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Meet Ajit. He’s a 29-year-old HR professional from Noida, India.

His regular fitness regimen was more only cardiovascular such as running.🏃 But after some time, he stopped.

He hasn’t trained regularly for two years. And After experiencing weight gain and aching joints that he couldn’t explain, he decided to make a change.



Luckily, his brother overcame this phase with one simple solution: calisthenics through The Movement Athlete app.

Since then, Ajit has been progressing with his fitness journey and more.

Read more to learn his story! 👇


“[The Movement Athlete] was recommended to me by my brother, who has been a practitioner and has been quite successful with it.”

Frustration builds as Ajit doesn’t gain much from his weight training regimen. Instead, what he got were weight gain and nagging joints.

Weightlifting doesn’t inherently produce these negative results. However, lacking proper guidance can lead to this and possible injuries.

Ajit’s brother recommended switching to calisthenics with the guidance of The Movement Athlete app. Why did he recommend it? Because his brother has already been practicing for a year with TMA and calisthenics and has experienced huge improvements in his body after regularly practicing the app.

Ajit’s brother shared his experiences and advantages of training with the app. That quickly sold Ajit to the idea of shifting his training approach, and he immediately trained with The Movement Athlete. He was not disappointed at all!


🏆Witnessing results!

“I was quickly transformed and moved to TMA immediately after starting with my brother’s story!”

Ajit’s brother recommended the TMA app to him to improve his physique and whole body. 

His brother has been training regularly for a year with The Movement Athlete, and he has experienced a massive improvement in his body. He shared with Ajit the advantages of training calisthenics with TMA, and Ajit was completely hooked!

It was all talk. He realized his brother’s progress and found it unbelievable. 

That’s when he was sure that’s going to train with TMA.


💥Ajit’s turn to experience the benefits

“It has been just more than a week of using the app. I’ve already seen a couple of improvements.”

Ajit hasn’t had a long time with the app, yet he’s already making noticeable gains with his body. His body has become more flexible and less rigid immediately, even if he thought that changes would take some time. Internally, he’s feeling more energetic and gaining more stamina. This was just more than a week of training. Just imagine how he could have felt and gained after weeks, months, and years of training with the app and calisthenics.

Here’s how TMA facilitated the results for Ajit.


Personalized coaching🤳

“This is all instructions so you don’t have to strike your brain to decide which exercise you should do. You should do You should not do You just go by the plan, and this works for you.”

The Movement Athlete app offers a personalized training approach and provides everything Ajit needs to get started. All he has to do is to show up and do the workout.

It all starts with a bodyweight mastery assessment. The assessment helps analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Ajit, so the app can identify what he needs to work on. The app provides a workout based on his skill, so it’s not a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all workout. The workout he gets is optimized just for him.

🤔What’s the point of personalization?

A personalized workout means that every aspect of the workout is adjusted based on his strengths and weaknesses. This allows him to get a challenging workout while minimizing the risk of injuries.

If he pushes through a cookie-cutter type workout, then there will be too big problems. It can either be too difficult that forcing to finish or follow the workout, which can lead to injuries or overtraining. Or it can be too easy that he’s not going to push through his plateau and make progress.

Personalization matters, and it’s a deal breaker when getting a proper workout. Ajit gets everything from the app, such as the following:

  •       ✅ How to perform the exercises
  •       ✅ Tips and technique
  •       ✅ What are the exercises for
  •       ✅ Reps and sets
  •       ✅ Recommended rest periods
  •       ✅ Training structure

As you can see, it’s a highly convenient workout. It’s like training with a coach. He no longer needs to think about structuring and planning his training. Once he finished his assessment, he was ready to go.


Adaptive training🤸

“What I like most about the program is that program is quite flexible. You can adjust the timings, you can choose the equipment, and it designs the program for you.”

The Movement Athlete takes personalization up a notch and adapts it to different factors that might change during Ajit’s fitness journey.

