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Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletespeople just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!

Here’s a story of a long-time trained calisthenics athlete that realized that not all calisthenics are equal. That’s why now, she’s a fully dedicated Movement Athlete.


Meet Kiara


Meet Kiara. Kiara isn’t new to fitness and the calisthenics approach.

As an equestrian and general sports enthusiast, she has had some experiences with sports-related injuries. Good thing she didn’t allow the injuries she sustained over the years to completely hold her back from enjoying her passion.


This is the story of Kiara – The Movement Athlete


She trained for 6 years with calisthenics🤸‍♀️ all by herself to keep her strong and healthy for her horseback🏇riding and parkour.

Unfortunately, she hit a wall in her progress that kept her from getting any stronger in a safe way.

Luckily, when she was studying more about calisthenics, she discovered The Movement Athlete and that’s the moment she knew she would continue to progress for a lifetime without having to worry about her injuries.

“I really enjoyed using this app and from what I’ve seen, it’s one of the best calisthenics apps available!”

👉👉Read on to learn her full story and how The Movement Athlete App helped her in her fitness journey.


“My injuries are always holding me back.”

Kiara is a very active individual. Even though she tries to lessen the risk of injury, the chances of experiencing such unfortunate events cannot be completely eliminated. The more you move, the more risks present themselves; especially if you add unpredictability factors such as an animal in Kiara’s case.

Kiara fractured both of her elbows in two separate horseback riding accidents in her earlier years. After having those fully healed, she unfortunately re-injured her right elbow with the addition of her left shoulder. Ouch!

On top of that, she also had an anterior pelvic tilt which is an imbalance that leads to a slow degradation of her knee cartilage at the age of only 32. 


I started calisthenics as a way to strengthen my body and to improve, maintain my joints and reduce risk of re-injury in future.”

Good thing that Kiara is a smart woman and addressed and corrected these matters through calisthenics.

With calisthenics, she got stronger and felt better for a long period of time.


The progress stopped. 

Mind you that she was training on her own and building programs from her research on the internet.

That’s when she decided to follow a more structured program.

I was looking for a general workout app not just a package to help me reach one or two goals.”

She discovered tons of workout apps and programs available on the internet but nothing seems quite right. She looked for a program that can cover multiple aspects of fitness. She aims for overall improvement and balance. She wants full growth and development in her fitness journey.

Traditional weight lifting is already not an option as she doesn’t want to increase the risk of injury by using heavy weights. Add that the physique from weightlifting looks unnatural compared to the lean physique you will achieve from calisthenics.

Kiara loves studying the human body and researching ways to optimize her fitness journey. While navigating around the world-wide web, The Movement Athlete keeps popping out of her searches providing her answers and suggestions to her inquiries. 

Image of the app


🏆Holistic Approach for the long-term benefits

“I love the idea of a well-rounded approach that focused on steady progress, mobility and functionality over quick gains and flashy moves.”

The first impression for Kiara was a lasting one. On the website, TMA’s goals are defined as helping you attain a well-rounded body that’s complete with real-world strength, mobility, functionality and a natural physique.

Everything ticks for Kiara as well as the promising a steady flow of progress rather than promoting unrealistic X-week gains. 

That’s exactly the philosophy of The Movement Athlete, prioritizing your progress without sacrificing longevity of your body. It’s all about making moving forward no matter how small the progress is as long it gets you towards your goal safely in the most efficient way possible.


🏆Progressive calisthenics

The progress Kiara is now experiencing can be attributed heavily to TMA’s progressive perspective to calisthenics.

“TMA app is awesome because it gave me access to so many more progressions than I knew existed.”

Not all calisthenics are equal. Many calisthenics programs attempt to teach people “how to progress properly” by just adding reps and sets to your exercises.

While there is truth to that at some point, it’s not definitely the only way to improve your efficiency to move and it is not the all the time the best way to increase intensity.

Increasing volume of exercise by adding reps and sets are effective at some point IF the exercise provided suits your skill level. If it’s too difficult or too easy, adding reps will only do you a disservice.


🏆Adapts to her changing needs

“Progressions ensured I could access the movements at whatever level my body was able to deliver at different stages of my healing processes.”

