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If you’re a fitness fanatic and you need to stay active like us and Andres even during this unfortunate lockdown, then you don’t have to worry about anything because you can still work out in the comforts of your own home.🏡

Andres is a sporty guy involved in swimming🏊, football🤾, biking🚴, tennis and more physical activities.🤸‍♀️ Unfortunately, due to the safety reasons this global pandemic poses, all fitness and leisure activities came into a halt.

For any fitness enthusiast, the craving for physical activity rushes in the body and seeks sweat-inducing movements and euphoric post-workout high.

As Andres was cooped up in his house, he researched a solution to this problem.🔍🔍

He found about calisthenics and The Movement Athlete. Now, even his 3 children and wife joined in the fun!

Here’s Andres’ story.




When COVID19 👹 pandemic hit the world, a massive worldwide quarantine and lockdown procedure was implemented with each country having to set their own guidelines.

But a common mandate worldwide was to close fitness and leisure centers since these establishments are “high-contact” meaning it’s almost inevitable to have direct physical contact with the communal equipment and surfaces in these areas. This makes the transmission of the disease more likely to happen even more with the already highly contagious characteristic of COVID19.

Plus everybody’s advised to stay at home to minimize the risk of transmission.

For Andres and everybody else, this means no football, no swimming, no tennis, no biking, no activity.




Getting cooped up in your own home for days and months can really get to you. Especially if you want to train and your body hungers for movement. 

Andres wanted to change up his situation and challenge himself. 💪💪💪

So he researched about activities he can do in the confines of his own home. Calisthenics is a popular and effective solution that popped up in his research. 

And what made Andres love calisthenics even more is when he found out about The Movement Athlete app.


the movement athlete calisthenics app


“Is it a serious program? Will it work or not? Will it

be another App in the market? Will I like it or not?”


Of course, like any other first glance, there’s apprehension and skepticism. That’s natural and that’s why you need to actually first hand experience it.

📌Good thing that The Movement Athlete provides a free 7-days trial period so that Andres can first hand experience the app and get an impression and feel to know if it will fit his lifestyle, goals and needs.


“You have a lot of information, when questions are

asked, you [get answered].”

Now that Andres has become a movement athlete, he now has access to fitness and calisthenics knowledge that will guide him in his fitness journey.🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

There are no stones left unturned with the knowledge provision especially that The Movement Athlete app is built and powered by science and not by hunches and misconceptions.

With the app, he gets to build his goal body through a scientific process.🎯


“[The] app is easy and very friendly.”

Having to talk about science, this doesn’t mean that the app is complicated. While it might be complex in terms of the powerful workout-generating artificial intelligence, for users such as Andres, you can easily navigate and train as soon as you get access.📲

🧐 The app is designed to feel and look professional while keeping it easy to use so that even the most “non-tech savvy” person can easily use the program and optimize their gains.


“Feel motivated, stronger, leaner, increased


With the easy and simple app usage, Andres gets to focus on working smart and hard with the app. As a result, he enjoys the benefits of having a healthy body even while he’s just in his own home.

The app is simple so you don’t have to think about your workout. You just have to do and reap the gains. 

🤜 And as for the programming, The Movement Athlete is anchored to the progressive calisthenics approach. Basically, you get to start at the level appropriate for you and there would also be progress made in each workout by slowly but surely, increasing the demands applied on your body.

Training with The Movement Athlete, Andres also now gets to enjoy these amazing benefits.


Benefits Andres Gained from joining The Movement Athlete

Accessible home training

“Need it to do something different and something that

could be done at home”

Said Andres, he found exactly that. With calisthenics, Andres just needs a few pieces of equipment to maximize his gains.

You might wonder what if these equipment aren’t accessible to you then what you’ll need is some creativity.

There’s no need to buy (but you can easily buy these equipment at an affordable price range). You can use your surroundings and adjust them to your needs.

You can read on how to find cheap alternative ways to replace the equipment in the link below:

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Equipment & Cheap Ways to Replace It

This way, there’s no reason for you to not to train while being locked down in your house and having “no equipment”.

Boost immune system

Since we’re all currently battling the pandemic, one of the best ways to prevent getting infected (aside from standard protocols such as wearing masks and proper social distancing), is  to boost your own immune system so it can combat the virus.

This can be done by having a proper diet, enough good quality sleep and the right amount of exercise.

Calisthenics can do exactly this. You can read more about this in our article on How to Workout to Boost Your Immune System During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

I can be any other activity not just calisthenics, but calisthenics provide is your best option now as you can stay in your home and require minimal to no equipment at all. 

Family motivation

“You can do it at home with the family, can make your

own type of gym at home.”

Andres had a great idea of involving his family in his fitness journey. Not only this motivates him even more, his family now also enjoys the benefits of having an active lifestyle even inside their home and gets to boost their immune system to fight the virus.

When you think about it, sometimes training with a friend or family gets you motivated even more because you’ll have an accountability partner to keep you motivated.

Everyone wins. You get motivated. Your family gets motivated. Everyone gets stronger, healthier, leaner and more resilient against diseases such as the ongoing pandemic.

To end our read, here’s Andres’ advice on how to stay consistent with training:


Fix a time at the end of the day. [Stay] motivated by your


These trying and unprecedented times are all tough on us that’s why we need to get stronger physically, mentally as an individual and as a family.

How do you stay active during this lockdown? 🤔

Let us know in the comment section below.




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