How to workout duirng the corona virus

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There is never a hindrance in life if you want to be healthy. You can do lots of healthy things, such as maintain a balanced diet, work out twice a week, drink lots of water, get a natural suntan, etc. Whatever the age, or the civil status, if you can find a way— by all means, do it!


The Role Model

Crystel Enriquez is a young mom of 3 kids. She loves spending time and bonding with her children in any way, even during her Calisthenics training sessions. She’s very close to her kids, so she gets creative and engaging in coordinating her workouts together with them. 




There is a saying that goes, “An active mom raises active kids.” And that’s precisely how Crystel wants it to be. She’s devoted herself to take care of her young ones while encouraging them to follow her footsteps of being fit and healthy

The mom admits that she’s not exactly the most excellent instructor or workout buddy, to begin with, but since she’s with her kids, it counts all the more, right? 

“Be patient!”


Upon participating in the Handstand Challenge, Enriquez realized that she still needed practice. But it’s okay, she thought. Instead of feeling weak or lacking, she focused on building her skills and completing her routines every day (or twice a week) together with her daughter. 

The process takes time. But all the body weight training will surely make Crystel fitter, stronger, and less likely to get hurt. Goal achieved!



Inspiring Thousands Of Others To Move


Crystel evidenced how anyone can train Calisthenics and practice handstands. You don’t need to be an athlete or an Olympian. You just have to have the heart and patience to do so.

I will persist until I succeed. 


Apparently, this affirmation isn’t just for those learning to become the Greatest Salesman in the World (coughs, Og Mandino!). It’s also valid and applicable for a lot of other things, just like exercise. When asked about how she’s coping with the body movement sessions, Crystel wasn’t shy to admit that she’s still trying to master it slowly. Her secret and her weapon is patience. Take one step at a time. 

If you’re curious about this program, one of her tips is to do programming weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning as warm-up exercises before doing a handstand. According to the active mom, it would help in making you comfortable upside down (without the wall), and to further challenge your skills.

“I will train, and I will have fun.”


Crystel made every session fun by inviting her daughter (and sometimes, her other kids) to join her. With that tweak, there’s no such thing as dull routine or a flat practice! It’s an exciting activity that lets her bond and gets closer to her child.

In fact, she considers holding the handstand pose the most challenging part of hand balancing! Why do you ask? Of course, she and her daughter need to keep the pose at the same time so that they can take a photo! How cute!

“I will spend time to get better each day.”


You don’t need to train for five hours straight every day to quickly perfect the handstand. Crystel usually spends 15 to 30 minutes practicing a couple of different hand movements. She’s made it a promise to make more time to build her skills, and by doing the handstand challenge, she’s improving significantly.  

“Lots of laughs, lots of falls, and lots of trying.”




Nobody ever started as an expert. Here’s a simple reason why Crystel wants other families to participate in The Movement Athlete Academy’s challenge: She says it’s a great way to practice movement, and spend excellent bonding time with your family. Now, now, who wouldn’t want that?

“Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.”


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