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Meet Gerhard


Meet Gerhard. He’s a 56 year old chef/catering manager by profession and a  movement athlete by heart. He started on his fitness journey in his later years of his life. He was 29 years old to be exact. Gerhard started out as a complete beginner and was overweight that time, but that even motivated him to get healthier. 



This is the story of Gerhard – The Movement Athlete


Like so many others, he started out by joining his local traditional gym to get accustomed to the ways of the bodybuilding community. 

For 20 years, he continued to get stronger and build muscle but is unable to generate fat loss despite the countless efforts of following tried-and-tested nutritional advice.

After an unfortunate injury due to weight training, he decided to move to kettlebell training with a mix of bodyweight basics.

Gerhard loved his training and made massive results. He mostly loved the calisthenics component of his routine such as pull-ups and push-ups. But he had to stop his kettlebell workout after he experienced another training related injury.

He decided to step away from equipment training and focus solely on bodyweight mastery. 

🧐His research on calisthenics and effective bodyweight workout routines lead him to The Movement Athlete. After a few sessions, he felt that this is the right partner who can guide him in his fitness journey.

🏆No more frustrations. Gerhard is now living the time of his life; becoming much stronger, leaner, more flexible and mobile than ever.

This is Gerhard’s story. 👇



“I started my fitness journey at the age of 29 and have been working out regularly ever since.”

Gerhard didn’t start out that early in his fitness journey. Regardless, it’s never been a factor that impacted him negatively; rather, it drove his motivation even stronger.

He started his journey by reading fitness magazines which is filled with mainstream workout information.


“Needless to say that that was a huge mistake, because I did not achieve anything.”

As he joined the gym and became a part of the body building community, he’s efforts became fruitless for him. He did not achieve the goals he set for himself.

📌There were 3 things that happened to him that made him realize that weightlifting isn’t for him.


⛔️ 1. Inconsistent workout

“Due to my profession I travelled a lot over the years, living and working in various places.”

He wasn’t able to stick to his regular routine consistently because of his work. So getting a gym membership isn’t the best idea as he needs to move from one place to the other.

This led him to getting a home gym set which is an expense that he realized was regretful. Of course, he can’t just carry around his equipment anywhere he goes.



⛔️ 2. Minimal Fat loss

“…my muscles have always been covered by a layer of flab, even though I tried all the nutritional advice I could get.”

After 20 years of sticking to weight training, he grew much stronger and built a respectable muscle size. He also managed to lose weight but it isn’t enough.

There were still fat deposits covering his muscles which doesn’t depict a healthy physique and body. This is so frustrating considering that he dedicated years to his training.


⛔️ 3. Training Injury

“In 2013, my body told me that’s enough. I had knee surgery and after that it was over with heavy Squats and Deadlifts.”

We’ve all read and heard it before. A training injury that leads a person to quitting his life-long efforts of staying fit.

Lifting heavy is an essential component in weight training if you want to get stronger and bigger. But there’s always a high risk of injury which, unfortunately, Gerhard experienced.

Doctor’s recommendation is to stop such heavy lifts as it can aggravate the injury he sustained.

And that was the sad end of his weight training routine.


I sold my weights, got into Kettlebell Training, and really enjoyed it.

He immediately sold his gym set and tried out a new approach to his training: kettlebells. Without a doubt, he loved it. He also incorporated calisthenics basics in his routine: push-ups, pull-ups, squats.

Everything was going well until 2018, he experienced another training injury. This time, it’s his rotator cuff ruptured.

Given the use of heavy weights but in a different form, kettlebells are just basically weight training as well. There are also some high-risk exercises which provide minimal gains unless you’re training just for the specific exercise.

Gerhard had to undergo another surgery which made him stop training kettlebells anymore.

But Gerhard didn’t quit his fitness journey even after his injuries.

He looked back at what he was doing right and realized that the basic bodyweight exercises made him feel good. Immediately, he researched calisthenics and the best programs available.

Ultimately, he found out about The Movement Athlete and made a step to change his life for the better.



the movement athlete calisthenics app

“I gave it a try and I could feel the positive effect on my body immediately.”

