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Meet Jesse

🤜 Jesse Ogburn is a 32-year-old cabinet builder with a very active lifestyle. Aside from his physically demanding occupation, he also loves ultra running, which is long-distance running.

His passion for running made him realize that he might have forgotten the other parts of his body, not necessarily required for running. Still, it needed for everyday function, especially given his occupation.

He decided to go with calisthenics as the approach to address his weaknesses and build upper-body strength. He thought that he’s carrying his bodyweight all the time, might as well use it to his advantage. 🤸

Like everybody nowadays, Jesse turned to Google 🧐 for a quick search on the best calisthenics app programs out there. There were many seemingly “good” programs on paper but tended to be dodgy in practice.

The Movement Athlete presented itself to Jesse, and immediately, The Movement Athlete captured Jesse’s attention. It already offers the most right from the start:

  • ✅ It’s personalized
  • ✅ It’s adaptive
  • ✅ Focuses on building strength from the basics
  • ✅ Begins with an evaluation
  • ✅ It’s offers a 7-day full access trial period 

Right from the start and with nothing to lose, Jesse opted for The Movement Athlete and is now a lifetime member!

🏆Jesse is now feeling better, moving better, more balanced, physically and mentally stronger than ever since joining The Movement Athlete.

Here is his full story below.

“I needed something to help to balance out strength. I’m running all the time. It’s easy to forget about upper body strength and some of those things that help to keep your whole body balanced.”

Jesse has always been a long-distance runner. Even though it’s great for his health, that endurance training does not translate to strength gains and building muscle.❌

As a cabinet builder, Jesse’s occupation requires a decent amount of upper-body strength to keep up with the demands at work. He needed more than just endurance, especially if he wants to have a healthier body that’s capable of movement.

Convenient and Accessible: Using what you have

“One of the reasons I chose calisthenics is because I’m carrying the weight around. Might as well use it compared to going out and buying a whole wide set of expensive equipment.”

🤸Calisthenics requires little to no equipment at all, and that’s why Jesse decided to go with the approach. It’s convenient since he’s already carrying his weight. He just needs to manipulate it for each exercise.

👊 Aside from that, the accessibility that calisthenics offers is too good to pass on. You can work out anywhere, anytime, without having to spend on expensive pieces of equipment. It’s a win on our book and Jesse’s.

“I went online. The first thing you do, Google it. I found a lot of programs on paper.”

Living in modern times has its advantage. One of them is convenience, thanks to technology. A quick search 🤳  on the web led to several “seeming”  good programs that are not worth anybody’s time in actuality.

“I like The Movement Athlete because it was more customized to the person so I could go on there.”

His search eventually led him to The Movement Athlete, in which he immediately saw the potential of the app. It was customizable and wasn’t a cookie-cutter, or one-size-fits-all program is already a huge factor to join in. 🎯

Jesse first joined through the full access trial period and eventually became a lifetime Movement Athlete.

the movement athlete calisthenics app

Here’s what Jesse experienced and realized during his training with the app:

✅ Focus on fundamentals

“You’re developing that base foundational strength so that you’re not getting out of balance in one way or the other.”

The Movement Athlete focuses on building strength from the fundamental movement patterns for each body part. This builds balanced progress throughout the fitness journey.

Not only that, but training the fundamentals also develops other equally important aspects of fitness such as:

  • ✊ Mobility
  • ✊ Endurance
  • ✊ Skill
  • ✊ Body control & awareness

✅ Addressing weak points

“And I think overall; it’s given me a more balanced strength.”

After some time working with the fundamentals, Jesse felt his weaknesses on some exercises.

Following the The Movement Athlete program helped him work on his weak links and made him balanced and much stronger overall.🏆

✅ Adaptive Calisthenics

“I’m having a bad day, you know, I can come back a little bit. If I’m feeling extra strong, you know, I can do a little bit more. And, you know, over time, that adds up. And eventually, you begin to do more overall, and then you can progress through the different levels of each activity.”

Much of his progress can be attributed to the adaptive approach to calisthenics The Movement Athlete offers. The Movement Athlete applies the principle of auto-regulation

☝️ To sum it up, auto-regulation is the ability of the The Movement Athlete programs to adapt to your previous workout session while taking into account what you can also do today with your current energy levels. This gives you a progressive, efficient, yet safe and sustainable workout.

