How to workout duirng the corona virus

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Train your balance for a complete overall BALANCED body!

Balance is commonly a neglected attribute when training calisthenics.


Because most people think they don’t need to train it. Since they can walk steadily, stand on their two feet, jump and land with ease, they think there’s no need to improve it.

But training your sense of balance allows access to benefits more than just improvements with your basic motor skills.

One great way to train your balance is with the Knee up one-leg balance. This simple exercise may look like a child’s play but it’s very useful for adults especially as the years go by. 

Like any other balance exercise (or any other calisthenics exercise), you’ll engage in the exercise by engaging your core. Yes, you’re core, not only your abs. So you’ll be able to train your stabilizer muscles as well to hold you in position. So having good balance means you have good core strength. This translates to better posture, lower risks of injuries and overall better quality of life. You’ll get to move with ease.

Aside from physical benefits, a recent study conducted in 2017 suggests that balance training improves your spatial awareness and memory. Now that’s too good to pass up on!

Start your balance training so you can move with freedom and sharpen your mind throughout your years.


Knee up one leg balance is a very scalable exercise that all levels of fitness are welcome to reap the benefits from this exercise. Just don’t underestimate the exercise!


Summarized Benefits

  1. Improves overall basic movements
  2. Better posture
  3. Can relieve lower back pain
  4. Strengthens core
  5. Lower risks of injuries especially due to falling
  6. Better body control and awareness
  7. Sharpens memory and cognitive function

How to Perform

  1. Begin standing up straight, arms at your sides.
  2. Bring your right leg up in front of you, knee bent at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Keep back straight, chest up, and abdominals tight.
  4. Hold position for specified amount of time. keeping balance steady on the left leg.
  5. Lower right leg, and switch legs.

Keep in mind

Keep full body tight

We have mentioned that you need to tighten your core. What we mean is you need to tighten your whole body starting with your core since most of your control and balance will come from here. This way, you’ll get to maximize your gains from the exercise.


Keep your mind focused on holding the position rather than thinking about what to cook for dinner later tonight. Balance is not all physical. There’s a huge mental and cognitive component to the exercise (but again, all exercises require you to think!). Keep your mind focused on your goal and don’t let it wander around.

Progress according to skill

There are two ways to progress with this exercise. First one is to start low with the other leg you’re going to lift. Work your way until you can lift your legs to 90-degrees. Once you get there, move to get longer holder times. You can also try closing your eyes for added difficulty.


Coaching Pointers

Starting Position:

Arms at sides

Back straight

Stand straight

Movement Position:

Arms at sides

Back straight

Right knee bet at 90-degrees

Abdominals tight

Finish Position:

Back straight

Both feet on the ground

Stand up straight


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