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This is the story of Julien – The Movement Athlete

Julien is a 26-year old programmer who fell in love with parkour. With that being said, he has always been active for eight years already. 😢

📌Just to re-fresher, parkour is the discipline of moving from one point to another in the most efficient and fastest way possible using only bodyweight. It involves getting through an obstacle or complex terrain. Think of it as a modern-day ninja moving through the various pathways and buildings instead of the trees.

Parkour calisthenics - Julien quotes

Going back to Julien, the lockdown has stopped him from his training. This left him unmotivated and lazy, but he still wanted to move.

He decided to condition his body in the meantime through calisthenics. 🤸

Getting the right program for him is vital. He didn’t want just a random home-workout program. He wanted something that will condition his body to benefit his parkour skills once he can parkour again.

Through his diligent search, he found The Movement Athlete and fell in love with the app, even having to work with the program in less than a month.💯

🤜After a few weeks, Julien is now experiencing eye-opening benefits that he wished he started soon with The Movement Athlete.

Here’s our modern-day ninja’s story.

Parkour calisthenics - Julien story

“I practiced parkour for 7 years with a bit of tricking and MMA / Thai boxing. I started to practice street workout 8 years ago. That is how I ended up to parkour.”

✊ Julien has always been active for the past years with disciplines that involve his body weight. From tricking (a discipline of high-level flips), to MMA, to his most recent one, parkour. You can imagine that he already has a good amount of strength, mobility, and endurance from practicing those skills alone.

“With parkour, I already developed some skills. But since the lockdowns and the fact we cannot do sport outside, it was tough to keep the focus on parkour…”

The lockdown stopped any progress in his parkour journey. He needed something else to keep him moving. His sport requires him to go out, which isn’t possible at the moment. He started to be less engaged and got lazier.😢

So he decided to train calisthenics, the perfect supplementary strengthening approach to his sport. 

⚡️There were tons of good information and programs that gave him the hassle of creating his workout. It was great, but he was looking for a more convenient way of training.

“I was looking something like The Movement Athlete for two reasons:

✅ just be able to follow a coach and routine and no think about how to construct it

✅ have a well-structured program that can develop new skills useful for my main sports and not a primary home workout trainer.

And that’s exactly what he found after searching through the internet.🤳 He found The Movement Athlete.


“I was wooah! 😱 that looks pro and really ergonomic, and the gamified vision is really cool for a geek like me.”

He tried the 7-day full access trial period, read more about The Movement Athlete on various websites and forums, and thought about giving The Movement Athlete  a shot, especially when he found out that leg training is already included, which is vital for his sport. 

Here’s what he experienced during his training with The Movement Athlete.

🔥 Personalised, Progressive System

He was surprised that the program offers a personalised and progressive system when structuring his program. Everything is geared towards his goals and needs. He can even make some adjustments if he wanted to work on specific movement patterns.

The Movement Athlete keeps everything personalised so that the program is designed for the most efficient, fastest, and safest progress you will ever make. 

The progressive structuring keeps the workouts challenging for every stage you are in your fitness journey. For Julien’s case, it was already at a high level.

On top of that, The Movement Athlete makes it better by having the app adapt and adjust to Julien’s current skill level and current energy levels. This means that if he was not feeling his best, the app automatically adjusts his workout depending on what he can do that day. This type of training keeps him progressing while not overfatiguing his body.

🔥 Structured programing with various exercises

There are tons of exercises to keep Julien engaged with his workout, and he doesn’t need to look for any other program anymore. 

Although Julien has just been training with The Movement Athlete for less than a month, he is now enjoying these benefits below:


                      Benefits Julien gained from joining

                   The Movement Athlete


Transferable skill and strength to parkour

Calisthenics is the perfect conditioning approach for parkour. Since you’ll be using your own bodyweight to navigate the terrain with parkour, calisthenics offers direct strength, mobility and body control, and awareness benefits to parkour. Julien gets more control over his body which translates to better movement in parkour. 

Aside from that, he also gets to decrease the risk of injury since his body will be capable of a better range of motion when moving around the obstacles.

Accessible training

Home training at a cost-effective rate is one of the best and favorite factors when choosing calisthenics as the training approach. You can do it with little to no equipment and can be done anywhere at any time.

Motivated with new training ideas and exercises

With The Movement Athlete’s vast exercise dictionary, Julien gets to hit different muscles with variety. This promotes growth and keeps the training entertaining.

Sometimes, doing one thing all over again and again can be tiring and boring. With variety, Julien stays interested, motivated, and energized.

Convenient Workout

Having The Movement Athlete as his new “coach,” he no longer needs to think about structuring the program to his needs. Instead, he just needs to set what he wants then he gets a full workout personalized to his requirement.

Julien has been training with The Movement Athlete for only a short amount of time; he has already enjoyed the fantastic benefits that calisthenics has to offer.

Here is a summary of what he enjoys now thanks to The Movement Athlete:

  • 🏆 Transferable skills and strength gains to parkour which also means minimized injury risk
  • 🏆 Accessible training at his home with little to no equipment
  • 🏆 It keeps him motivated with new training ideas and various training structure
  • 🏆 Convenient workout as if he’s training with a personal coach
the movement athlete calisthenics app

We asked Julien what advice he can give to individuals also looking forward to working out.

“It is not a race. Do not start because you want to succeed. Start because you want to fail and learn.”👊

It’s true. It’s not a race, and it’s a lifelong journey. There will be many times that you might fall, but that’s part of the challenge.🏆

What matters most is how you can learn from the problem, address it, and move forward.

I hope to keep training for calisthenic as long as parkour. And never get injured again.

Parkour is a high-level and high-risk activity. It matters that Julien has a conditioned, tough body capable of movement.

And calisthenics 🤸 through The Movement Athlete offers the best training partner to keep his body conditioned and safe from injuries.

If you wanted to get your body prepared for high-impact movement or just everyday regular activity, give The Movement Athlete a try and let us know what you think in the comment section below!👇


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