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🔐Insane benefits of handstand that you

didn’t know about

Before we jump into the never ending benefits of being able to perform a handstand, let’s talk about what is involved in performing this skill. 

What does it take to perform a handstand? 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

calisthenics handstand infographic


✅ Upper body strength

As mentioned earlier, your upper body isn’t really used to switching roles with your lower body. You’ll have to have a base strength so you can progress safely and quickly with your handstand training.

You’ll need good arm strength, shoulder strength, core strength But don’t just focus on those, you’ll basically be using your whole body for the skill.

Hold on. Don’t get intimidated because you won’t need hulk-like strength for a handstand. 

For your core, train properly your plank. Master good form and hold it for 60seconds then you’re good to go.

For your upper body, you just have to get enough strength first to you can start training handstands against the wall. The wall will help you carry some of your weight.

You’re regular push-ups, dips, pull-ups and bodyweight rows will get you there in no time.

For your lower body, you need to have enough power to kick up to your handstand.

Not that hard to attain, right?


✅ Mobility

Shoulder mobility and wrist mobility are what we’re looking for. Having good both shoulder mobility and wrist mobility will not only help you learn handstands, it will help you master them.arms.

For learning handstands, just make sure you are comfortable putting your hands up over your head with straight arms.

Your wrist should be comfortable with leaning forward and backward with added pressure. It will be the most responsible for handling your balance so practice it well.

You would also need some mobility in your legs and lower back for the handstand entrance.


✅ Facing your Fear

Ah, yes. A huge hindrance in learning your handstand: FEAR; the fear of falling down, going over or the feeling of being inverted. 

But I have to tell you that you have nothing to worry about. You can use small progressions to step-by-step lessen your fear until you fully confident of trying the move.

Handstand, even though looks difficult and intimidating, is a safe skill to learn as long as you train the move in proper progression.

Don’t worry about it. Will share to overcome your fear.

Other than looking totally cool and elegant doing a handstand, it offers a lot of health benefits and skill benefits you might be interested in.


Here are some of the benefits you will gain from learning a handstand:

  • 🏆Improves body control and body awareness – There’s a lot of muscles involved when doing a handstand. Training for handstands means training how to control each muscle in order to hold the position.
  • 🏆Strengthens core and body stabilizers – Your core will be working hard to get you to the position and to be able to hold it.
  • 🏆Develops coordination – There are a lot of muscles involved when performing the handstand. You’ll need full coordination from entering, holding and exiting the handstand.
  • 🏆Builds upper body strength – Our legs became strong enough to hold us when we’re standing. Our arms, however, aren’t used to hold our full bodyweight. Expect strength gains why training for the move!
  • 🏆Improves shoulder mobility – As long as you’re training it properly and want to achieve a handstand with perfect form, you’ll get shoulder mobility gains.
  • 🏆Be more confident – Being able to do an awesome skill builds confidence. 
  • 🏆No Equipment – Yes, you can do it anywhere.
  • 🏆Just too fun and too awesome skill to learn – Haven’t I said that already? Well, let me emphasize it.

Handstand is an awesome skill to learn. Looks very intimidating and difficult but very achievable even for non-professionals. You also don’t have to be insanely buffed to get the move down. In time, you’ll get there without even noticing much time has passed by.

There’s a lot of benefits that the handstand could give you so it’s not worth to pass up on learning the skill.

Better start learning your handstand now! 💪


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There’s a lot of types of handstand, but we’ll focus on the basic straight handstand. It’s the foundation that will allow you to learn other progressions faster.

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10. Take a Handstand Challenge! 💪💪💪


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