You can read more about auto-regulation in the link below:
SECRET WEAPON: Auto-regulation

With the adaptive training approach, Jesse can train more if he can and train less if he cannot while still making progress overall.💯

Every session adds up to progress. This allows for realistic training that does not burn you out and keeps you motivated in the long run.

Aside from that, The Movement Athlete follows a progressive approach to calisthenics which many bodyweight training programs often miss.

The progressive approach relies on progressions and regressions. These are a set of variations of a specific exercise to increase or decrease difficulty to suit an individual’s skill level. 

🏆 With the combination of adaptive and progressive calisthenics, Jesse is now at his peak of fitness and still rising.

Here’s what Jesse is now enjoying with his new lifetime training partner.

Benefits Jesse gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Better at work and everyday movement

[TMA] helped my running and my everyday activities. I had mentioned I’m a cabinet builder. It’s hard manual labor and having a balanced body is key not to hurt yourself and beat yourself up.”

The wonders of training with calisthenics are that you’ll get strong in calisthenics, but it also translates to your other movements in real life. It’s real-life strength

 His new fitness level has a good transfer to his running, everyday movement, and physically taxing occupation.

Feel and see real progress

“You can actually see the progress. You can see yourself going places. Eventually, you start to do things that you weren’t able to do in the beginning.”

When training with TMA, Jesse can see his progress through the app’s tracking feature. He can easily see the progress he made presented in a “game-like” interface that is fun and user-friendly. 

Aside from seeing the progress through the app, he can actually feel the progress he made after achieving new movement patterns he cannot do in the past.

Build discipline

“It helps you to build the discipline, to keep working at it, keep chipping away at it, it’s a kind of reward system where you keep moving up through the different progressions.”

As mentioned above, the progress is presented in percentage form like you’re training to level up in a game, from 0% to working towards 100% until you move to the next level, the next progression.

This form of progress motivated Jesse even more and views it as a reward for leveling up. He didn’t realize that it built him more discipline in his training than reflected in other aspects of his life.

Mentally stronger

“[TMA] has helped me mentally just in day-to-day activities to once I realize, you know, I can do this, you know, I can actually do these activities and get stronger. It’s given me the mental ability to break things down into steps.”

As mentioned above, the progressive approach breaks down a complex movement into simpler, easier movements, so you have a visible path to work on.

Jesse has a profound realization that he can take this concept into his regular daily activities: breaking down things into simpler, easier, digestible, doable steps in order to chip away from the more significant action needed to be done.

“…and then complete those steps to the best of my ability. Cut back a little bit if I can’t quite make it; a little bit more, if I think I can do it. And it just helped me mentally to be able to overcome different obstacles that come up even beyond just strength training.

Also, the principle of auto-regulation has trickled down to his mindset. He needs to step back from time to time and move a bit more aggressively if he can.

These powerful training principles trained his body physically and gave him a powerful, adaptive mental state to capitalize on training and real life.

🏆  Jesse got a massive improvement in his workout and everyday life thanks to The Movement Athlete and its adaptive, progressive approach to calisthenics.

Here is, again, a quick rundown of what Jesse now enjoys thanks to his new training partner:

  • ☑️ Stronger for his physical work, running, and everyday movement
  • ☑️ Continually see and feel real progress
  • ☑️ Builds more discipline in training, which translates to other aspects of his life
  • ☑️ Mentally stronger and a decisive shift of perspective on how to tackle obstacles

Jesse has loved The Movement Athlete and his new approach to fitness and life. He thinks that he shouldn’t be the only one enjoying the benefits calisthenics has to offer. 

“Go ahead and a try. See what happens for months; even a couple of weeks is going to change the way you feel. You will be sore for a little bit when you first start, but it’s worth it. Once you get over that, you’ll start to feel the difference.”

Fitness is a lifelong journey. It does not end when you finish the 8-week program. It continues while you are still alive. 

So start your journey by training smart and following a program that takes good care of you.

“It takes a while to develop the strength, to keep progressing. But it doesn’t take long for your body to start adapting to those exercises. If you’re thinking about it, give it a try and get in.”

You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Try The Movement Athlete and feel the difference.


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