron with progressive calisthenics in order to gradually progress towards the goal. 🔥

What’s progressive calisthenics you may ask?

👉It’s basically an approach to bodyweight exercises that implements progressions which are variations of an exercise to decrease or increase the difficulty of an exercise to suit your skill level.

This way, no matter where you are in your fitness/calisthenics journey, you’re sure that you will always make progress through a stimulating routine that’s not too difficult or not easy for you. Heck, it’s even in the name itself!

🥇Progressive calisthenics is a major component to Aaron’s development with The Movement Athlete.

“There’s a variety of exercise.”

✊The progressions available not only opens a gateway to secure progress and development in the future, it also means that there will be tons of exercises that can be accessed.

In Aaron’s case, this means tons of exercises to learn, never get bored, and an amazing opportunity to unlock his body’s full potential in so many aspects, not just strength and muscle.

Adaptive and Personalized training

“I love the way it adapts to your feelings on the day and overall personalisation.”

🏆Another reason why Aaron makes tons of progress, aside from the progressive style of training, is The Movement Athlete app’s ability to provide an adaptive and personalized routine for time.

Let’s define these two adjectives in our context separately.

💯PersonalisedAaron’s workout routine is designed for his current skill level, goals, lifestyle and needs. This means that he won’t be doing random exercises that don’t suit his abilities.

Instead, he trains with a program that’s optimized for him to reach his goals.

Remember that each individual is different. My skill level won’t be the same as yours. Aaron’s abilities won’t be the same as mine. If we all get the same program, it will only hurt our training and could possibly lead to hurting us in the long run.

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With the personalized routine, he’ll be able to move forward with his fitness journey in the safest, fastest and most efficient way possible.

👊Adaptive The Movement Athlete takes the progressive and personalized training to the next level by making the program adapt to you. 

Let’s face the hard facts of life that we cannot perform with perfect consistency and intensity each and every training. There are tons of factors that affect our energy levels.

We can be tired from work today and feel especially exhausted for a workout then be very energized for tomorrow due to a shift of mood that translates to better workout performance.

A super strict program will only lead to disappointment because consistent pressure to meet the training requirement will get to you as it’s not always possible to attain.

An adaptive program allows tweaks in the intensity for you to keep on progressing even when you feel down or tired. This also keeps your training still enjoyable and sustainable in the long run.

The amazing features The Movement Athlete offers resulted in these amazing benefits that Aaron now enjoys!


Benefits Aaron gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Better physique

I’m about 40 days in now. Results are starting to come: core is strong and tight, waist line has shrunk, pants are rather loose now.”

Aaron is no longer frustrated by the stubborn body fat that plagued him since his weightlifting phase.

The natural capacity of calisthenics to shed fat is accompanied by muscle development thanks to the progressive approach.

Since then, Aaron has managed to build a physique that he is proud of after his smart and hard work. The only downside to this is that he now needs to buy new pants or always wear a belt, but why would he complain!

Higher fitness level

“Overall strength and sense of well being have greatly improved.”

 With calisthenics, the main goal is to improve the overall fitness level and a great physique is only a by-product of smart and hard work.

That being said, Aaron feels much stronger than before with a better sense in every moment he does.

This is because The Movement Athlete trained him in a holistic approach that covered multiple areas of fitness aside from building strength. He was also improving his mobility, flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance, body control and body awareness.

All of these combined together let Aaron be able to enjoy his every movement with ease during his workout and even with his everyday simple movements.

Keeps him motivated and consistent for training

“Motivation has always been my biggest struggle. The Movement

Athlete is varied enough and fun enough that I have had no trouble

with getting and staying motivated yet.”


True progress can only be achieved through consistency. Good thing for Aaron, The Movement Athlete app engaged him and kept him motivated to consistently train. As a result he was continuously making gains and progress.

Having a fun training that makes you progress keeps his training sustainable for the long run. 

“Training is no longer a chore. Training is now a fun part of my day.”

🏆Aaron found a “virtual training coach” that he can rely on to make progress and stay motivated. The results are very visible and Aaron can feel the amazing changes in his body. 

I’m very pleased with progress. I can’t wait to see what I will

have achieved after a year of following the program.

Here’s Aaron’s advice on how you can also achieve progress in your own fitness journey. 👇👇

Results take time, don’t expect to see big changes

immediately. It’s a slow burn. Stick to it.

✔️Overall, Aaron’s advice speaks the truth on whatever field you are trying to improve on. Focus on the long term and keep on working as the changes you deserve will arrive for you.

Just make sure you are training hard and smart just like Aaron.

Train hard and smart by becoming a

Movement Athlete! 💪💪💪



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