Like what Kiara experienced with TMA, she was able to maximize her progress in every step of her fitness journey since there are progressions suitable for every level. 

Especially in her case that she suffered from an injury, progressions play an even more vital role of safely providing her resistance that is stimulating enough for her to make progress, but not too challenging that affects her previous injuries.

The Movement Athlete app takes progressive calisthenics to the level by making Kiara’s already superb program adaptive to ever changing needs.

Naturally, tons of factors affect our performance in training especially if you have a previous injury like Kiara’s. That’s why TMA’s powerful artificial intelligence that generates the program continues to make adjustments in every training session.

This is thanks to the auto-regulation capacity which that’s also a mainframe of TMA’s training philosophy on top of the progressive characteristic.

Adaptive training keeps Kiara getting stronger than ever in every step in her fitness journey.

Even though my body will never be completely whole again it is functioning at a higher level now than it did when I was a fit, active teenager.

Let’s look at some of the benefits Kiara now enjoys with the TMA training app.


Benefits Kiara gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Safe training even with injury

“It is slow and controlled so that I could control the loading and to

help me rebuild strength while I avoided re-injury.”

With her progressive and adaptive style of training, Kiara no longer needs to worry about her injury as there wouldn’t be any sudden jumps of difficulty when performing any exercise.

Each progression provides a slow increment of difficulty so that there will be progress that doesn’t push her dangerously risking for any possible re-injury or even new more injuries.

Breaks Plateau

“I had hit a bit of a plateau with my training. Tma helped me to

break past it.”

Another advantage of the progressive style of training is making progressive every single time. The adaptive platform also keeps it stimulating for progress and keeping it enjoyable even in the days Kiara cannot perform well due to the other factors of life.

Plateaus due to training program inefficiency is caused by lack of personalization. With TMA’s ever adaptive and personalized training regimen, Kiara keeps on progressing and keeps on breaking her new records!

Worry-free workout app

“It was awesome knowing that my workout was pre planned for

me – all I had to do was open the app and go!”

Everyone is looking for an effective workout program, but not everyone has the time and energy to follow complicated procedures or time-consuming steps just to workout. You’ll get burnt out before you even start the workout!

That’s TMA keeps it simple for you. We handle your workout so all you need to do is the actual workout like what Kiara’s enjoying right now. 

Progress tracking

“Not having to think for myself and seeing my progression

recorded for me.”

To show how worry-free the app is, Kiara also no needs to worry about recording her progress. The TMA app keeps track of her daily progress and exhibits it in an easy-to-understand gamelike format so you get challenged as you see yourself get closer to your goal.

Consistent training even during the lockdown


“It really helped me to keep going when lockdown started and my

motivation took a bit of a dive.”


 During the lockdown caused by the global pandemic, I can’t blame you if you lost your motivation to train especially if your favorite gym is closed.

Kiara also fell to this situation, but immediately bounced back thanks to TMA. 

With her new training buddy, she can train and surely make progress in the comforts of her own home. Making her stronger than ever and even boost her immune system against the dreaded COVID19 and other diseases. 

Kiara is a resilient individual that no injury can stop her from improving herself and attain her fitness goals. 

While she indeed got into a slump, The Movement Athlete became her new training partner and helped her in every step of her journey.👊

Here are again the benefits she enjoyed by training with TMA app’s progressive, adaptive and holistic training style:

  • Safe training without worrying about re-injury or new injuries
  • Breaking plateaus, making progress continuously
  • Worry-free, easy-to-use workout app
  • Tracking progress simply through the app’s interface
  • Consistent training during the lockdown


Final Advice

We’ve asked Kiara what piece of advice she can give for those who are having troubles with their fitness journey,

“Never give up. Plateaus happen to everyone when you get stuck, get help.”

Resilient isn’t just about being strong. It’s about being smart as well. Learn when to get help as advised by Kiara.

And with her past situation; when she asked for help, The Movement Athlete came through.

“It’s a fantastic feeling and I want to continue the journey as

long and far as I can with The Movement Athlete!”

Kiara became a Movement Athlete and for the long run.

Are you ready to take on this journey?💪

Challenge yourself and be a Movement Athlete! 



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