Ajit can set the time or day he can train. This adjusts the weekly training structure for Ajit so he can also let the last muscle groups he trained last session. He can also change the equipment accessible to him. There will be times when you might get access to all the training gear. There will also be times when you won’t have any equipment at all. This won’t limit Ajit with his training, and TMA can adjust his workout based on the available training gear.

But what makes TMA so powerful is the adaptive ability of the app to change energy levels and mood of Ajit. This is called auto-regulation. This means that the app shifts Ajit’s training program based on his past and current performance.

In practice, you won’t be able to give your 100% every training session. Too many variables in life can affect your capacity to do your workout. If you force yourself to do a too-challenging workout, you can get injured or overfatigued in the long run.

Auto-regulation prevents this phenomenon from happening. With the adaptation of the app to Ajit’s program, Ajit’s workout still remains challenging just enough to promote progress while minimizing the risks of burning out or injuries.

This is the secret to a lifelong, sustainable fitness journey. You get to maintain a progressive workout safely, which keeps the process enjoyable rather than grueling.


Attention to Detail🏋️‍♂️

“Plus, the videos are quite helpful. They show the poses quite accurately.”

Furthermore, TMA app provides comprehensive guidance to Ajit so he can hit every exercise with perfect form. Good form means maximum progress while avoiding injuries.

Because of the personalized, adaptive, and comprehensive training regimen Ajit got from The Movement Athlete app; he’s now enjoying these benefits below.👇

 Benefits Ajit now enjoys with

The Movement Athlete and Calisthenics

Holistic Training

“It’s about overall fitness, which is more crucial than just weight lifting or strength exercises. I think the app just covers everything. What you need for regular fitness.”

Calisthenics is a resistance training approach that uses body weight. Its primary goal is similar to weight lifting: building muscle and strength but using body weight.

 However, TMA formed a comprehensive approach to calisthenics to cover all equally valuable fitness attributes. Strength, muscle, endurance, skill, coordination, and awareness all of these are equally important if you want to achieve a healthy, functioning body for a lifetime.

Not all calisthenics training program approaches bodyweight training like this. The Movement Athlete focuses on improving your movement and your body. 

Convenient Workouts

“It becomes very easy to follow this around the year and wherever you are. So no matter what situation you are in, whether you’re traveling, whether you are at home or a gym, you can follow this through.”

As we mentioned, calisthenics is inherently portable. You can bring your workouts anywhere at any time. However, some calisthenics training programs require equipment. Sometimes, this is not always possible. But thanks to the adaptive training structure, Ajit can work out anywhere, and anytime he wishes to. Convenient workouts also help maintain consistency which leads to sustained progress.

Developed Discipline

The Movement Athlete gave me a kind of discipline which I lacked.”

The key to actually making progress and maintaining it is to get consistent with the workouts. Motivation can help you get started, but discipline is what keeps you going.

 Ajit didn’t have discipline with his fitness regimen during his lifting phase. However, thanks to the convenient workouts, Ajit never missed a session. He simply opens up the app on his mobile device. Set a fixed time and try to adhere to the schedule the app has provided him. Once he has started the initiative to train, he fills accomplished that he has done something. And he did! He took care of his body. That creates a happy feeling for him, on top of the gains made in his sessions.


“If you are working and if you have a lack of time, if you are in somewhere where if you are traveling too much or if you want to gain discipline, this is something that you should definitely get, and I definitely want to follow it throughout my life. Hopefully, you would like it too, and you would follow it through.”

🔥When talking about your health, there should be no excuses. It’s a top priority since you can’t do anything if your health has deteriorated. With The Movement Athlete, you can work out anytime and anywhere. It will help you build a strong relationship with fitness and discipline, just like what Ajit experienced.

📌Ajit’s Final Thoughts

“If you are on the sales page and if you are thinking about getting that app, I would just advise you to get it because you can just start with a trial, and then if you follow it through seven days, you are definitely going to like this program, and you would follow it through.”

Don’t hesitate now. Begin your personalized and adaptive calisthenics journey and enjoy the benefits of living with a healthy and capable body. If you’re still hesitant, try out the app for FREE by starting with our assessment. You will not regret it



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