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You’ve always wanted to train calisthenics, but don’t know where to start?

☝️You’ve come to the right place.

Starting a new approach to training could be a daunting task. It’s pretty much like going to a new environment. You don’t know what could be safe or dangerous so you won’t go there at all.

But you could probably missing out a lot. Especially if you don’t try calisthenics the proper way.

So here’s the 3 steps you need to do to start your calisthenics journey and gain most from it.


We have to embrace and respect individuality when we first start. Not everyone starts at the same level. That’s just the way life works. Each person is different from another. 

This holds very true even if you compare two beginners. Yes, both of them are beginners, but they are also two completely different individuals with different strengths, weaknesses and background. 

This means that cookie-cutter or one-size fits all programs are very problematic. 

A beginner program for one beginner may be too difficult for another beginner.

This also goes for all the beginners/intermediate/advanced programs that are pre-made. They are actually hurting you and your gains.

That’s why at first, you need to take an assessment such as the one provided by The Movement Athlete Academy.

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 Upon taking the assessment, you’ll know where you can exactly start at every aspect of your fitness. 

Personalisation is key to be able to make some real gains and enjoy the training process.


The next step on your journey after your getting your assessment is creating your program.

As said earlier, cookie-cutter programs are already a no-no.

Your starting program should be based on your assessment and should follow the principle of auto-regulation.

Auto-regulation basically means that your training sessions should adjust to you. 

We already mentioned that every individual is different. Well, every individual also feels different everyday. All factors affecting your training should be accounted for as much as possible. These factors include:

  • Mood 
  • Energy levels
  • Your performance last training session
  • Rest time between your workout sessions

It then provides the proper progression for your training session; balancing the amount of stress applied to your body and your real capability and readiness for the exercise.

Auto-regulation helps you progress surely and safely as possible. This makes your training enjoyable without making it too difficult or too easy.

No need to push yourself to the limit even if you don’t feel like it. This usually what burns people out. No chill exercises that doesn’t get you any results at all.

As you progress in your fitness journey, you’ll be kept motivated in your training.


Now that you have a program, the next step is tracking your progress.

You can do this by writing your progress on a notebook dedicated for it. Nowadays, you can do it on a spreadsheet on your mobile device or computer. 

What matters is you record your progress so that you know you are progressing continuously. It’s also not just about tracking your reps and sets. You should also input your mood, feelings and actual intensity of your workout. 


There are plenty of options you go to. There’s tons of blogs, vlogs, research papers, journals you can research into so you can get more detailed information.

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