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Meet Manuel

Manuel grew up with a solid fitness background. At the age of 14, his dad already taught and instilled him calisthenics. Basic movement patterns such as push-ups, pull-ups and squats were introduced to him.

As he grew older, he then transitioned to crossfit and soon weightlifting training hoping to achieve his fitness goals with these methods.

In his fitness journey, he realized 🤔 that the path he chose wasn’t exactly aligned with goals. He struggled with the issues of immobile and high risk movements. He also didn’t like the physique he is gaining through weight lifting. It was unnatural.

An unfortunate accident occurred in his life which lead him to a doctor’s recommendation: NO GYM 😲

But Manuel didn’t let this recommendation stop him from achieving his fitness goals which is why he decided to train at home and shift to calisthenics.

☝️After the switch, he fell in love and continued to move forward.

Now, Manuel is only getting much stronger, flexible, mobile, leaner and more aware with his body. 🏆🏆🏆

He wished he should have continued with his calisthenics training when he was 14 years old.

This is his story.



“I have a 🚗car accident, and I can’t get to the gym”

Sometimes, life just throws a hard ball unto us and hits us hard straight on our forehead. It’s inevitable no matter how careful you can be. ⚡️

But what matters is that you know how to move forward past these obstacles.

Manuel did exactly this. After the incident, no doctor’s recommendation could stop him from training. He needed to make sure that any risks of injury are kept at a minimum in order to avoid any complications with his injuries from the accident.

He needed to adjust and make a detour in his fitness journey.


“I wasn’t flexible and I [didn’t] like the body that I

was developing…”

🤜 But the accident is only the catalyst. It isn’t the only reason why he made the change.

With his traditional weight training🏋️, his body ended up lacking flexibility and mobility.

What good is a strong body if you can’t move it in full range of motion and aches all the time?!

👉 We can’t fully blame weight training because it can actually help you get more mobile.

But popular and common programs available for weight training don’t provide proper mobility and flexibility exercises to address the issue.

Aside from that, weight training builds an unnatural physique which he didn’t love. 🙁

How did this happen? Simply because in order to get stronger to pull/push heavier weights, our body adapts by building more muscle. This could be off putting for some but of course, to each their own. 


Manuel needed to make a change. 🎯

He needs an approach that builds a more natural and good physique, makes him stronger, and improves his flexibility and mobility while keeping the risks of injury low.

“I switch to train at home with bodyweight and gymnastic rings.”


After a good amount of research, he ended up with the roots of his fitness journey: calisthenics.

Only now, he’s equipped with The Movement Athlete to guide him for the more advanced training.

the movement athlete calisthenics app


He immediately fell in love again with calisthenics and the app. 


He was shocked😲 by the news gains from training with the old approach executed in the correct way.


☝️ Even with his past injuries, Manuel watched as he developed a stronger, more mobile and leaner body. Not only that, he also transitioned into learning advanced calisthenics skills that trains his body coordination and control to the next level.


Here are just some of the benefits Manuel is now enjoying thanks to calisthenics and The Movement Athlete.



Benefits Manuel Gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Less risk of injury🤕

Upon sustaining injuries from the accident, Manuel can’t go all out with his training after much needed rest.

Doctors also advised to refrain from weight training as this puts his body at a higher risk of injury.

How so? What’s more dangerous: lifting X+++ kgs of weights and barbell or lifting your bodyweight?

Exactly. Bodyweight training makes use of leverage to put our body at a mechanical disadvantage to make exercises more difficult. But throughout the training, we’re just basically using our bodyweight.

Manuel needed exactly this as he recovers from his injuries. Even when he was fully he healed, he still continued with calisthenics to keep the risk of injury low, and his gains high.

“...getting a leaner body, strength, mobility, flexibility and more body awareness.🏃🏻

With calisthenics, we don’t just train to get stronger and build muscles. Calisthenics all attributes of fitness in order to have an overall healthy body.

Cardiovascular endurance, strength, mobility, flexibility, skill, balance, coordination, you name it! Calisthenics covers it all.

That’s why Manuel loves calisthenics. His overall fitness level raised through the roof thanks to calisthenics. 

Manuel Ortiz

Functional Strength💪

Manuel knows the importance of functional strength. This means natural movements that the body can do and are functional (usable) in real life.

Calisthenics exercises are multi-joint, multi-muscle movement patterns that are based on natural movements. Naturally, as you progress with calisthenics, your basic movement patterns also get stronger.

Manuel got stronger not only in calisthenics, but also outside of his training. His everyday movements and flow got a lot easier and lighter. Plus he can do it in the full range of motion.


Manuel got reunited with his first love, calisthenics, and fell in love again after having some time apart.

From this point on, he’s focused solely in calisthenics and now enjoys lifelong benefits of the approach.🤸‍♀️

Now, he’s getting:

  • 💪 Less risks of injury even training after getting into a car accident
  • 💪 To train more fitness attributes equally essential as strength and muscle
  • 💪 A more natural physique
  • 💪 And he gets functional strong: stronger inside and outside of his training

We asked Manuel what advice can he give to you and here’s what he has to say:

“Love your body and genetics and be more human by doing

calisthenic movements and bodyweight strength training.”

☝️ Manuel is right. Even though we can’t change our genetic composition, we have to love our body and ourselves. This way, we can improve and be the best version of ourselves.

One way of showing love to our body is by training with calisthenics as this keeps our body’s identity in its best version ever.


How do you show you love your body?

Let us know in the comment section below.



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