🏆 With just a few training sessions with calisthenics and The Movement Athlete, Gerhard immediately felt stronger 💪 and lighter.

This could be attributed to the approach’s nature. Since Gerard is now training with his bodyweight against gravity, he became more adept moving his body in different positions. 

His strength relative to his bodyweight increased which is why he feels lighter with his body.

Calisthenics exercises put so much emphasis in increasing the range of motion of the joints. As a result, Gerhard’s movements feel so much better and he no longer needs to worry about any joint pains along his journey.

This was just from training calisthenics from a short period of time, just imagine if you stuck to it longer.

And Gerhard did exactly that by immediately getting a lifetime access to the app!



Completely progressive and loads of variety

My biggest fear was that I might get bored after a while, but this is not the case at all.”

Gerhard’s not the only one worrying about this when looking for something to invest in for fitness. But Gerhard took the change of trying out the app and figured that he’ll never get bored with his training.

There are TONS of exercises and skills to work on that includes exercises appropriate for every level. This way you and Gerhard will never run out of goals to work on. You can also improve no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

The Movement Athlete makes use of auto-regulation which basically means that the structured workout Gerhard follows adapts to his performance every time he trains. There are always progressions that caters to the skill or exercise he is working on.

This ensures FAST, SAFE and EFFICIENT RESULTS every workout session through his life.

That’s just a part of The Movement Athlete philosophy: fitness and health is a lifetime investment. It’s never just a 2-week or 8-week program. Goals and the journey itself is for life.


Accessible and affordable

“It’s better than any gym.”

Aside from the results he has gotten from training with the app, accessibility is also a driving factor why it’s so much better than going to the gym.

✊ With the app, all Gerhard needs to start his training is his mobile phone and himself. No fancy equipment needed. Although he can maximize his training with some equipment, everything he needs can easily be found in his environment or can be bought at an affordable price.

You can learn more about the equipment needed for calisthenics in our ultimate guide for calisthenics equipment and affordable ways to replace it article.

Here’s just some of the amazing benefits Gerhard now enjoys by training with The Movement Athlete.


Benefits Gerhard gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Finally lose fat covering the muscles

After training with calisthenics, Gerhard has finally gotten over his frustrations and managed to lose fat that’s covering his muscles.

Calisthenics exercises are natural fat burners. In order to be more efficient to perform the bodyweight exercises, Gerhard’s body adapts to the stimulation by getting much stronger and losing fat at the same time.

If you’re interested on how calisthenics does it’s magic and how to do it, you can read it in the link below:

 How to optimize calisthenics for fat loss

Consistent with his training

Since Gerhard has an accessible approach to his training, he can easily stay consistent in his workout routine.

He trains 3-5 days a week depending on his schedule.

This means better and consistent results which motivates him ever further to stay consistent. It’s an endless cycle to get better and better in order to reach the best version of himself!

Easy on the joints and his injuries

Gerhard endured a lot of injuries because of his training, but no longer he needs to worry about his past injuries or any risk of future injuries with calisthenics.

Thanks to the adaptive structured program The Movement Athlete provides, Gerhard’s workouts are always just enough to push him to grow without putting any risks of injury. He’s provided with the right exercise progression for him to progress safely.

Add that calisthenics exercises are holistic and strengthens joints gradually. He’s able to increase his strength in the bigger range of motion.

This is Gerhard, a Movement Athlete enjoying the benefits of his hard, smart work. Here’s the summary of the benefits he’s now enjoying.

  • More consistent workout thanks to accessible platform and approach
  • Better and faster results from the consistent training and effective program
  • Fat loss which is a result from calisthenics natural fat burning nature
  • Minimal risks of injuries and no aggravation on his past injuries


Final Advice

Gerhard loves The Movement Athlete and when we asked, “What’s the number one thing that made The Movement Athlete worth the price?”

His straight answer,

“It works!!!”

He experienced The Movement Athlete’s benefits and plans to keep it that way for a longer period of time.

I will stick with THE MOVEMENT ATHLETE until…forever!

Gerhard shouldn’t be the only one enjoying a stronger, leaner, more flexible, mobile body with bullet-proof joints.

You can, too! 👊👊👊

Be a Movement Athlete, feel the difference and change your life!




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